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Silent Extinction: Complacency as a Global Epidemic


Two stories announced across the various news media this week may signal the fact that the "end of the world" - at least as we know it - has come leaps and bounds closer. ... All the health news for 2011, pre-written for your convenience Natural health news headlines now available each day in MP3 audio format The most censored health news stories of 2014 - here's what the establishment doesn't want you to remember Flame retardant chemical found in US soft drinks With Huffington Post sold to AOL, ...

The TRUMP TRAP is set: Complacency will lead to CATASTROPHE


The TRUMP TRAP is set: Complacency will lead to CATASTROPHE Here's how Trump is being set up to be destroyed by the second wave of coronavirus infections. The Health Ranger Report Posted 5/10/2020 • Comments • Share Tagged Under: Second Wave , Outbreak , Infections , Catastrophe , Complacency , Coronavirus , Covid-19 , Trump Trap Related Videos 01:01:04 The 10 Stages of Coronavirus: Detailed Analysis and Projections for 2020 - 2021 The Health Ranger Report • 4/29/2020 16:11 Coronavirus ...

New video: How to BREAK THE CYCLE of human complacency and servitude


It's time to break the cycle of complacency and servitude so that we can move humanity forward. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Human complacency at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on human complacency About the author: Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your website Permalink to this article: https://www.naturalnews.com/055795_human_complacency_servitude_freedom_to_think....

The coronavirus TRUMP TRAP is set: Second wave of infections and deaths may send Trump down in flames... and his own supporters are setting the bait with COMPLACENCY


The coronavirus TRUMP TRAP is set: Second wave of infections and deaths may send Trump down in flames… and his own supporters are setting the bait with COMPLACENCY Monday, May 11, 2020 by: Mike Adams catastrophe , complacency , infections , outbreak , pandemic , Texas - (Natural News ) A devastating trap is being set for President Trump, and the trap is being baited by his own supporters who largely remain in a state of total denial about the severity and danger of the coronavirus ...

Fewer Americans are practicing social distancing – will this complacency lead to a second wave of COVID-19?


Fewer Americans are practicing social distancing – will this complacency lead to a second wave of COVID-19? ... A return to pre-shutdown life is sure to have a positive effect on us mentally and economically, at least in the short term, but could this complacency come back to haunt us? "...

Coronavirus Case Fatality Rate (CFR) now over 18% for France, 14% for Italy, 12% for Spain, 10% for Mexico and so far 6% for the USA... orders of magnitude higher than the regular flu


Trump’s own supporters are making sure he goes down in flames by spreading the coronavirus through complacency and stupidity The mostly pro-Trump indy media outlets claiming the lockdowns were never necessary have now fatally misinformed their own readers, and the lockdowns will be lifted with complacency and denialism. ... There’s no question that if the complacency continues, Trump’s credibility will be destroyed long before the election. "...

As covid-19 deaths surpass 50,000 in the USA, at what point do pandemic DENIALISTS become complicit in the ongoing fatalities?


In doing so, they have spread complacency and surely contributed to new infections, hospitalizations and deaths. ... In doing so, they have contributed to the deaths of their own audiences via complacency and denialism. "...

Coronavirus surges in Texas: Houston hospitals at max capacity in 11 days... 5,000 new cases per day... YOUNG people now hit the hardest


Coronavirus surges in Texas: Houston hospitals at max capacity in 11 days… 5,000 new cases per day… YOUNG people now hit the hardest Tuesday, June 23, 2020 by: Mike Adams badhealth , coronavirus , covid-19 , hoax , Houston , infections , outbreak , Texas - (Natural News ) There is a real-world cost for complacency, and with many Texans now foolishly declaring the coronavirus a complete hoax, complacency has set in. ... As a reminder, we’ve publicly predicted that June and July ...

As the lockdowns are lifted, don't forget these 10 basic FACTS about the Wuhan coronavirus, or we'll all suffer a catastrophic second wave of deaths planned by the globalists


If we forget these ten facts, we will pay a very steep price for complacency. We may, in fact, not survive the globalist plans for mass extermination. ... Complacency will lead to catastrophe, which is why we must not become complacent as we work toward restoring more “normalcy” across society. "...

Primal urges: Powerful love lessons inspired by David Petraeus


Avoid complacency like the plague. Perhaps more than any other factor, complacency destroys romantic relationships. ... Complacency, and ignoring each others' new found passions, pursuits and creative endeavors opens the door for unhappiness in marriages. "...

