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Kathy Griffin sums up the deranged, violent, lunatic Left with video of the bloody, decapitated head of President Trump


Kathy Griffin sums up the deranged, violent, lunatic Left with video of the bloody, decapitated head of President Trump Tuesday, May 30, 2017 by: Mike Adams decapitated Trump , deranged , Kathy Griffin , lunatic Left , murder , violence - (Natural News ) And now the full lunacy of the deranged, violent Left is on display for the world to see: “Comedian” Kathy Griffin posted a video of a bloody, decapitated head of President Donald Trump , providing ...

Weaponized snowflakes now look a lot like terrorists as the progressives lose their collective minds


Weaponized snowflakes now look a lot like terrorists as the progressives lose their collective minds Wednesday, May 31, 2017 by: News Editors decapitated Trump , deranged , Kathy Griffin , lunatic Left , murder , violence - (Natural News ) The progressively liberal snowflakes, including their so-called celebrity icons in Devilwood, along with the baby snowflakes in colleges across America, have truly all lost their collective minds, to the point where even other self-proclaimed ...

CRYBULLY MASTERY: After depicting deadly violence against the President, Kathy Griffin plays VICTIM card, claiming Trump bullied her


First, Kathy makes a death threat against the President of the United States by holding up a bloody, decapitated head of Donald Trump, in effect encouraging hatred, violence and death against her intended target. ... What’s even more disturbing about all this is that Kathy Griffin apparently thought posting a video showing a bloodied, decapitated Trump head in her fist would somehow be hilarious or inspiring in some twisted way. "...

JOURNO-TERRORISM: New York Times now openly sponsoring a public depiction of the assassination of President Trump


To make matters worse, Ceasar’s wife Calpurnia is said to resemble First Lady Melania Trump in the production. ... Recall that crybully Kathy Griffin posted a video of herself holding the decapitated head of a Donald Trump mask, which was even too much for CNN, which fired her from the network’s annual New Year’s Eve broadcast. "...

Mainstream media COMPLICIT in excusing global terrorism as London suffers deadly ISIS-linked attack: 7 dead, 49 hospitalized


Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 4, 2017 Liberals have all but joined forces with “team ISIS” to destroy Western civilization The P.C.... In fact, Kathy Griffin recently echoed the tactics of ISIS terrorists with her decapitated Trump stunt that spectacularly backfired. "...

We ain't going to submit and we won't forget


This is no longer about ensuring that Donald Trump, who won the election, remains as President. ... When Kathy Griffin, a low rent, untalented comedian, decapitated a model of Donald Trump, the media again shrugged this off as nothing of import. "...

See it here: "The Trumpsman" meme being attacked by hysterical fake news media is now LIVE on Brighteon.com


The same left-wing media that’s feigning mass hysteria over this video said nothing when Kathy Griffin produced and shared a photo meme depicting a bloody, decapitated President Trump. ... Watch and share the video here: https://www.brighteon.com/8b12037a-a155-488d-af98-1ac0bf52299e Read more news about President Trump’s defense of America and his war with the fake news media at Trump.news . "...

Democrats emerge as pro-GANG, but anti-America as radical Leftists defend MS-13 violent animals as being "angels" and saints


There have been multiple other incidents of extreme violence committed by MS-13 gang members, including: • An incident in Maryland where MS-13 “animals” stabbed a man more than 100 times, decapitated him, dismembered his body, and proceeded to rip his heart out of his body. • Another incident in Maryland in which a 15-year-old trafficking victim was savagely beaten more than 30 times with a bat. • An incident in Houston, Texas, where two MS-13 “animals” were charged for kidnapping and sexually ...

City officials in Boston unanimously vote to TAKE DOWN statue showing Abraham Lincoln ENDING SLAVERY


President Donald Trump has aired his objections regarding the removal of the statue. ... “He’s being freed by Abraham Lincoln,” said Trump. “And I can see the controversy, but I can also see beauty in it.” "...

Another church vandalized as mainstream media ignores growing anti-Christian attacks


Stephen Catholic Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee, found a decapitated statue of the Virgin Mary. ... Sources for this article include: WesternJournal.com FoxNews.com FoxNews.com Previous :Federal officers trying to restore order in Portland criticized by leftist officials, locals Next : Study shows triple treatment including hydroxychloroquine and zinc leads to fewer hospitalizations - More news on Anti Christ New Canadian bill would criminalize Christian teaching on sexuality Biden pledges ...

