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Globalist corporation Apple pays virtually NO tax in any country


Aides to the subcommittee said they have never seen a company use a subsidiary that didn't owe corporate income taxes to any country. ... "Despite reporting net income of $30 billion over the four-year period 2009 to 2012, Apple Operations International paid no corporate income taxes to any national government during that period," the panel's report said. "...

How to Build Your Financial Safety Net page 2


Income Streams 7. Basic Human Drivers 8. Your Magic Combination 9. Giving People What They Want 10. ... But now, with the real estate crash well underway, and consumer spending behavior dropping sharply, ALL sources of state revenue are down: Sales taxes, property taxes, real estate taxes, income taxes and corporate taxes. "...

How to Build Your Financial Safety Net page 7


Income Streams 7. Basic Human Drivers 8. Your Magic Combination 9. Giving People What They Want 10. ... This is what's going to drive success in your new income stream. Click NEXT to find out how... "...

How to Build Your Financial Safety Net page 1


Income Streams 7. Basic Human Drivers 8. Your Magic Combination 9. Giving People What They Want 10. ... But what, exactly, should you do right now to protect your savings and enhance your income? "...

How to Build Your Financial Safety Net page 3


Income Streams 7. Basic Human Drivers 8. Your Magic Combination 9. Giving People What They Want 10. ... The truth is, if you work for a corporation that sells products to consumers, your income is also at risk! "...

McDonald's getting crushed by healthier fast food companies like Chipotle


Total revenue sank 11 percent to reach $5.96 billion in the quarter to March 31, and net income plunged 32.6 percent to $812 million. ... While McDonald's was announcing a 30 percent plunge in third-quarter income and declining revenue in 2014, Chipotle reported a 31 percent increase in revenue and a 57 percent rise in net income in the same period. "...

Left-leaning Alternet wildly discredits itself by headlining vitamin doomsday propaganda from vaccine pusher Paul Offit


Shame on AlterNet for not making that assertion instead of the misleading crap they promoted in this article! ... There's no other way to say this: Alternet is now shoveling corporate bullshit and calling it headline news. "...

Oncologists make huge profits by pushing chemotherapy drugs on gullible, frightened patients


This latter statement stuck in Chris' mind, and after investigating it further he came to the disturbing realization that oncologists make obscene profits from selling chemotherapy drugs , sometimes up to two-thirds of their overall income. ... Sources: http://www.chrisbeatcancer.com http://www.barefootsworld.net - Search on GoodGopher.com GoodGopher.com is the new search engine for truth seekers. "...

40% of food stamp recipients obese; SNAP participants buy more soda, fewer fruits and vegetables


For income-eligible nonparticipants, 15 percent were overweight while 20 percent were obese. ... Among higher-income nonparticipants, 32 percent were overweight and 32 percent were obese. "...

California now less than 90 days away from financial collapse... ANARCHY to follow


Over $100 billion in revenues are generated by the California state income tax. ... Newsom’s coronavirus lockdowns, California’s revenue sources are getting hammered: - Lower property taxes at the local level due to businesses and retailers going bankrupt. - Reduced state income taxes due to fewer people working. - Lower sales taxes due to reduced consumer sales. - Lower corporate income taxes due to corporations losing revenues. - Severe losses in energy-related ...

Cause and effect: Americans who voted for Obama now seeing weekly job hours slashed below 30 as Obamacare kicks in


By legally funneling profits from overseas subsidiaries into Bermuda, which doesn’t have a corporate income tax, Google cut its overall tax rate almost in half. ... This is how Obamacare works: Protect the corporate giants while socking it to small and medium-sized businesses. "...

Will real health reform ever happen in America?


Corporate advertising of processed foods falls into the category of "What doesn't work." ... They are, effectively, corporate dictators who control America right now, from the halls of Washington to the shops of Main Street. "...

How to Build Your Financial Safety Net page 13


Income Streams 7. Basic Human Drivers 8. Your Magic Combination 9. Giving People What They Want 10. ... Their corporate website is www.AmazonHerb.net Elements for Life - (Superfood products, high-vibration organization) Elements for Life is a very young, superfood-focused "fractal marketing" company led by true visionaries. "...

Parents rejoice! Donald Trump's economic plan makes childcare expenses tax-deductible while eliminating the 'death tax'


Trump made a compelling economic case for the nation moving forward, pledging among other things to slash corporate taxes, end the so-called "death tax," and cut burdensome and expensive regulations. ... In a Trump administration, provided he can convince Congress to send him the legislation, he would cut corporate tax rates to 15 percent from the top rate of 39 percent today. "...

Obama creates twice as many food stamp dependants than new jobs


Per CNSNews.com: - While the administration boasts of 7.2 million jobs created, since February 2009 - Obama's first full month in office - some 9.5 million Americans have either lost jobs or dropped out of the workforce completely, for a net loss of 2.3 million jobs . ... Think of the income tax revenue that is not flowing into the Treasury Department - which is worsening the federal deficit. - Based on these figures, 1.3 Americans have dropped out of the labor force for every one ...

New Special Report: How to Build Your Financial Safety Net


On the heels of the worst financial disaster to emerge since the Great Depression, NaturalNews has released an online special report entitled How to Build Your Financial Safety Net: Twelve Ways to Achieve Prosperity During (and After) the Global Financial Crisis. ... The free online report How to Build Your Financial Safety Net intends to show people that building their own reliable income streams isn't difficult; it just requires proper strategy, planning and a commitment ...

Shifting from being a consumer to a producer


Over time, a second family income was no longer an option. It was a necessity. So, women left the households, too. ... There is something about shifting from being a net consumer to a net producer that is very, very satisfying. "...

NBA, Nike, Apple, Google silent on China's crackdown on journalists in Hong Kong


The phrase was removed from its corporate code of conduct in 2018, however, around the time Google was pursuing a deal to launch a search engine in China that would comply with the government’s strict censorship demands. ... That’s how CEO John Donahoe described the company during a fourth-quarter earnings call last week, when Nike reported net income of $1.5 billion, to the delight of shareholders. "...

The Amazon Herb Company: An Independent Review page 5


The Five Best Anti-Viral Products to Beat Influenza, Swine Flu, Bird Flu and SARS : The best free report you'll find on the 'net, complete with trusted, independent anti-viral product recommendations. ... Many of the network marketing companies I've met are only pushing junk products backed by a corporate culture of greed. "...

How to Build Your Financial Safety Net page 4


The solution Create your own income streams by going into business for yourself! ... Total control over your income. A reliable income stream that you can count on. "...