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EXPOSED: Korean dog farms breed dogs for meat


Search Follow EXPOSED: Korean dog farms breed dogs for meat Thursday, December 15"...

U.K. government blocks ban on dog meat in order to appease foreign ethnic groups


given time, are chained up at 17,000 dog farms across the country, awaiting their slaughter"...

The 7 best dog breeds for survival and protection


what kind of dog to get, check out the list below for seven of the best dog breeds that"...

Charity saves 50 dogs from meat farm in South Korea


for adoption. Dog meat industry booming in South Korea Dog meat farms are big business"...

Quit eating bacon, ham and pork? Pigs are SMARTER than dogs, and pigs suffer horribly inside factory farms across America


was a DLT (dog, lettuce and tomato), especially one made with your pet dog, you’d certainly"...

Not even good enough for dog food: Imported food from China loaded with chemicals, dyes, pesticides and fake ingredients


Not even good enough for dog food: Imported food from China loaded with chemicals"...

Salmon dog treats made by Plato and sold by Amazon.com found to contain alarmingly high levels of toxic mercury: Immediate recall urged


• Salmon Strips Dog Treats (Plato) • Thinkers Pacific Salmon Dog Treats (Plato) Three"...

Lawsuit claims deadly horse meat is to blame for outbreak that sickened several dogs this year, killing at least one


named Bailey Farms its sole supplier of meat for its Hunk of Beef canned dog food. The"...

CORONAVIRUS: Is China paying the price for extreme animal cruelty?


that it farms dogs for their meat, boasting more than 100 registered ‘dog meat farms"...

Insect infestations threaten forests, crops and cattle around the globe


The tick was first detected on a stray dog in the county, which was later transported"...

EPA approves continued heavy spraying of neurotoxic pesticide that causes brain damage in children


been used to treat dog kennels and is a common ingredient in dog shampoos, flea sprays"...

EPA approves continued heavy spraying of neurotoxic pesticide that causes brain damage in children


been used to treat dog kennels and is a common ingredient in dog shampoos, flea sprays"...

Dogs saving the food supply? Trained dogs used to sniff out disease destroying citrus trees in Florida, California and Texas


technology is thousands of years old – the dog’s nose. We’ve just trained dogs to hunt"...

Engineered FAMINE: German farmers ordered to SLASH nitrogen fertilizer usage to comply with EU green tyrants


force.” In Wales, citizens are eating dog food that’s heated with candles The food"...

Children need to be allowed to play in the dirt to fully develop their immune systems, expert claims


parents should let children: “Rescue a dog, eat food off the floor, play in the soil"...

Boycott the enemies of the people


Twix, Snickers, Kudos, Galex, Pedigree dog food, Whiscas cat food. McCAIN FOODS Anchor"...

The good, the bad and the ugly about factory farm eggs, including egg whites


they would live the lifespan of a cat or dog, about 10 years). Eggs are in thousands"...

Setting the record straight: Why Rawesome Foods does not need a license - a Civil Rights issue


the same as you choosing to board your dog at a kennel, or your horse at an equine"...

NewsTarget.com releases shocking macrophotography pictures of processed meats: Salami, sausage and hot dogs


am adamantly opposed to modern factory farms (cattle feedlots, chicken lots, etc.)"...

Following regime change, Americans will be starved into submission


through coming food crisis by consuming dog food, think again. How will farmers maintain"...