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Nate Cain: FBI ignored Konnech election data breach – Brighteon.TV


Evidence-gathering into overseas servers yielded the data of poll workers, election judges and election inventory systems. ... According to the whistleblower and Army veteran, there is no doubt the election data was going to China. "...

South Korea high court orders Google to disclose data forwarded to US intelligence


The lawsuit sought to force the company to reveal whether it had gathered or shared their data. ... Private communications are also included in this collected data. (Related: ) Under South Korean law, internet service providers must respond to customer inquiries related to their own data – especially if it has been shared with third parties. "...

Data leak alert: Government watchdog employee sends info on 256,000 private consumers to personal email


A spokesperson for the CFPB confirmed the data leak. The unnamed staffer reportedly sent spreadsheets with names and transaction-specific account numbers related to 256,000 accounts at one institution to his personal email account. ... The spokesperson added that there is no evidence that the confidential data was shared beyond the former employee’s personal email account. "...

Mobile phone data shows that post-pandemic cities like San Francisco, Chicago and Boston are MUCH less busy – where did the people go?


Search Follow Mobile phone data shows that post-pandemic cities like San Francisco, Chicago and Boston are MUCH less busy – where did the people go? ... A shows that downtown activity in places like San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston has plummeted ever since the scamdemic – this according to mobile phone data. "...

Amazon illegally harvested kids' data via Alexa-powered 'smart' speakers


FTC Chair Lina Khan, in remarks made last week, said existing law “prohibits firms from conditioning access to certain services on endless collection of data,” adding that the law includes “substantive limitations on when firms can be collecting data.” ... More broadly, the FTC has placed corporate data collection practices under scrutiny in recent years. "...

FTC to sue Amazon for illegally harvesting data of children via smart speakers


She added that the law has “substantive limitations on when firms can be collecting data.” ... When pressed, Amazon has refused to adequately verify whether it had parental consent to collect and store the data. "...

WHO turns on China, says Beijing hid crucial data on covid's origins for three years


A senior WHO official has said that this important data “should have been shared immediately.” ... “Every new piece of data could potentially move the world closer to stopping another pandemic – perhaps a worse one – in the future. "...

WHO finally turns on China as health officials slam Beijing for hiding COVID origin data for YEARS


Regarding the delay in sharing the samples, epidemiologist Van Kerkhove said: “The lack of data disclosure is simply inexcusable.” ... “WHO continues to call on China and all countries to share any data on the , immediately,” she wrote. "...

Vaccine advisers outraged as Moderna, government scientists CONCEALED key data about COVID boosters


Based on the previously hidden immunogenicity data, the new bivalent booster might not be any more effective at preventing COVID-19 infections than the original shots. ... “I was angry to find out that there was data that was relevant to our decision that we didn’t get to see,” said Dr. "...

Amazon is being sued for secretly collecting biometric data from NYC Amazon Go store customers


Amazon denies violating the law Amazon claims that the information that it collects is not considered biometric data and that only the individuals who have opted to use the Amazon One identification system have their palm print data collected. ... Amazon has long been the subject of privacy concerns on account of the vast amount of data they collect about people. "...

ENERGY CRISIS: Norwegian ammunition maker says "storage of cat videos" threatens its expansion as data centers scrounge for spare electricity


The social media app, the company claims, is hogging all the electricity by creating a new data cancer to host pointless data like “storage of cat videos.” ... The company also has the option to build two more data centers by 2025 in Hamar, located 25 kilometers to the east of Raufoss, said Green Mountain, TikTok’s Norwegian data center provider. "...

One in every 73 people "vaccinated" for covid wound up DEAD by June 2022, government data show


Keep in mind that for many months prior to the data release, the UK government denied even calculating it, let alone possessing it. ... This data shows that following covid injection, 41,117 people died “with covid” after having been jabbed for it. "...

Ben Armstrong: Data shows globalists are succeeding with their DEPOPULATION plan


Data shows the depopulation plan is having major success. This is not something I want to bring to you, but I bring the truth. ... Armstrong said the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine has done enough damage to bring about depopulation, with data from different cases of adverse effects showing that it is already happening. "...

Apple, Google teaming up to better track your movements under the claim of providing you more 'security'


Privacy concerns have been growing among users as these companies collect vast amounts of personal data in order to improve their services and target ads. Google, in particular, has come under fire for its data collection practices. The company tracks users’ location data, search histories, and other personal information to create personalized advertising. "...

Covid "vaccines" found to be EIGHT TIMES deadlier than the disease itself - government data


The National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom published data covering the 18-month period from March 2020 up through Aug. 25, 2021. ... The government has been lying since the beginning about “covid” deaths It was difficult to obtain accurate data on the number of . "...

SPY GRID: More than 10k federal employees have access to NSA surveillance databases on American citizens, DOJ Inspector General reveals


Are there any additional facilities where this data is being stored – and perhaps more importantly, why is this data being stored? Who controls this all-encompassing electronic data collection, and why is Congress allowing it? "...

WHERE'S THE BEEF? Data show US has lowest beef cattle inventory in over 60 years


Data show US has lowest beef cattle inventory in over 60 years Monday, March 06, 2023 by: , This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://citizens.news/704164.html - ( ) Data from the U.S. ... Data show US has lowest beef cattle inventory in over 60 years Reprinting this article: Non-commercial use OK, cite NaturalNews.com with clickable link. "...

As end of Title 42 looms, 90,000 illegals rush to America's southern border over 10-day period


And the latest data, some 90,000 illegal aliens have rushed America’s southern border just in the past 10 days in the hopes of making it through before their time comes to an end. "...

Canadian military blocked doctors from reporting covid jab injuries, lawyer reveals


The CAF did release data on April 17 showing that a total of 375,000 covid jabs were administered to members of the CAF. Of this number, 0.09 percent, officially, reported “an adverse effect of some kind following their first, second or booster dose(s),” the data report states. "...

Is the CCP harvesting data on Americans from "smart" appliances?


According to Kokas, Haier’s data-collecting devices “operate on a Chinese consumer platform that reports back to data centers in China.” ... “China has identified a multitude of ways to steal data from unsuspecting Americans. "...