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#3) Artificial sweeteners are not food, but synthetic concoctions that trick the body into ingestion and slowly wreak havoc on the digestive tract and your filtering organs - NaturalNews.com


About Us Feedback #3) Artificial sweeteners are not food, but synthetic concoctions that trick the body into ingestion and slowly wreak havoc on the digestive tract and your filtering organs by S.D. "...

Subway's "tuna" sandwiches may not contain any actual tuna, according to recent lab tests


Subway’s “tuna” sandwiches may not contain any actual tuna, according to recent lab tests Tuesday, June 29, 2021 by: Ethan Huff concoctions , DNA , fast food , fish , lab test , Subway , Tuna , Tunagate Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/531344.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) The New York Times conducted a lab analysis on fast-food chain Subway’s “tuna” sandwiches and wraps, which suggests that none of them contain even a trace of actual tuna. Almost unbelievably, ...

SPIKE PROTEIN SYNDROME: WebMD Covid vaccine complaint board plastered with horrific descriptions of sustained critical injuries from toxic clot shots


WebMD blames anything but the Covid vaccines for all the health problems caused directly by the vaccines There may not be any worse health-related advice than what comes from WebMD, the internet “doctors” who doctor all information to suit pharma profits, keep people sick and push them to the doctors and dentists for more lab-made concoctions. ... Seek natural immunity and never take experimental lab-made concoctions. Are you, or is someone you know suffering from SPS – Spike Protein ...

Covid vaccines are like deadly snake VENOM and the CDC functions as the ultimate snake oil "salesman"


Vaccines are concoctions made in laboratories that contain deadly antigens and pathogens, often causing much more severe health damage and death than whatever virus they are supposed to protect against. ... Vaccines are not just worthless concoctions, but deadly ones that now cause blood clots, inflamed hearts and death en masse. "...

Canadian doctor and medical professor speaks out against COVID-19 vaccines and mandates


He began by saying that he will not declare his vaccination status, although he acknowledged that it will be easy for them to guess his view on the matter as he goes on to state: “I will not let myself be injected with any of the ineffective and poisonous concoctions that are misrepresented to the public as COVID vaccines.” "...

Increasing number of people suffer allergic rashes from soap chemical


What these cheap, deceptive, mainstream chemical concoctions fail to mention is that they often subject consumers to allergic reactions, and a slow, subtle absorption of poison. ... It's everywhere in modern body care concoctions, and it's not doing the skin any good. "...

The top 10 most QUESTIONABLE INGREDIENTS purposely put in today's already dirty vaccines


First off, FDA inspectors recently found horrific conditions at a plant that was manufacturing J&J vaccines, and more than 15 million doses of the batched, contaminated and outright dirty concoctions had to be trashed. ... In other words, these vaccines are already “dirty” in the sense that they cause the human body to create prions and proteins that can cause blood clots , cancer and dementia, but they’re also “dirty” meaning contaminated with bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that ...

Top 6 ways humans clog their own blood, leading to early death by heart attacks, strokes, cancer and VACCINES


Then came commercial cigarettes promoted by doctors, processed food promoted on television, and pharmaceutical concoctions to alleviate symptoms of blood diseases and cell disorders that are all preventable. "...

PROJECT VERITAS exposes BIG PHARMA: Pfizer Scientist Nick Karl confronted with his admission on video that natural immunity is better than vaccines


Two other Pfizer scientists were caught on video admitting natural immunity is better than their own company’s lab concoctions can offer, including Rahul Khandke and Chris Croce, the latter of whom is a senior associate scientist. "...

Horowitz: Move over, ivermectin: The media is now attacking effective nasal sprays used against COVID


Well, the corporate media have gotten wind of it too, which is why they are now attacking the nasal irrigation concoctions, proving once again that they will slander every and any treatment that actually works – no matter how safe and effective. "...

Drug industry created


Real healing doesn't prey on people's desires and insecurities In holistic healing, someone who has lost sexual desire is not labeled and made dependent on drug company concoctions. ... Made-up medical terms that trick people into taking drug company concoctions indefinitely are a form of deceit used to control people's emotions and future. "...

APOLOGIES DUE: Now that mainstream media admits Covid vaccines are failing, where are all the apologies and retractions for false claims?


Who’s guilty of promoting deadly concoctions, like Covid vaccines? Isn’t this the same as dealing Fentanyl or promoting that children, teens and college students take it, since it’s experimental, like vaccines? "...

FEAR-BASED pandemic goal: Create "novel" viruses, then reduce world's population by several billion by scaring everyone into taking deadly vaccines


The Covid fear factor has a few billion people acting very irrationally, jumping to have dangerous, experimental and toxic concoctions injected into them to “save” them from their fear of disease, not the disease itself. "...

Corrupt editor of The Lancet medical journal, Richard Horton, must be held PERSONALLY and CRIMINALLY responsible for medical murder (opinion)


Still, the vaccine industry shills at the Lancet are burying the safe remedies for COVID while promoting the lab-made concoctions that kill people in the hospital, by the thousands. "...

Science proves that garlic kills cancer cells


If you can stand the taste, it's one of the most potent anti-cancer concoctions anywhere - and the ingredients are available at your local grocery store. "...

A traditional Ethiopian medicine may be the next malaria cure


A traditional Ethiopian medicine may be the next malaria cure Thursday, October 18, 2018 by: Edsel Cook African ethnomedicine , alternative medicine , anti-malaria , Ethiopian ethnomedicines , goodhealth , goodmedicine , goodscience , herbal medicine , Herbs , Malaria , medicinal plants , natural cures , Natural Treatments - (Natural News ) Ethiopian ethnomedicine treats malaria with concoctions derived from the medicinal herb Kleinia abyssinica. "...

AMA calls for mandatory vaccination of ALL health care workers, effectively endorsing medical violence that may collapse the health care sector at the worst possible time


In this case, the drugs are mRNA (messenger RNA) and viral vector chemical concoctions created by the pharmaceutical cartel, with the blessing of Trump, Fauci, Republicans, and Democrats. "...

HITLER-STYLE BOOK BURNING: US Surgeon General complicit in vaccine crimes against humanity, suppresses all stories of the vaccine injured


“Mixing Studies” means Americans could be advised by US Surgeon General to get ALL THREE vaccines: Moderna, Pfizer and J&J, in any order The new term for mixing toxic concoctions from different companies is called “mixing studies” (he slipped up and called them “missing studies” because that’s what they really are), where he advises everybody to get one dose from at least two different vaccine manufacturers, so you could get a triple-dip from J&J, quickly followed by Pfizer, and then Moderna, ...

St. Louis orders all vaccinated residents to return to mandatory masking while indoors, effectively admitting that vaccines don't work to stop the spread of covid


The latest science shows that the reason for this new “surge” in Chinese Virus cases is the high number of vaccinated people who are shedding freshly mutated variants, which are spawning out of the chemical concoctions that were injected into their bodies. "...

Gates and Soros are teaming up to form a new org to bring more harmful vaccines to the third world for experimentation


Control — oh, and a ready supply of guinea pigs who will ‘test’ their concoctions. "...