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EXPOSED: Korean dog farms breed dogs for meat


EXPOSED: Korean dog farms breed dogs for meat Thursday, December 15, 2016 by: JD Heyes dog farms , dog meat , South Korea - (Natural News ) Though a highly advanced society and a technology powerhouse, the taboo practice of raising dogs for meat has just been exposed in South Korea. ... In all, investigators discovered that this hell was reality for about 2.5 million dogs penned up on 17,000 dog farms around the country. "...

The 7 best dog breeds for survival and protection


(h/t to ThePreppingGuide.com ) However, there are many different dog breeds to choose from. They all have various pros and cons but if you’re not sure what kind of dog to get, check out the list below for seven of the best dog breeds that will suit the prepping lifestyle. 1. "...

Having a family dog helps children build immunity against allergies, asthma


Having a family dog helps children build immunity against allergies, asthma Thursday, September 12, 2013 by: Ethan A. ... Compared to children who lived with no pets at home, those who lived with a dog were more than 31 percent healthier during any given week than those who did not live with a dog , based on the parents' diary reports. "...

Quit eating bacon, ham and pork? Pigs are SMARTER than dogs, and pigs suffer horribly inside factory farms across America


Pigs are SMARTER than dogs, and pigs suffer horribly inside factory farms across America Tuesday, September 25, 2018 by: S.D. ... So, maybe next time you consider a BLT, you’ll pass, because if it was a DLT (dog, lettuce and tomato), especially one made with your pet dog, you’d certainly say “not a chance in hell.” "...

U.K. government blocks ban on dog meat in order to appease foreign ethnic groups


As we’ve reported in the past, dog meat is big business in places like South Korea, where somewhere in the vicinity of 2.5 million dogs, at any given time, are chained up at 17,000 dog farms across the country, awaiting their slaughter. ... U.K. government blocks ban on dog meat in order to appease foreign ethnic groups After poisoning its own citizens with mandatory vaccines, Australia now murdering millions of cats with poisoned sausages EVIL MEDICINE: Med school ...

Neurosurgeon murdered dog to demonstrate medical device, animal advocates say


Department of Agriculture after deliberately causing a brain aneurysm in a dog to demonstrate a medical device to salespeople Wednesday. ... There were 20 to 25 salespeople present, according to reports, and the dog had to be destroyed due to damage from the aneurysm. "...

Japan to legalize "organ transplant farms" of animals to be raised and slaughtered for human transplant organs


“Harvest farms” of animals raised in cages, just to be slaughtered for the benefit of humans Though this might all sound like a simple and brilliant solution that could save countless lives, when one starts digging, the issues become a lot murkier. ... Sources include: WND.com TechnologyReview.com UNOS.org Previous :First-ever birth study finds 93% of pregnant women have detectable levels of herbicide in their bodies Next : Australian father treats his daughters’ Chron’s disease by juicing ...

Not even good enough for dog food: Imported food from China loaded with chemicals, dyes, pesticides and fake ingredients


And yet, even with all this being widely known, Chinese farms are rarely inspected by organic certifiers. ... Food is grown in China and certified organic even though no U.S. inspectors even visit the farms. "...

Charity saves 50 dogs from meat farm in South Korea


Dog meat industry booming in South Korea Dog meat farms are big business in South Korea, where around 17,000 farms are believed to be in operation. ... As part of their work, they help the owners of these dog farms transition into different types of work, such as chili or blueberry farms. "...

Shenzhen BANS sale and consumption of cat and dog meat – first Chinese city to do so


In 2017, thanks to an investigation conducted by AAF on the illegality of the Chinese dog trade, over 126 restaurants across China have closed down for serving illegally procured dog meat. ... Four Shades of Vegan After poisoning its own citizens with mandatory vaccines, Australia now murdering millions of cats with poisoned sausages Whole Foods battles MILITANT VEGANS; issues restraining order to stop their chaos Japan to legalize “organ transplant farms” of animals to ...

