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Australia developing wearable "medical black box" for soldiers that records their biometrics while broadcasting an emergency beacon signal


Australia developing wearable “medical black box” for soldiers that records their biometrics while broadcasting an emergency beacon signal Tuesday, November 28, 2017 by: Vicki Batts Australia , battlefield survival , biomedical , biomedical devices , biometrics , Facial recognition , future , future tech , inventions , medical devices , medical evacuations , military , security risk , surveillance , warfare technology - (Natural News ) Soldiers in Australia may be getting a new ...

Survival kit must-have: The signaling mirror


Survival kit must-have: The signaling mirror Saturday, March 03, 2018 by: David Williams emergency signal , emergency signaling mirror , Gear , military tools , preparedness , preparedness and survival , signaling mirror , survival , survival kit , survivalist kit - (Natural News ) Whether you’re a seasoned survivalist or just a beginner in the field, you probably already have a list of must-have items that are included in your own personal kit. ... And there are many ...

Tips on building pocket survival kits


Communications and signaling PSK When SHTF, your comms and signaling tools may be key to getting help if you’re lost in the wilderness. - Emergency blanket or bivvy – If your PSK has extra space, keep an emergency blanket or bivvy in it. Use the blanket to signal for help or stay warm if you have to spend the night outdoors. - Emergency signal whistle – Blow the whistle in groups of three (each blast lasting three seconds) to signal for help. ...

Do you know why our eyesight is sharpest at dawn and dusk?


A weak signal coming in will have a higher signal-to-noise ratio,” explained Kell, a neuroscientist at the Goethe University . ... Support our mission and enhance your own self-reliance: The laboratory-verified Organic Emergency Survival Bucket provides certified organic, high-nutrition storable food for emergency preparedness. "...

Trump orders nationwide preparation against power grid collapse initiated by cyber warfare


Trump , survival - (Natural News ) The administration has sent its clearest signal yet that the White House takes seriously mounting cyber threats against American infrastructure, with the issuance of an executive order last week from President Donald J. ... Emergency alert system vulnerable to hijacking, report finds The aging U.S. power grid is working overtime: How much more can it take? "...