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Off-grid essentials: 7 Ways to access well water without electricity


Detailed below are seven ways to access well water even without running electricity. ... Hand pump A hand pump is one of the best ways to get water from a well without electricity. "...

Dirty Electricity: The invisible health threat


Dirty electricity, also called electrical pollution is caused by an interruption of 60 Hz alternating current - commonly used to power household appliances and business equipment. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Dirty electricity at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on dirty electricity Dirty electricity - Myth or reality? "...

Dirty electricity - Myth or reality?


Electricity has been a lifesaver for modern civilization and we would be lost without it; but, research has brought to light the existence of different kinds of electricity, namely clean and dirty. Clean electricity is safe electricity. Clean electricity has a smooth sine wave that goes up and down 60 times a second. "...

Farm Converts Cow Manure Into Electricity


A dairy farm in Vermont has teamed up with an alternative power company to produce electricity from cow manure. ... Green Mountain pays the farm a fixed rate for the electricity, which helps keep the operation profitable. "...

Nikola Labs unveils new tech to harvest electricity from EMFs; learn history behind Nikola Tesla's free electricity


Nikola Labs unveils new tech to harvest electricity from EMFs; learn history behind Nikola Tesla's free electricity Wednesday, May 20, 2015 by: Ethan A. ... Tesla had been working on a project way back when that would have demonstrated this on a large scale - the Tesla Tower, also known as Wardenclyffe, which reports at the time highlighted was being designed to draw millions of volts of electricity through the air from Niagara Falls and feed it into cities, factories and ...

This Spanish city is squeezing electricity from leftover oranges


It’s a simple scheme: The oranges will be sent to a facility that produces electricity from organic matter. ... If all of the fruits from those trees are recycled into electricity, Seville could provide electricity to 73,000 homes. "...

Scientists create a "bionic mushroom" that produces electricity


A solar-powered bionic fungus, stated a Phys.org article , which can produce usable electricity. ... The electricity is collected by the nanoribbons, which can be extracted later on. "...

Survival basics: Alternative ways to cook without electricity


(h/t to ModernSurvivalBlog.com ) Natural gas stove If your home is hooked up to a natural gas line, cooking without electricity should not be a problem, provided that the gas stove in your kitchen is still functional. ... Grill This may be one of the most common solutions to cooking without electricity. "...

Researchers find way to harvest electricity from bacteria


The metabolic activities of bacterial cells produce a small amount of electricity. ... When electrodes are attached to them, these microorganisms generate usable electricity . "...

Some uncommon ways to generate electricity for your homestead


Appliance motors Basically, anything that can spin can be used to generate electricity. ... Household trash Your garbage will not be able to generate electricity on its own. "...

Germany preparing for electricity rationing to stabilize green power grid


It currently has the highest electricity prices in the world, forcing it to rely more on imports. ... The forecasted increase in the number of electric cars will only serve to bolster peak demand for electricity. "...

How to cook inside, with no smoke, without gas or electricity


The options below don’t require gas or electricity, making them perfect for when there’s a power outage. ... Wrap a couple of hand warmers around canned food to heat them. - Propane stove – A propane stove doesn’t require electricity to work, and it can be ignited using a match or a lighter. "...

Prices for electricity, meats and eggs reach record highs


Prices for electricity, meats and eggs reach record highs Saturday, January 31, 2015 by: L.J. ... The BLS also stated, "the indexes for natural gas and for electricity both increased." "...

Scientists successfully generate electricity using freshwater and saltwater


By simply utilizing what nature has to offer in terms of water, scientists from Stanford University have developed an effective way to generate electricity naturally and without causing pollution. "...

New battery technology converts sugar water into electricity


Louis University in Missouri have developed a type of fuel cell that can produce electricity from almost any type of sugar. ... The research was funded by the Department of Defense, which is interested in developing ways to charge portable electronic devices in battlefield or emergency situations where electricity is not readily available. "...

Prepping basics: How to wash your clothes without electricity


It’s not limited to power outage; you can also use the options listed below if you’re bugging out somewhere without any electricity. ... Visit Preparedness.newsfor other articles with tips on how you can wash your clothes even without electricity. "...

Venezuelans now eating spoiled, rotten meat as electricity collapses


Venezuelans now eating spoiled, rotten meat as electricity collapses Sunday, August 26, 2018 by: Isabelle Z. ... Situation going from bad to worse Right now, Venezuela is in the midst of the country’s worst economic downfall ever as electricity and running water become luxuries rather than basic services. "...

Next-gen devices could operate not on electricity or batteries but on LIGHT


Next-gen devices could operate not on electricity or batteries but on LIGHT Tuesday, July 17, 2018 by: Edsel Cook electronic devices , future technology , hydrophilic , hydrophobic , light , optical materials , optics , photo switches , photomechanical materials , polymers , Soft Robotics , soft robots - (Natural News ) A future generation of electronic devices could do away with the need for batteries or the local power grid by drawing energy from light. ... Too much screen time alters ...

U.S. electricity prices reach all-time high


While the gasoline price index, the overall energy price index and the overall Consumer Price Index did decline in January 2015, over the past year, only one index did the complete opposite. ... But electricity? It didn't follow in the same footsteps. "The electricity index was the only major energy component to increase, rising 0.9 percent, its largest increase since May 2014," the BLS statement continues. "...

British woman develops allergy to electricity following chemotherapy treatment


British woman Janice Tunnicliffe cannot watch TV, keeps her washing machine in a concrete outhouse and cannot have neighbors with wireless internet because she is "allergic" to electricity. "...