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Health Ranger Report: Mike Adams and geoengineering expert Dane Wigington discuss how Hurricane Ian may have been WEAPONIZED


“In the case of Hurricane Ian, it was just a drifting mass of unorganized convection and that makes the storm much easier for them to steer until it gets closer to the land-based transmitters. ... “And then with ionosphere heaters, they can affect the convection that allows the storm to start forming and strengthening, which it did right before it hit Cuba as it migrated northward by the southern end of Florida. "...

Federal government may have "weaponized" Hurricane Ian to magnify climate change narrative


“In the case of Hurricane Ian, it was just a drifting mass of unorganized convection and that makes the storm much easier for them to steer until it gets closer to the land-based transmitters. ... “And then with ionosphere heaters, they can affect the convection that allows the storm to start forming and strengthening, which it did right before it hit Cuba as it migrated northward by the southern end of Florida.” "...

Weak spot in magnetic field may be caused by an ancient planet buried inside the Earth


This swirl is generated by a process known as convection. Hotter and lighter material from the core rises into the mantle above, and cooler and denser material sinks into the core below. ... The convection process is being disrupted by an unknown mass between the core and mantle underneath southern Africa. "...

Problematic but not apocalyptic: Weakening magnetic field prompts scientists to ponder what life on Earth would be like without it


Heat convection refers to the transfer of heat from one location to another due to the flow of a fluid , such as liquid and gas. ... Experts note that the magnetic field will not last forever – the solid inner core is growing by about a millimeter a year, which means it will become large enough to disrupt convection in the outer core. "...

Here's why you should eat more millet, a superfood packed with protein and fiber


Do not use the convection setting for this bread because millet bread must be slow-baked. - Spray or grease a 9×5-inch (22.5×12.5 cm) loaf baking pan or line it with parchment paper. - In a large mixing bowl, whisk the millet flour, baking powder, salt and baking soda until combined. - In a medium bowl, whisk the water, vinegar and psyllium husks until combined. "...

Baffling new substance discovered deep inside Earth's core


The solidification of iron at the inner core boundary does not change the mobility of these light elements and the convection of light elements is continuous in the inner core,” study first author Yu He, a geophysicist at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in a statement. If the simulation aligns itself with reality, the constant guzzling of the mushy superionic materials could help explain why the inner core’s structure seems to change so much over time and how the powerful convection ...

Years ago Russia researched the biological effects of microwave ovens... then banned them


This cooking method is strikingly different from a convection oven, which emits a slow heat that warms the food from the outside-in. ... The good news is that transitioning from a microwave to a convection oven is easy. "...

Tonga volcano eruption produced mysterious, puzzling concentric ripples in the atmosphere


This can happen when wind picks up speed and rises over a mountaintop, for instance, or as a result of convection in local weather systems. ... Wright says that the images reveal what appears to be a mixture of wave sizes and types, and that the convection seen in the atmosphere was “very complicated and bumpy, and it’s generating a whole family of things at the same time.” "...

Scientists shocked to discover that Earth's mantle is moving at TEN TIMES the rate we all thought... Massive changes in tectonic plates can happen 'chaotically'


The mantle is responsible for all of the Earth's volcanic and seismic activity, due to the convection that happens within. ... And while movements in the mantle are responsible for the motion of tectonic plates and the creation of mountains and volcanoes at plate boundaries, the convection currents within are also the source of volcanoes and earthquakes in the middle of tectonic plates. "...

How to build an inexpensive solar-powered water heater


Either gravity or natural convection are the means of conveyance (natural convection refers to the tendency of heated water to rise). "...

Top eight ways to heat your home during an emergency grid-down scenario


Solar convection You can easily and affordably make a solar convection heater by turning to aluminum beer or soda cans. "...

Scientists discover new solar waves that move three times faster than they thought possible


Chris Hanson, the lead author of the research, said the new waves don’t appear to be a result of other commonly known waves and magnetism, gravity or convection. "...

4 Ways to preserve meat in a survival situation


It is also a very easy method that can be used in the open air, with help from the sun or using other approaches, like hot air convection. "...

Food supply tips: 9 Ways to preserve meat at home


Your options include simple open-air drying, solar drying and hot air convection. "...

'Greenhouse gas effect does not exist,' a Swiss physicist challenges global warming climate orthodoxy


This NASA description is reminiscent of a gardening that explains the complicated physics in these simplistic terms: “While the sunlight gets in, the heat cannot get out,” a description that attributes the greenhouse effect to heat convection. "...

It's now Legal in Florida to break into cars if you need to rescue hot people OR pets


., dashboard, steering wheel, child seat) heat the adjacent air by conduction and convection and also give off longwave radiation ... which is very efficient at warming the air trapped inside a vehicle." "...

Climatologists admit wildfire smoke is already COOLING the planet, just as volcanoes do


According to the study, the deep convection forces inside clouds capture and carry brown carbon and disperse it in areas that partially block sunlight, which effectively cools the atmosphere. "...

New Yorkers gathering in large groups outdoors as state's coronavirus numbers continue to skyrocket


Other venues are also being considered for conversion to hospital sites, such as the Westchester Convection Center and campuses at SUNY Westbury and Stony Brook. "...

Landmark study on 5G technology highlights health threats


. - Use a steam convection oven instead of a microwave oven. - Turn off cell phones or set them to airplane mode when not in use. - Avoid using electronic devices at least an hour before bed. - Eat cruciferous vegetables and fermented foods . - Exercise. "...

Man-made global warming fiction


This gas, this water vapour, then rises up by convection and condenses into clouds. "...