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If you argue not to label GMOs, then you must argue for no ingredients labeled on anything at all


- If you argue not to label GMOs, then you must argue for no ingredients labeled on anything at all Saturday, August 24, 2013 by: S. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on GMOs at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on GMOs The Agricultural Holocaust explained: the 10 worst ways GMOs threaten humanity and our natural world Whole Foods caught in GMO marketing deception, false advertising - here's the proof 'Natural' breakfast cereals ...

Scientists argue that the world needs more natural "biopesticides" rather than synthetic chemical pesticides


Scientists argue that the world needs more natural “biopesticides” rather than synthetic chemical pesticides Wednesday, September 13, 2017 by: Russel Davis biopesticide , chemicals , EPA , food news , food safety , pesticide , toxic chemical , toxins - (Natural News ) Data from a recent analysis published in Pest Management Science revealed that the European Union (EU) currently has fewer registered biopesticides compared with the U.S., Brazil, China, and India. ... Next : Get that big ...

BLACK BOX VOTING: Georgia's government attorneys argue Dominion election fraud "trade secrets" must not be probed


BLACK BOX VOTING: Georgia’s government attorneys argue Dominion election fraud “trade secrets” must not be probed Thursday, December 03, 2020 by: Ethan Huff cheaters , conspiracy , cyber war , deception , dominion , Dominion Voting Systems , election , election fraud , Forensic Analysis , fraud , Georgia , Glitch , Joe Biden , national security , President Trump , rigged , trade secrets , vote theft Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/478670.html Copy ...

Many of us really are sheep: Experiments in social compliance show few people argue with authority figures


Many of us really are sheep: Experiments in social compliance show few people argue with authority figures Monday, April 02, 2018 by: Lance D Johnson authority , belongingness , conformity , critical thinking , false authority , Group Think , individuality , indoctrination , mind control , obey , rights violation , sheeple , skeptics , social compliance , social conformity - (Natural News ) Many of us really are sheep, quick to follow the crowd and obey orders. ... Sources include: WakingTimes....

Legislators argue against new Obama Administration poultry regulations that would put Americans' health at risk


A coalition of legislators is urging the Obama Administration to abandon plans it made for overhauling the regulatory process guiding commercial poultry production, essentially making it easier for large-scale producers to skirt the law and sell potentially tainted products to the public. "...

Feds, mainstream media argue 'there are no states' and feds have ultimate power over all state laws


Feds, mainstream media argue 'there are no states' and feds have ultimate power over all state laws Thursday, May 23, 2013 by: J. "...

Trump legal team to show clips of Dems encouraging violence in impeachment defense


They also plan to argue that law enforcement already had indications that there was a potential for violence on January 6 well ahead of the day, which makes it unlikely it was Trump’s speech that incited the violence. ... In the proceedings, which are set to get underway today, they will argue that the Senate should not be hearing an impeachment trial because Trump is no longer in office. "...

Democrat mail fraud will take us to the brink


They argue that election judges can be trusted when many have been prosecuted for altering votes and stuffing ballots . ... They argue that the same U.S. Postal Service that just endorsed the Democratic Party can be trusted to impartially handle Republican votes. "...

Critical race theory: a ruling-class ideology


But whereas a previous generation of anti-racists challenged the social significance attributed to biological differences to argue that there was one race, the human race, and emphasised universal traits that create a common humanity irrespective of skin colour, critical race theorists argue that, once constructed, race becomes an incontestable fact. ... Proponents of CRT argue that ideas of white superiority and black inferiority are intrinsic to our language, culture ...

California bill would fine department stores $1,000 for separating toys by gender


Moreover, activists argue that gendered toys and items can make children feel ashamed if they do not conform to those roles and stereotypes. ... Local store owners who are enthusiastic about the change also argue that companies would have to create toys that “make kids unsure of their identity” if they hope to sell products there. "...

Dick's Sporting Goods in financial trouble after assaulting America's liberties and insulting gun owners


And I would argue that every one of them is “squarely focused” on improving public safety; otherwise, what was the purpose of passing them in the first place? ... I would argue we have a problem with cultural rot, given that these kinds of shootings did not occur 30, 40, 50 years ago. "...

CNN now pushing the very same North American union it once decried as a conspiracy theory


This is especially true as it pertains to North American energy resources, they argue. ... As for America's "illegal immigration problem," the academics argue that a North American passport would alleviate the issue as a political football. "...

"Population Engineering" is the new term for population control, just like "climate change" replaced global warming


In the abstract the authors argue: Contrary to political and philosophical consensus, we argue that the threats posed by climate change justify population engineering, the intentional manipulation of the size and structure of human populations. ... We argue that forms of each policy type are pragmatically and morally justified (perhaps even required) tools for preventing the harms of global climate change. "...

The blood of murdered unborn children cries to God from abortion-tainted vaccines and medicines


Of course, some argue that even if people do not take these vaccines, the abortion industry will still continue. ... To remain silent and to acquiesce to the already widespread use of aborted baby body parts for biomedical research, and to argue away this injustice with an abstract theory of “remote material cooperation,” or whatever one may call such a justifying theory, is a spiritual blindness and grave omission at a dramatic historical moment when Christians instead should stand ...

Mexico bans GM corn, plans to phase out imports and the use of Monsanto's glyphosate


Cancer allegations against glyphosate-based Roundup Like Blas, other opponents of GM corn argue that domestic cultivation of GM corn contaminates the country’s native corn varieties, which have been grown in Mexico since ancient times. Environmentalists also argue that the use of pesticides poses a risk to human health and biodiversity. "...

California Group of Small Business Owners Proposes New Tax for Health Care


Opponents of this plan and others like it argue that new taxes and regulations are what has caused the health care crisis in the first place. They argue that adding a new layer of bureaucracy will neither solve the problem nor increase effectiveness, but do the opposite in the long run. "...

Researchers identify CRUCIAL 10- to 15-second moment that can signal a magnitude 7 megaquake


Scientists argue whether strong earthquakes (those with magnitudes 6 and above) were already strong in the beginning or became strong in the process. ... In determinism, scientists argue that there are potential factors that can be measured to predict the magnitude of an earthquake. "...

UK to build first hydrogen fueled homes by April


Critics argue that using electric appliances and heat pumps would be a much safer alternative. "...

12-week course of new Hepatisis C drug costs $94,500


Many will argue that the cost of developing and testing a new drug is very expensive, which of course is true, but let's attempt to put things into perspective. ... Almost anyone with an ounce of compassion would likely argue that every person who has hep C should have access to the new drug. "...

SHOCK POLL: Most students oppose allowing campus speakers on controversial topics


Seventy one percent replied that they would oppose allowing a speaker on campus who would argue “transgender people have a mental disorder,” 64 percent oppose a speaker who’d argue “abortion should be completely illegal,” and 75 percent oppose a speaker who’d say “Black Lives Matter is a hate group.” What’s more, 85 percent oppose allowing a speaker on campus who promotes the idea that “some racial groups are less intelligent than others,” 74 percent oppose a speaker on campus who ...