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Improvements in solar cell technologies increase their lifespan tenfold


The current photography method employed in the study could aid in determining whether or not X-ray crystallography is really necessary. If there are no changes detected in the photography, then it should be fine to simply postpone the crystallography. "...

Shocking video reveals cell tower transmissions interfering with xylitol crystal formation, showing disruption of "morphic resonance"


As Woodard and McCrone wrote in their article, ‘Unusual crystallization behavior,’ published in the Journal of Applied Crystallography (Vol. 8, 1975, p. 342.) ... Simone Gold and many more Next : April 13th: Vaccine antibodies CAUSE blood clots in the brain, lungs and heart… FDA calls halt to J&J vaccine as deaths accelerate - More news on crystallography Shocking video reveals cell tower transmissions interfering with xylitol crystal formation, showing disruption of “morphic resonance” ...

Curcumin found to stop cancer cell growth


The research team used state-of-the-art X-ray crystallography to obtain 3D images showing curcumin can bind to DYRK2. "...

BPA isn't the only hormone disruptor: Beware hidden sources like flame retardant chemicals


Using X-ray crystallography technology, Dr. Birnbaum and her team built a three-dimensional model of TBBPA to see how it affects the hormone systems of the body. "...

Hops compounds have potential to treat diabetes, cancer: research


Then they crystallized it into salts, enabling Werner to use state of the art X-ray crystallography to map out the beer brewed version of hops' humulone's metamorphosis and compared to the plant's raw form. "...

Scientists unlock the molecules that make STEVIA 200x sweeter than regular sugar


To study the molecular structure of UGT76G1, the scientists used a method called x-ray crystallography . "...

Curcumin targets aggressive and lethal forms of cancer while leaving noncancerous cells unharmed


With the help of x-ray crystallography, they obtained 3-D images that show curcumin binding to this enzyme atomically. "...

An unlikely hero in antibiotic resistance: Platypus milk could be used to fight superbugs


Through x-ray crystallography, they came up with a structure in the protein that, when solved, formed a ringlet-like, three-dimensional fold. "...

SCIENTIFIC PROOF: Flu vaccine found to be completely ineffective because of how it is made, new study finds


Using a high-resolution imaging technique known as X-ray crystallography to take a closer look at H3N2, the team found that a key protein in the virus changes so much during chicken egg incubation that it no longer functions as a match in humans. "...

Scientists find that the coronavirus has another doorway to infect human cells


The test their hypothesis, the University of Bristol ’s James Daly and his colleagues used a technique called X-ray crystallography , which allowed them to see the three-dimensional structure of the spike protein down to its individual atoms, alongside other biochemical approaches. "...

Human cells and microorganisms found to be biochemically similar, according to astonishing study


In 1997, Luger et al. first reported the exact structure of eukaryotic nucleosomes through X-ray crystallography. "...