Lawsuit claims deadly horse meat is to blame for outbreak that sickened several dogs this year, killing at least one


Lawsuit claims deadly horse meat is to blame for outbreak that sickened several dogs this year, killing at least one Tuesday, May 09, 2017 by: Russel Davis barbiturates , dog food pentobarbital , Pet food - (Natural News ) Wheeling, Illinois-based Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Company Inc. has filed a $20 million lawsuit against Bailey Farms LLC, alleging that the Wisconsin-based meat supplier provided the pet food company with beef containing pentobarbital-tainted horse meat, ...

CORONAVIRUS: Is China paying the price for extreme animal cruelty?


Yulin, China, actually holds an annual “Dog Meat Festival” to celebrate canine consumption If you can even believe it, there’s a city in China known as Yulin that holds an annual “Lychee and Dog Meat Festival” to celebrate the eating of dog meat. ... “The dog meat industry has long claimed that it farms dogs for their meat, boasting more than 100 registered ‘dog meat farms,'” reports the group Animals Asia. "...

Action alert: Just 2 days left to help stop the FDA's regulatory war on small, local farmers


There are only two days left to post your comments to the FDA concerning the agency's desire to place onerous new food safety regulations on small, local farmers (while allowing big agribusiness to conduct business as usual). ... The FDA has taken some positive actions lately, including banning trans fats and requiring dog food manufacturers to follow Good Manufacturing Practices, but this FSMA effort is overreaching, unduly burdensome and in some ways actually worsens food safety instead ...

Call to action - Join the demand to investigate Michigan DNR director Rodney Stokes over forced shooting of baby piglets in cold blood


Michigan DNR can come and shoot your dog next Just how out of control is the DNR? ... But that's no different than claiming your household dog is a "feral" dog. If it's domesticated in your house (or on your ranch, within the fences), then it's not feral, is it? "...

Salmon dog treats made by Plato and sold by Amazon.com found to contain alarmingly high levels of toxic mercury: Immediate recall urged


An ICP-MS analysis of Plato brand dog treats in my laboratory, CWC Labs , found alarmingly high levels of toxic mercury in salmon flavored products. ... The Plato Salmon Strips Dog Treats tested showed mercury at over 120 ppb, and the Plato Thinkers Pacific Salmon Dog Treats tested revealed mercury at over 190 ppb. "...

Wild Salmon to be Extinct in 10 Years


But fish farms cause a deadly collision between the vulnerable young salmon and sea lice. ... Young wild salmon are exposed to sea lice when they swim past salmon farms on their way from rivers to the open sea. "...

Dead Animals Found in Children's Crayons


Diseased animals and dead animals removed from farms and/or animal shelters, rendered into animal feed (including pet foods), should be a violation of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. ... Wishing you and your pet(s) the best, Susan Thixton About the author Susan Thixton has an international pet people following providing dog and cat lovers a trusted source for pet food and pet food ingredient information. "...

Organic farming explodes 13%... Biggest growth since 2008


Organic farming explodes 13%… Biggest growth since 2008 Thursday, May 11, 2017 by: Rhonda Johansson local farms , organic farming , organic local farms - (Natural News ) Good news for all local farmers! ... Sources include: AGWeb.com SustainableAgriculture.net AMS.USDA.gov Prevention.com Previous :ALERT: Party Animal canned dog food may be contaminated with pentobarbital Next : Rosemary is one of the easiest herbs to grow - More news on local farms Harvest projections: ...

EPA approves continued heavy spraying of neurotoxic pesticide that causes brain damage in children


Chlorpyrifos has also been used to treat dog kennels and is a common ingredient in dog shampoos, flea sprays and collars. ... The agency's report essentially ignores the risk posed to children living on or near farms who will likely be exposed to chlorpyrifos via inhalation caused by chemical drifts. "...

Oak Park drops charges against home gardener Julie Bass, but hits her with two other misdemeanor crime charges


In fact, nothing has been mentioned since then about the dog licenses, with the exception of a few blog readers who noticed the dog charges on the ticket and asked me about it. ... This time it will be for the dog licenses, which we have already taken care of. "...