Portland rioters bring out guillotines and burn American flags


Black lives matter,” while dousing two American flags in lighter fluid atop a decapitated stuffed bear. ... When Trump is reelected in November, they will know America is not on their side and not wanting their heads to be cut clean off for the color of their skin, or for not being quite woke enough.” "...

Outrage: Facebook becomes the central nexus of human-smuggling cartel operations, Florida congresswoman says


Too bad about you, President Trump — you’re the bad guy who’s deplatformed, not them. ... Twitter banned President Trump but still has the actual Sinaloa cartel on its site? "...

Conservative journalist warns Senate: "Antifa violence may SPREAD throughout the country!"


Even when they aren’t starting fires, using explosives, and trying to maim officers, they leave threatening messages like decapitated pig heads outside the courthouse,” Ngo, the editor-at-large of the conservative digital news site Post Millennial, said. ... @DHSgov ’s actions in Portland undermine its mission. > > Trump & his stormtroopers must be stopped. > > — Nancy Pelosi (@SpeakerPelosi) July 18, 2020 The two Democrats made the statements following news of President Donald ...

ALERT: Antifa puppetmasters to engineer "patriot" slaughter of Leftists to spark violent uprising against conservatives


This coincides with accelerated mainstream media calls for Trump to be removed from power or arrested, along with an explosion in pop culture messaging that calls for Trump to be hogtied, tortured and / or executed. ... When Griffin held up a bloodied, decapitated (mock) head of President Trump, she was virtue signaling to the entire country that, “It’s okay to murder Trump, because orange man bad.” "...

The 'Resistance' is turning into a national lynch mob


Don’t forget that Rosie O’ Donnell called for a military coup to prevent Trump’s inauguration. ... One-time actor Peter Fonda opined that Trump’s young son Barron ought to be thrown in a cell and gang-raped. "...

Seething hatred of left-wing media drives shooter to target congressional Republicans in attempted mass shooting


It’s all part of the hatred “programming” now being carried out by the left-wing media and its hate pushers who are trying to drive America into a civil war : - Kathy Griffin recently promoted a video showing a bloody, decapitated head of President Trump, demonstrating ISIS-style tactics for murdering your political opponents. ... It’s okay to kill Republicans, and especially Trump. - The New York Times is openly sponsoring a NYC theater featuring a play that depicts the ...

The Paris Climate Accord is GENOCIDE against plants, forests and all life on our planet


Check out the video below: Also, be sure to watch another Health Ranger Science video that explains why carbon dioxide is the miracle molecule of LIFE for our planet: Learn why carbon dioxide is NOT a “pollutant” for our planet: Previous :Kathy Griffin sums up the deranged, violent, lunatic Left with video of the bloody, decapitated head of President Trump Next : LOSING IT: Total liberal MELTDOWN over Trump’s Paris climate accord nullification demonstrates extreme derangement ...

NYC truck terrorist shares the same anti-American ideology as left-wing media outlets and deranged Hollywood celebrities


Chuck Schumer’s “Diversity Visa” program — is merely an extension of what Leftists across social media and the mainstream media have been preaching since the day Donald Trump got elected President: - The New York Times openly sponsored a public play that depicted the violent assassination of President Trump . And they didn’t see anything wrong with this, either. - The Washington Post published an op-ed that called for more violence in the streets to oppose (and eventually overthrow) ...

Tiger Woods gets arrested for DUI, then says toxic "mix of medications" made him drive like a dangerous maniac... what if he's RIGHT?


Previous :The Lost Pines of Central Texas reveal why DROUGHTS are caused by cutting down forests (Health Ranger Science VIDEO) Next : Kathy Griffin sums up the deranged, violent, lunatic Left with video of the bloody, decapitated head of President Trump - More news on arrest American cops are injecting arrested suspects with ketamine, sometimes killing them SHOCK: Melbourne to start arresting COVID-19 “conspiracy theorists” and throwing them in concentration camps 5 Chinese nationals ...

BREAKING: Thousands of guillotines pre-positioned across America for left-wing terrorists to execute conservatives, Christians and Whites in the unfolding CIVIL WAR


According to this source, there are literally thousands of incineration ovens positioned across America, ready to process the bodies after they are decapitated. ... Their ultimate goal is the removal of President Trump, the destruction of the U.S. "...