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Weed nutrition: Scientists explore the nutrient profile of duckweed


This plant, called Wolffia globosa, otherwise known as duckweed or water lens, has what it takes to replace animal meat. ... Proper planning should be executed prior to farming duckweed. It is also suggested to build an artificial pond for growing duckweed, since these plants tend to pick up contaminants and debris in the water. "...

Study shows "green" Mediterranean diet helps boost brain function


They also received other beverages full of polyphenol green components: three to four daily cups of green tea and a daily green shake of Mankai duckweed as a substitute for dinner. ... The researchers shared that the more duckweed, green tea and walnuts and the less processed meat consumed, the less decline there was in the volume of the hippocampus. "...

"Eco-friendly" glitter just as damaging to the environment as conventional glitter, study finds


Their results showed that all six glitters affected the abundance of duckweed and microalgae in the ponds. Exposure to the biodegradable glitter also halved the root length of common duckweed after just five weeks, much like the effect of conventional glitter. "...

Pepsi now experimenting with ground up insects as a source of protein for its snack products


Furthermore, the request also mentioned that they have already done extensive research on soy, moringa (a protein powder made from dried leaves of the horseradish tree), duckweed, cricket powder, pea protein, single cell protein, and mealworm powder. "...

This often overlooked weed is ideal for delicious soup or tea


Sources include: OffTheGridNews.com MotherEarthNews.com TheHerbalAcademy.com Previous :Easily dump dairy with these 7 modern substitutes Next : Rare disease forces 7 year old to compete in triathlons - More news on edible weeds Survival foraging: How to identify and use dandelion, a versatile weed Weed nutrition: Scientists explore the nutrient profile of duckweed These backyard plants exhibit many nutritional properties as well as medicinal benefits Eat them instead! "...

Alcohol's effect on health: Increased risk of cancers, infertility and more


Sources include: DailyMail.co.uk 1 DailyMail.co.uk 2 CDC.gov Previous :Weed nutrition: Scientists explore the nutrient profile of duckweed Next : Study shows Parkinson’s patients can improve their quality of life and reduce loss of mobility with 2.5 hours of exercise per week - More news on addiction More children are now suffering from eye disease that commonly affects older adults Horse sedative street drug killing thousands in Philadelphia and other US cities ADHD medication Adderall ...

Support your local farmers: Bolivia's strategy to achieve food independence by 2020


Sources include: Inhabitat.com TheGuardian.com Previous :Another medication more dangerous than the condition it treats: Blood-thinning drugs increase risk of internal bleeding, death Next : Weed nutrition: Scientists explore the nutrient profile of duckweed - More news on agriculture NZ farmers demand cancellation of PM Ardern’s plans to tax the burps and farts of livestock Dutch government’s new climate agenda will force thousands of farmers out of business and destroy Europe’s food supply ...

Exposing war crimes should always be legal. Committing and hiding them should not.


> If wars are started by lies, peace can be started by truth… pic.twitter.com/Kmxw35tITt > > — WanderingDuckweed (@candle_finder) September 14, 2020 In a healthy world, the most powerful government on earth wouldn’t be trying to squint at its own laws in such a way that permits a prosecution of a journalist for telling the truth. "...