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Man who convinced online strangers to commit suicide has conviction reversed


Man who convinced online strangers to commit suicide has conviction reversed Saturday, April 05, 2014 by: J. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Suicide at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on suicide Antidepressants in America are causing suicide rates to soar, especially among young women Increased suicide rate in military blamed on conditions other than combat and prescription drug abuse More soldiers die from suicide than combat Parents ...

Conviction of Roger Stone is the "tipping point for tyranny" as Americans realize the whole system is rigged, dishonest and DANGEROUS to us all


We have now reached the “tipping point of tyranny” in America Leftists are celebrating today, along with Chris Wallace of Fox News who is laughing hysterically at the announcement of Roger Stone’s conviction. ... The rigged, farcical conviction of Roger Stone will soon be followed by the rigged, farcical impeachment of President Trump. "...

Law enforcement routinely forges drug tests to put innocent people behind bars


A recent court ruling in Massachusetts provides one of the best arguments we have for reforming the nation's draconian drug laws, which have abused a number of Americans in countless ways for so many years. ... Segal noted that by the end of 2014, fewer than 1,200 defendants had filed for post-conviction relief, a figure he said was likely low out of fear that they could face previously dropped charges or longer sentences if their original ones were not overturned. "...

Astonishing five percent of homicide and sexual assault cases are wrongful convictions, DNA evidence shows - Buzz.NaturalNews.com


The wrongful conviction rate previously had been estimated at 3 percent or less. http://hamptonroads.com Subscribe to NaturalNews Buzz Alerts Join 4 million monthly readers. "...

What good are gun control laws if police issue gun permits to violent criminals anyway?


Aurora’s police chief, Kristen Ziman, told the Tribune that a criminal background examination would not necessarily turn up a 20-year-old felony conviction. ... The prints triggered the production of an FBI record that led State Police to discover Martin’s felony conviction in Mississippi. "...

This impeachment of Donald John Trump is trial by feelings


Conservatives in favor of conviction have invented arguments that blend morality, patriotism, and emotion. But they are very short on facts and specifics, which mean any conviction of Trump would be a mile wide and an inch deep. "...

FBI allegedly funded white supremacist publisher: Court documents


“The CI began his long career as a professional informant in exchange for consideration regarding his sentence on a federal conviction for possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number and an unregistered silencer. ... “And it is far-fetched to suggest that a single 15-year-old firearms conviction would have caused the magistrate judge to refuse to sign off on the warrant,” the DOJ said. "...

Study from liberal think tank proves illegal immigrants responsible for huge crime sprees across America


And both of these numbers, reports Breitbart, are likely much lower than actual crime figures, which are difficult to calculate due to the high number of aliens who escape arrest and conviction. ... There are literally millions of crimes committed annually by illegal immigrants that never result in a conviction, further skewing the true criminal impact of these illegal invaders, according to Breitbart. "...

New York government threw man in prison for 23 years for murder he never committed


Hynes defended his office's record during a March 21 interview, saying he crated the conviction integrity unit in 2011 to examine legitimate claims of innocence. ... Phony witnesses, prosecutorial intimidation Ranta became the third defendant freed because of new information turned up by the conviction integrity unit. "...

GOP be warned: Impeachment will set off Democrat push to reverse Trump's SCOTUS appointments, tax cuts and regulatory reforms


Buoyed by a conviction in the Senate — which can only be achieved if a sufficient number of GOP senators turn into traitors and betray America — Democrats will quickly declare that Trump’s conviction “proves the election was stolen by the Russians.” ... Senate conviction of Trump proves it. Understand that Democrats’ ultimate goal is the enforcement of a totalitarian society where zero dissent is tolerated. "...

Serial sex offender Jeffrey Epstein had extensive ties to Harvard University, review notes


Serial sex offender Jeffrey Epstein had extensive ties to Harvard University, review notes Tuesday, May 05, 2020 by: JD Heyes conviction , donations , Harvard University , Jeffrey Epstein , review , Sex Crimes , Sexual assault , underage girls , unqualified , Visiting Fellow - (Natural News ) One of the nation’s most prestigious Ivy League institutions had an extensive relationship with billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, The Epoch Times reports . ... But Epstein’s relationship with ...

State of Massachusetts caught using falsified lab tests in convictions; thousands exonerated after fake science exposed


Years later, in 2012, he found out that his conviction was invalid and hoped to be reunited with his wife Honelia, who stayed behind in the U.S. ... Thousands of people, however, already served their time in jail for a non-crime, but at least now they can move on with their life without a conviction on their name. "...

Democratic VP candidate Kamala Harris kept hundreds of men in prison for cheap labor – pictures make up her mosaic


Kamala Harris played a role in the wrongful incarceration of Jamal Trulove During her stint as San Francisco district attorney, Harris, who was known as a “progressive prosecutor”, had a role in the wrongful conviction and imprisonment of Jamal Trulove in 2007. ... “She wanted to be present for a celebration of a conviction,” Trulove remarked. "...

Angry wife prosecuted under international chemical weapons ban for coating doorknob with common chemicals


In writing for the unanimous court, Justice Anthony Kennedy said that Bond had met the prerequisites for Article III standing because her conviction and sentence "satisfies the case-or-controversy requirement, because the incarceration... constitutes a concrete injury, caused by the conviction and redressable by invalidation of the conviction." "...

Derek Chauvin was going to go away for the rest of his life one way or another: DOJ had secret plan to arrest him if he walked


Derek Chauvin was going to go away for the rest of his life one way or another: DOJ had secret plan to arrest him if he walked Tuesday, May 04, 2021 by: JD Heyes conviction , deep state , Derek Chauvin , Fear , George Floyd , government terrorism , hate crimes , Justice Department , justice system , Minneapolis , rigged , rioting , riots , Secret Plan , sentencing , U.S. attorney Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/513252.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) ...

Judge in New York temporarily halts state's COVID-19 vaccine mandate


All of them oppose the COVID-19 vaccines as a matter of religious conviction, and they do not want to cooperate in any medical procedure that relates to abortion or the use of matter from aborted children. "...

3 men allegedly shot by Kyle Rittenhouse: Burglar, pedophile, and domestic abuser


He was released from probation for this conviction in May of 2020. > Then, in 2018, after Huber was released from prison but still on probation for his 2012 conviction, he was arrested for domestic abuse, disorderly conduct, and battery. "...

'This is China, Inc.': Emails reveal Hunter Biden's associates helped communist-aligned Chinese elites secure White House meetings


Archer, who was also convicted in the case, saw a federal judge vacate his conviction. But an appellate court overturned the lower court judge’s ruling, reinstating Archer’s conviction in the case. "...

Dr. Scott Lively talks about the LGBT mafia's oppression of Christians – Brighteon.TV


The pastor continues that the Canadian government has “put every resource that [it] can” to ensure Whatcott’s conviction. "...

The illusion of getting rich while producing nothing - (excellent commentary by Charles Hugh Smith)


(Article republished from CharlesHughSmith.Blogspot.com ) Of all the mass delusions running rampant in the culture, none is more spectacularly delusional than the conviction that we can all get fabulously rich from speculation while producing nothing. "...