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6 Health benefits of grounding for autoimmune disease


While free radicals can be beneficial, in excess they cause oxidative stress, which is linked to autoimmune disease and other chronic conditions like , diabetes mellitus, ischemic diseases (like coronary artery disease) and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. ... Blood sugar dysregulation and insulin resistance are also common predisposing factors in the onset of autoimmune disease. "...

Yes, there was once a Lyme Disease vaccine, and it was pulled from the market due to "poor sales" after seeming to generate symptoms that mimicked the disease


A vaccine for a disease called Chronic Lyme Disease (that doesn’t exist according to the CDC) causes symptoms that match what the infection causes. ... A fake vaccine for a fake long-term disease the CDC doesn’t even recognize, and the Lyme disease controversy just keeps growing and growing. "...

Morgellons Disease - A New Autoimmune Disease?


What is Morgellons Disease? ... And while individuals within a family may have this disease , they have also witnessed families where multiple members have the disease. "...

Heart Disease - Stop this preventable disease


Heart disease is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Heart disease at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on heart disease Reversing ischemic heart disease naturally Vegetarian diet lowers the risk of heart disease by one-third Eating fried foods can increase your risk of deadly heart disease by 56% Heart disease claims more lives ...

New York’s Plum Island Animal Disease Center accused of weaponizing ticks, spreading LYME disease


Plum Island is also associated with the release of Lyme disease, which is now a global epidemic. ... In fact, Grossman says that ticks have long been regarded as disease vectors in biological warfare. "...

Study links COVID "vaccines" to Parkinson's disease


“Following infection, patients with a history of neurological complications may be at a higher risk of developing long-term neurological conditions associated with the alpha-synuclein prion, such as Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia.” ... Watch: Joe Biden says he was a lifeguard at Lake Oswego in NY – but it doesn’t exist PROOF: COVID vaccines cause prion diseases PROOF that COVID “vaccines” cause prion disease You ARE what you eat, and canola oil makes you FAT and DUMB ...

Whey protein fights fatty liver disease and heart disease


New research just published in the journal Clinical Nutrition concludes supplementing the diet with whey protein could be a powerful natural way to reduce the risk of both fatty liver disease and cardiovascular disease. "...

The essence of disease


The natural healing approach to curing health related issues is always in the direction of self-cleansing, self-repairing, and positive health. ... So, a question arises: if all disease is a self-repairing effort aimed toward health, then why bother to treat disease at all? "...

Bartonella disease: A misunderstood vector-borne infection, similar to Lyme disease


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 30,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported yearly. ... Experts say: Bartonella disease is like the “new Lyme disease” As previously mentioned, Bartonella is a vector-borne infectious disease, capable of being spread by a variety of insects – including flies, fleas, mosquitoes and lice – as well as wildlife and household pets. "...

Indian state no longer distributing vaccine for tick-borne disease after investigation finds it virtually ineffective


In the southern regions of India, the Kyasanur Forest disease (KFD) infects between 400 to 500 people each year during the November to May disease season. ... Workers most vulnerable to KFD may have been given a false sense of security by the vaccine, leading to more people than normal contracting and being killed by the disease. "...

The ‘Do Something’ disease


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Regular exercise is key to heart disease prevention, reveals study


Meanwhile, studies have found that physical inactivity was linked to heart disease. ... Visit ReverseHeartDisease.news for more tips on how to improve your heart health. "...

CDC's wild disease hysteria overestimates disease transmission by up to 6,400%


In August 2014, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) loudly publicized the prediction of one of its most famous disease modelers, Martin Meltzer, that there could be 500,000 to 1.4 million new Ebola cases in western Africa over the next few months if the world did not immediately step in to assist. "...

Vitamin D hailed in the fight against heart disease, Alzheimer's disease and diabetes


Scientific research bodies extolling the amazing virtues of the prohormone vitamin D have been published in rapid succession to explain the preventive mechanism shown to prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. ... Extensive research provides more than sufficient evidence that maintaining a proper vitamin D level can dramatically lower the risk of heart disease, Alzheimer's disease diabetes and many other chronic illnesses. "...

Curcumin Naturally Fights Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer`s Disease and Obesity


Curcumin is one of a small number of super nutrients which has the demonstrated ability to dramatically lower the risk from cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer`s disease and has been shown to influence the storage of body fat by altering fat metabolism. ... Curcumin Shown to Prevent Alzheimer`s Disease Researchers have noted that the incidence of Alzheimer`s disease among the elderly Indian population where curry is regularly eaten with most meals is significantly ...

Psychiatry's latest disease mongering scheme: Compulsive shopping called a disease requiring


If you've ever bought items that you really didn't need, or bought huge quantities of items based on large discounts or other factors, some may brand you a "shopaholic." ... One of Koran's conclusions was that some people who end up in financial bankruptcy are binge buyers - and that they suffer from a disease similar to alcoholism. "...

Disease sniffer device could provide non-invasive early disease detection by


Disease sniffer device could provide non-invasive early disease detection by "sniffing" patients Friday, July 28, 2006 by Mike Adams , the Health Ranger Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...) ... You might ask, "How can a disease sniffer work? You can't smell disease in a person, can you?" "...

Fight Disease with Garlic


Garlic is a powerhouse super food that can wipe out unwanted visitors in the body and prevent disease. ... Some of the healing benefits of garlic include: Potent Antioxidant Garlic prevents free radical damage to protect against aging and disease. "...

Study: Glyphosate can cause Alzheimer's disease


While a suite of therapies to address Alzheimer’s disease were already developed over the years, none have successfully alleviated the symptoms of the disease so far. Visit Alzheimers.news to learn more about this neurodegenerative disease. Watch the video below to know more about how glyphosate can cause Alzheimer’s disease . "...

Indoor air pollution may contribute to respiratory disease and heart disease, warn researchers


In fact, indoor air pollution is one of the leading causes of disease and premature death in developing countries. ... Here is a run-through of the reported health risks of both acute and prolonged exposure to indoor air pollutants: Immediate effects - Nose and throat irritation - Headaches - Dizziness - Fatigue Long-term effects - Heart disease - Lung cancer - Chronic bronchitis - Asthma flare-ups Take note that although immediate effects are treatable, acute exposure to indoor ...