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Mysterious radio circles in outer space could be newfound remnants of black hole mergers, study suggests


Mysterious radio circles in outer space could be newfound remnants of black hole mergers, study suggests Monday, May 24, 2021 by: Virgilio Marin astronomy , binary black hole , black hole merger , black holes , cool science , cosmic , discovery , future science , goodscience , odd radio circles , outer space , real science , research , Space , supermassive black holes Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning....

Natural ways to get rid of dark circles under your eyes


Why do you get dark circles under your eyes? Depending on your skin color, the dark circles under your eyes may look bluish, purple, dark brown or black. ... Improving sleep quality Get enough quality sleep every night to help to prevent dark circles under your eyes. "...

Identify the Causes of Dark Circles under the Eyes


Dark circles under the eyes tend to give you an older, rather haggard or tired appearance. There are many factors that lead to the dark circles. Why Dark Under Eye Circles Develop Age Typically, dark circles develop when the skin under the eyes become relatively thin and more transparent with age, write Dr David J. "...

Home remedies to cure dark circles, puffy eyes


A lot of women these days put up with dark circles under their eyes or puffy eyes. ... Puffiness and dark circles will eventually go away. Mint leaves Application of crushed mint leaves can help in reducing dark circles under the eyes. "...

Mysterious blobs of radio emissions found floating in space


ORCs could not possibly be Einstein rings or the clouds of radio emissions caused by supermassive black holes. ... (Related: Understanding massive black hole formation: Researchers believe supersonic gas streams from the Big Bang may provide the answer .) "...

Vitamins Get Rid of Dark Circles under the Eyes


Vitamins can be used topically or orally to get rid of dark circles The Mayo Clinic recommends getting rid of your dark circles by applying a vitamin-rich cream. ... The Mayo Clinic: Dark Circles Under Eyes: Causes http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/dark-circle... 2. "...

Rejuvenate your skin and get rid of dark circles under your eyes with aloe vera


If you have dark circles under your eyes, gently massage somealoe vera gel on the affected skin area. ... An aloe vera and rose water concoction can also effectively get rid of dark circles. "...

In a civil war the authoritarian left would be easily beaten – but it won't end there


Make no mistake, an outright conflict is coming in the US and the people in alternative media circles that fear it need to come to terms with that fear and accept the inevitability of war. ... They will call us “white supremacists” even though many conservatives are black and brown. "...

Washington Post pushes weak Trump/Epstein connection, ignores Bill Clinton 'pedo island' allegation


(Article republished from BlackListedNews.com ) The Washington Post attempted to connect elite pedophile Jeffrey Epstein with President Trump following unsealing of court documents, yet completely ignored witness assertions that Bill Clinton was present on the infamous ‘pedo island’ in the Caribbean. The Post published a story last week in which it proclaimed “Before President Trump wished Ghislaine Maxwell ‘well,’ they had mingled for years in the same gilded circles.” "...

Corporate media covered for alleged pedophile Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver


John Weaver was executive director of the Texas Republican Party Back in the day, Weaver rolled in top Republican circles. ... He was eventually made unwelcome in some Texas Republican circles, and after working for John McCain’s 2000 campaign, left the Republican party entirely. "...

Time magazine celebrates medical authoritarianism, naming Fauci 'guardian of the year'


It’s no coincidence that Fauci’s directives to “hunker down” for the much-hyped “dark winter” came ahead of the Christmas shopping season, when most retail businesses earn their way back into the black in order to make it through the following year. ... The man has always put profits before people, a characteristic which should preclude holding public office but which is praised in the sociopathic ruling class circles that anoint America’s ‘leaders.’ "...

Facial coloration including rosy cheeks biggest indicator of healthiness, say researchers


When you stare into a mirror and dark circles, puffy eyes, acne or other undesirable facial flaws are staring back at you, your face is telling a tale about possible nutritional deficiencies , poor digestion, lack of sleep or other physical or mental health issues. ... Dark circles under the eyes or rosacea, for instance, are both seen as unhealthy signs. "...

Crows exhibit advanced rational thinking on par with humans, apes and monkeys


While the large black birds are often thought of as creatures with a caw on par with nails on a chalkboard, capable of not doing much more than picking at roadkill and piercing the insides of trash bags, it turns out that there's much more to these animals' brain power. ... For example, if the sample card showed two same-sized squares, the crows would have to select two same-sized circles instead of two different-sized circles. "...

Universal memories: Astronomers closer to detecting gravitational waves that leave behind "memories" as they pass through


Such events include supernovas and mergers of black holes. When gravitational waves wash over the Earth, they move things by a distance of less than the width of an atom. ... After analyzing the first 10 black hole mergers detected by LIGO and Virgo between 2015 and 2017, the researchers predicted that the observatories would need to record around 2,000 black hole mergers to spot the aftereffects of space-time ripples. "...

Take Indian black salt for your health and beauty


Take Indian black salt for your health and beauty Monday, May 08, 2017 by: Frances Bloomfield black salt , Indian black salt , kala namak - (Natural News ) Originating from the Himalayan mountain ranges, Kala Namak or Indian black salt is a highly-prized condiment that is actually purple or pinkish gray in color. ... Indian black salt’s health benefits According to NaturalBlaze.com , Indian black salt is often prescribed for patients with high-blood ...

Pandemic denialists CONTRADICT their own theories


Pandemic denialists CONTRADICT their own theories Those who DENY the severity of the coronavirus talk in circles, usually contradicting themselves. The Health Ranger Report Posted 4/21/2020 • Comments • Share Tagged Under: Flu Vaccine , Flu Shot , Death Rate , Vaccines , Pandemic , Coronavirus , Covid-19 , Testing Kits Related Videos 14:16 WHO Warns Coronavirus Pandemic May Go GLOBAL The Health Ranger Report • 2/1/2020 11:49 The Coronavirus Pandemic is a BLACK SWAN Event The Health ...

Craving sweets late at night? It might be because of your phone


The study suggests that exposure to light at night, particularly blue light, is disruptive. ... Sources include: MedicalXpress.com Healthline.com Previous :Natural ways to get rid of dark circles under your eyes Next : People would rather lose their job to a robot than to another person, say researchers – but what happens when ALL the jobs go to robots? "...

Trees observed resting their branches... Scientists stunned to realize trees SLEEP much like people!


In all, the Finnish birch tree was scanned 11 times, once per hour through the night. The Austrian tree was graphed 77 times, every ten minutes through the night. The birch trees appeared to go into a nice relaxed state as the night went on. "...

Nanotechnology may one day allow people to SEE in the dark


Nanotechnology may one day allow people to SEE in the dark Monday, July 22, 2019 by: Paul Waters biotechnology , breakthrough , cool science , cyborgs , discoveries , eyes , future science , future tech , goodscience , goodtech , infrared light , innovation , inventions , medical science , nanoantennae , nanoparticles , nanotech , nanotechnology , night vision , science and technology , weird science - (Natural News ) Do you ever wonder why it’s so hard to see at night?...

The best home remedies for treating dandruff


Natural remedies for dandruff Black pepper - Black pepper has long been used in India to treat dandruff due to the combination of zinc and selenium found in it, which are effective at fighting dandruff flakes. ... As with the black pepper and yogurt, this is also an effective natural conditioner. "...