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BREAKING: FTX, Tether, the CIA, drug cartels and Ukraine


It has also become a favorite of drug cartels, which, according to some journalists, are deeply intertwined with U.S. three-letter agencies, including the CIA. > “Is the CIA working with the Cartels?” ... BREAKING: FTX, Tether, the CIA, drug cartels and Ukraine GUNNING FOR US: Biden admin continues arming more federal agents than members of the U.S. military: Why? "...

GSK halts US sales of its blood cancer drug Blenrep


The said trial sought to prove that the blood cancer drug was better than an existing drug on the market. ... Breast cancer drug lapatinib ACCELERATES cancer cell growth, concludes new study. "...

Psych Drug Handbook Written with Drug Industry Ties


An analysis by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has revealed widespread conflicts of interest among the experts overseeing the next revision of the American Psychiatric Association's (APA's) diagnostic manual. ... The conflicts of interest inherent in the DSM go beyond financial connections to drug companies, Grohol warned. "...

Medicare drug plan is profit windfall for drug companies


After a report by J.D. ... Harry Waxman (D-Calif.), the GRC's top Democrat, says the new Medicare program is "a multibillion-dollar giveaway to the drug companies." ### - Search on GoodGopher.com GoodGopher.com is the new search engine for truth seekers. "...

New antidepressant drug nearly identical to popular party drug


Drug giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J), whose pharmaceutical and medical device products have been implicated in dozens of major recalls throughout the past several years, has announced it will seek approvals from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for 11 new drugs by the year 2017. And one of these new drugs, known as esketamine, contains a compound that is almost exactly the same as the active ingredient in the mind-altering party drug "Special K." "...

Diabetes drug researcher admits drug trials are unethical and dangerous


A drug researcher who presided over the trial that first raised concerns over the diabetes blockbuster Avandia has warned that further tests of the drug's safety would be unethical. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Drug trials at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on drug trials Why double-blind drug trials are a science FRAUD: The more toxic the side effects, the more patients believe the drugs are ...

FDA, drug companies fail on post-approval drug studies


According to a new report by the inspector general at the Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not track the status of post-approval drug studies, and is unaware of the status of many such studies promised by pharmaceutical companies. "...

Pfizer's Paxlovid antiviral drug for COVID-19 linked to blood clots


It warned that the use of Paxlovid “with medications commonly used to manage cardiovascular conditions can potentially cause significant drug-drug interactions and may lead to severe adverse effects.” ... Dan Barouch of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston explained: “Ritonavir is a nonspecific drug that inhibits metabolism and increases the dose of the other drug [nirmatrelvir]. "...

FDA Drug Risk Evaluation employee reprimanded for mentioning dangers of diabetes drug


The former deputy director of the FDA's Division of Drug Risk Evaluation has said that she was verbally reprimanded by her superiors when she recommended that diabetes drug Avandia be labeled with a "black box" warning about congestive heart failure. ... Johann-Liang has criticized the FDA for demanding a higher standard of proof that a drug is unsafe than it requires to prove a drug effective. "...

FDA, Inc.? Food and Drug Administration to enter drug business under new


Food and Drug Administration to enter drug business under new "Revitalization Act" Wednesday, April 25, 2007 by Mike Adams , the Health Ranger Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...) "...

Pharmaceutical Drug Addiction


What investors had hoped would build into yet another 2.68 percent dividend yield for pharmaceutical behemoth Eli Lilly has turned into a massive financial letdown after trials of solanezumab, a supposedly promising experimental drug for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, showed less than favorable efficacy in the latest clinical trials. Reports […] in: Big Pharma , Drugs , economics , FDA , Investing & stocks , Pharmaceutical Drug Addiction - Patients with chronic ...

Pharmaceutical Drug Addiction


Playing sports at any age can lead to injuries, and that is especially true of football, basketball and even baseball. ... Modern technology, such as that at CWC Labs, which happens to be an ISO […] in: Big Pharma , Drugs , Mainstream Media , Medical Marijuana , Parenting , Pharmaceutical Drug Addiction - Sex drug documentary turned into investigation on Big Pharma’s motives and ‘tricky’ ad tactics November 2, 2016 - Posted by Mary Wilder (Natural News) It shouldn’t come as much ...

Pharmaceutical Drug Addiction


A major lawsuit against drug manufacturer Indivior alleges that the company has violated antitrust laws by trying to extend their monopoly on Suboxone. "...

Drug industry created


FDA approves contrived "female sexual dysfunction" drug based on unmeasured, untested placebo-like effect In drug trials, the placebo effect can occur with both the placebo and the drug used in the study. ... The FDA rejected the drug in 2010 and 2013 because the drug gave no clear benefits and only produced side effects. "...

The coca leaf is not a drug


The Quechua people of the Andes and their Inka ancestors have long used the coca leaf for medicinal properties and in sacred spiritual ceremonies. ... The coca leaf is the plant in its natural form, not a good produced by drug cartels or corporations. "...

Drug side effects


Yet Merck still insists that it did not know about the heart risks of Vioxx until 2004, when it voluntarily withdrew the drug from the market. Practices like those Merck used to promote Vioxx are widespread in the drug industry, as revealed by numerous recent lawsuits against companies for concealing drug side effects , illegally promoting drugs for off-label uses, and using questionable marketing techniques. "...

Drug Companies Pay


But the drug industry's strategy involves significantly more than the payment of consulting fees. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Drug companies at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on drug companies Can you guess how many thousands of dollars Hillary Clinton accepted from drug companies during her presidential campaign? "...

Drug companies intentionally leave out required side effects information on drug ads


The FDA has sent warning letters to four pharmaceutical companies citing them for omitting and minimizing information about risks and exaggerating potential benefits in material promoting their drugs. ... Among the companies reprimanded are Amylin Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly & Co. for their diabetes drug Byetta. "...

Tranny film for children called "Mama has a Mustache" sponsored by Bayer, producer of drug prescribed for feminizing males


Drug companies making films for schools and theatres to turn kids queer and normalize it Normalize it and they’ll advertise it. ... Bayer creates a cyproterone acetate drug called Diane-35ED that feminizes males and influences their bodies to grow breasts. "...

Beyond superbugs: Drug companies have now managed to create drug-resistant MALARIA, too


Just as global malaria rates are beginning to fall, a new development has emerged that threatens to undo all the progress made in containing the disease. ... Drug resistance builds on itself Researchers have known for years that resistance to the malaria drug artemisinin – formerly the most effective and fast-acting malaria treatment – was spreading. "...