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After labeling deception revealed, former NuManna distributor issues public appeal for an APOLOGY and restitution to customers


I posted a full podcast explaining all this, and why it’s wrong to falsely claim your product is being tested and approved when it isn’t: A former NuManna distributor asks Daniel Brigman to do the right thing and APOLOGIZE to customers for the deception Now, a former NuManna distributor known as Ready Made Resources (ReadyMadeResources.com ) is stepping forward and publicly asking Daniel Brigman at NuManna to do the right thing and apologize for the deception. ...

NuManna update: Distributor cuts all ties with NuManna, asks public to understand distributors had ZERO KNOWLEDGE of NuManna's label fraud and false claims


NuManna owner Daniel Brigman tells us he is going to publicly post the organic certificates. "...

Health Ranger fights back against fraudulent use of his lab testing certification for clean foods


“Their names are Daniel Brigman (the owner) and Todd Fairbourne, the operations manager.” "...

CONSUMER ALERT: NuManna exposed - Five years of false claims, marketing fraud, fake heavy metals testing claims and misleading their own customers over storable organic food - (UPDATED 1)


Their names are Daniel Brigman (the owner) and Todd Fairbourne, the operations manager. ... Citations: (1) https://numanna.com/product/organic-family-pack/ (2) June 6, 2016 contract signed by Daniel Brigman and Mike Adams (3) https://www.amazon.com/NuManna-Servings-Emergency-Survival-Separate/dp/B01MTSWUE4/ UPDATED: 10/26 This story has been updated to reflect the response from CCOF that confirms NuManna’s organic certification. "...