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Death of Casey Johnson: Rates of Death by Doctor Tragedies Increase


Not only is 'death by doctor' now more than twice as likely as death on the road, these figures make it the fourth leading cause of death . ... This makes 'death by doctor' the leading cause of death in America, beating heart disease (650,000) and cancer (550,000) by some distance. "...

Biden blames Trump, not China, for every COVID death in America


Biden blames Trump, not China, for every COVID death in America Monday, September 21, 2020 by: Cassie B. ... At the event, he stated that President Trump is responsible for every COVID death in America. "...

Antidepressants found to be "death pills" that dramatically raise the risk of early death


Antidepressants found to be “death pills” that dramatically raise the risk of early death Monday, September 18, 2017 by: Jhoanna Robinson Antidepressants , Dangerous Medicine , depressed people , depression , early death , Prescription drugs , psychiatric drugs , psychiatrists , psychopharmacology - (Natural News ) A study that was conducted by scientists at McMaster University in Canada concluded that antidepressants raised the risk of death among depressed people ...

Death's door


Beyond that door is death. It's death's door and it has brought us a new hell on earth. What's behind this door and several others like it is so hot, in terms of death, that its effects can be seen 10,000 miles away. "...

The death of mainstream media


Given the fact that I'm not a Trump supporter, a few people have informed me that my recent coverage has been very one-sided against Clinton. ... As I tweeted earlier today: > Prediction: Trump wins partly because people who don't even like him want to inflict punishment on the mainstream media.— Michael Krieger (@LibertyBlitz) September 13, 2016 The only positive thing to happen during this election season is the death of mainstream media. "...

Death by Medicine Revisited


The mandatory health insurance due to be implemented January 2014 has no provisions for opting out. ... My 2005 research found an annual death rate of 783,936 due to medical interventions at a cost of $282 billion. "...

Antifa and BLM rioters destroy Oakland to the chants of "Death to America"


The combined BLM and Antifa mob chanted “death to America ” while destroying businesses and attacking law enforcement officers. ... Protesters cheered while the flag was being burned, while a female screamed “Death to America!” "...

Vitamin D supplementation can REDUCE cancer death risk by 16%, study shows


Researchers from the United States and China found that it reduces the risk of cancer-related death by 16 percent . ... Results showed that vitamin D supplementation reduced cancer death risk by 16 percent. "...

Breathe for life or breathe for death


Many of the older cultures and traditions around the world share a concept of health and well-being centered on the breathing process. ... There is an old Taoist (Dow-ist) saying, "Breathe for life or breathe for death; it's that simple." http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.... http://www.lenntech.com/carbon-dioxide.htm http://www.digitalnaturopath.com/treat/T2553... "...

Elderly Starving to Death in Hospitals


The charity Age Concern has sounded a warning that elderly people in British health-care facilities are not getting the special attention needed to make sure that they get enough food. ... Long Island nursing home hired male strippers for entertainment of elderly residents Nursing home scandal exposed: Lost generation of senior citizens being hospitalized for profit Depression drugs linked to falls in elderly Allopathic doctors in America have dollar signs in their eyes over healthy elderly patients ...



QUARANTINE camps are really DEATH CAMPS Coronavirus quarantine camps are really just "death camps." "...

Death threats against CNN are nothing compared to the outrageous, repeated death threats against vaccine safety researchers


Death threats against CNN are nothing compared to the outrageous, repeated death threats against vaccine safety researchers Thursday, January 25, 2018 by: JD Heyes badhealth , badmedicine , CNN , death threat , Dr. ... I want to pull you off the road and torture you to death, but it’s just too f#cking hard to pull off. "...

BLM extremists block ER entrance, chant 'death to police,' ABC covers it up


After the deputies were rushed to the hospital, a crowd of Black Lives Matter extremists swarmed the Emergency Room entrance, blocking admittance while they chanted “death to police” and “we hope they die.” ... - Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this article: https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-09-15-blm-extremists-block-er-entrance-death-to-police.html Embed article link: (copy HTML code below): BLM extremists block ...

Should "death science" operatives like Dr. Fauci face the DEATH SENTENCE if found guilty of collaborating to build the Wuhan coronavirus bioweapon?


Should “death science” operatives like Dr. Fauci face the DEATH SENTENCE if found guilty of collaborating to build the Wuhan coronavirus bioweapon? ... Is Trump throwing in with the death science industry and the NIH? So far, it appears Trump lacks the scientific knowledge to even recognize when he’s being manipulated by death science operators like Fauci. "...

Millions of Chinese at risk of death from unprecedented flooding


Millions of Chinese at risk of death from unprecedented flooding Wednesday, July 22, 2020 by: Ethan Huff China , disaster , Flooding , natural disaster , rainfall , SHTF , Three Gorges Dam , weather - (Natural News ) All three of communist China’s largest rivers – the Yangtze, Yellow, and Huai rivers – are currently overflowing due to extreme heavy rains, threatening the lives of untold millions of people living in their flood zones. ... - More news on China Millions of Chinese at risk ...

Drug overdose is now the LEADING cause of death for Americans under 50... Big Pharma's opioid death machine marches on


Drug overdose is now the LEADING cause of death for Americans under 50… Big Pharma’s opioid death machine marches on Friday, June 09, 2017 by: Vicki Batts Big Pharma , drug addiction , drugs - (Natural News ) The drug epidemic plaguing the United States seems to only get worse as time trudges on. ... Goodman explains further, “To put the death toll in perspective, opioid deaths have surpassed the peak in death by car crash in 1972, AIDS deaths in 1995 and gun ...

The NON-SCANDAL of covid-19 death certificates


The NON-SCANDAL of covid-19 death certificates The presumption of covid-19 deaths on death certificates is a non-scandal that the alternative media is trying to weave into a major scandal. The Health Ranger Report Posted 4/15/2020 • Comments • Share Tagged Under: Outbreak , Infections , Pandemic , Epidemic , Deaths , Fatalities , Coronavirus , Covid-19 , Death Certificates Related Videos 14:01 Coronavirus Pandemic: Start thinking BEYOND CONTAINMENT The Health Ranger Report ...

Dems on a death trip as they play politics in a pandemic


Dems on a death trip as they play politics in a pandemic Tuesday, March 24, 2020 by: News Editors democrats , election , government , infections , left cult , outbreak , pandemic , panic , politics , President Trump , SHTF , White House - (Natural News ) The Democrats are as addicted to politics, their version anyway, as a junkie in a homeless camp is to crack or meth. ... Next : It’s not “just the flu”: Here is why you definitely do not want to catch this coronavirus… - More news on democrats ...

Is modern medicine a form of death by design?


Is modern medicine a form of death by design? Sunday, August 12, 2018 by: Vicki Batts alternative medicine , bad doctors , bad medicine , badhealth , badmedicine , Big Pharma , Dangerous Medicine , disease causes , harmful medicine , health freedom , natural healing , natural medicine , pharmaceutical drugs - (Natural News ) It’s not a secret that many pharmaceutical drugs are dangerous; the side effects listed on infomercials alone are proof of that. ... Perhaps mass sickness and death ...

Are you eating for life or death? That is the question


Everything you purchase, whether it is to eat, drink, or put on your skin, is a choice you make which either supports life or supports death. "...