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The dirty truth about clean ears: Why you shouldn't use cotton swabs in your ears


The dirty truth about clean ears: Why you shouldn’t use cotton swabs in your ears Saturday, May 13, 2017 by: Frances Bloomfield cotton swam applicators , ear , ears , Q-tips - (Natural News ) Cleaning your ear with a cotton tip applicator may feel good, but be warned: You could risk a trip to the emergency room. ... Playing with cotton tip applicators resulted in 10 percent of the injuries, while nine percent of children were hurt when ...

More children are admitted to the emergency room each day for cotton tip swab injuries than for firearm injuries


More children are admitted to the emergency room each day for cotton tip swab injuries than for firearm injuries Thursday, May 18, 2017 by: Tracey Watson cotton tip applicators , ear cleaning , ears , earwax - (Natural News ) You can find them in every supermarket in the country: The cotton tip applicators are displayed right there beside the baby shampoo or perhaps in the toiletries aisle. ... “Using cotton tip applicators to clean ...

Illegal spraying of Monsanto's herbicide destroying crops nationwide


So far, the following have been affected: peaches, tomatoes, cantaloupes, watermelons, rice, cotton, peas, peanuts, alfalfa and soybeans. ... Pesticide applicators don't read labels, report finds In July, a survey conducted by the University of Missouri found that only 43 percent of pesticide applicators in the state read the label each time before mixing and spraying chemicals. "...

Syngenta's Monsanto moment


Because of the poisonous quality to paraquat, its use is restricted in the U.S. to trained applicators. ... Take the bus, don’t eat meat, cut back on pet care - More news on agriculture Syngenta’s Monsanto moment About half of US lakes, rivers are too polluted for swimming, fishing, drinking Kenyan researchers evaluate method of growing potatoes using air Drought conditions causing surge in cotton prices, raising fears clothes could become more expensive Skyrocketing fuel costs ...

Prepping your home with essential survival supplies


.” - First aid supplies — Include these items in your kit: gloves, surgical shears, antiseptic wipes, bandages, pain relieving medication, antibiotic ointment, cotton-tipped applicators, sterile gauze pads, a thermometer, tweezers, and other items so you can cover all the basics. - Flashlights, lanterns, and backup batteries — Prepare emergency light sources so you aren’t lost in the dark during a disaster. "...

The FDA gets in women's panties: Reusuable menstrual pads to be subject to $4,000 a year in extortion fees


Besides crude oil plastics, conventional sanitary pads can also contain a myriad of other potentially hazardous ingredients, such as odor neutralizers and fragrances.[15] Synthetics and plastic also restrict the free flow of air and can trap heat and dampness, potentially promoting the growth of yeast and bacteria in your vaginal area.[16] For women who use tampons instead of pads, the content of those is even more grim: > Phthalates[17] - which give paper tampon applicators that smooth ...

Pesticide news, articles and information:


Study: Women whose partners are pesticide applicators have increased risk of breast, thyroid and ovarian cancer 7/5/2016 - As reported by the Agricultural Health Study (AHS), there is a direct correlation between women who live with pesticide applicators and cancer. ... Cathy Lerro and AHS colleagues used information reported by wives of pesticide applicators to take the first detailed look at the use of organophosphate... "...