The 10 Stages of Coronavirus: Detailed Health Ranger forecasts for 2020 - 2021 ... "second wave," disputed elections, stock market crash and more


In our assessment, the 10 Stages of Coronavirus are: Avoidance (Jan) Acceleration (Feb-Mar) Surge (Mar-Apr) Flattening (Apr-May) Decline (May-June) Complacency (June-July) Resurgence (Aug-Sep) Despair (Sep-Oct) Chaos (Nov-Dec) Collapse (2021) Listen to the full podcast at this link on Brighteon.com . Note that the further we go into the future, the higher the uncertainty of the projections because it all depends largely on how governments and populations respond during the “Decline” and ...

Youth vote collapsing, Republicans STORMING early voting in shocking numbers that have pollsters' heads exploding


Youth vote collapsing, Republicans STORMING early voting in shocking numbers that have pollsters’ heads exploding Thursday, October 29, 2020 by: JD Heyes 2016 election , 2020 election , college campus , colleges , complacency , coronavirus , covid-19 , democrats , elections , Joe Biden , Kamala Harris , lockdowns , mail-in , polling , President Trump , red states , Republicans , south , U.S. economy , universities , voting , West , White House Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www....

Dear President Trump: To save America, you must ignore the disinformation from your own supporters who are ignorant about infectious disease


Importantly, these pro-Trump media pundits, publishers and news networks are spreading complacency to their followers, convincing people that wearing masks is a “surrender to tyranny” and that free people don’t wear masks. ... In other words, your very own supporters will cost you the election by spreading the virus through complacency, necessitating extended lockdowns and causing far more economic damage. "...

White silence is violence, but black violence is peace?


Listen below to The Health Ranger Report as Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, talks about how Democrats are now wanting to make crime in places like Chicago even worse by abolishing police forces: The protesters are the complacent ones who refuse to acknowledge the facts With this in mind, it is truly laughable that mobs of angry protesters are now lashing out at white people for their alleged “historic complacency” in ignoring what they claim is “systemic racism” against blacks. If anything, ...

How many cases of Covid-19 will it take for you to decide not to frequent public places?


The realization that the virus is active locally and can be spread by people who don’t have any symptoms shatters the comfortable complacency and introduces a chilling reality: what was an abstraction is now real. ... Once we understand what rationalists might declare over-reaction is merely prudence when faced with difficult-to-assess dangers, we realize that there’s a bubble not just in the stock market and Big Tech but in complacency. "...

Those who call the coronavirus a "hoax" are making a huge mistake: These twelve questions reveal the TRUTH that no one dare utter


That’s where the thinking is dangerously misguided and is already leading to complacency. ... Then again, the result of the complacency wasn’t difficult to see coming. Back in April, I publicly predicted that June and July would be “complacency” months, followed by a second wave in August if people didn’t take this pandemic seriously. "...

Fears about MMR vaccines causing brain damage are legitimate, former Chief Scientific Officer explains


A former British medical officer who was responsible for deciding if medications were safe for the general public has accused the government he used to serve of "utterly inexplicable complacency" over the triple measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine for children, the UK's Daily Mail Online reported. ... Fletcher said he found "this official complacency utterly inexplicable" in light of the global explosion of regressive autism and inflammatory bowel disease in children who have ...

MMR vaccines called one of the 'greatest scandals in medical history' by former Chief Scientific Officer of the UK's Department of Health


The former chief scientific officer for Britain's Department of Health who was responsible for deciding if medicines and vaccines were safe for use among the general public says his former employer is guilty of "utterly inexplicable complacency" regarding the mumps, measles and rubella shot. ... Yet government health authorities are, it seems, more than happy to do so," Fletcher added, saying he found "this official complacency utterly inexplicable" in light of the global explosion ...

CDC projecting SURGE in deaths, hospitalizations by early June: 3,000 deaths and 200,000 new infections per day


The cost of complacency and the pro-Trump media lying to America If these projections turn out to be accurate, they would indicate the shocking cost of complacency in America, where both independent and conservative media outlets have repeatedly lied to their own audiences over the last two months about the severity of the virus. ... The CDC is not wrong, however, in warning that complacency will lead to a renewed round of infections. "...

The Failing U.S. Economy is Not a Financial Problem, It's a Health Problem


America will ultimately be destroyed by its own greed and arrogance, following the inescapable cycle of nations as they move from abundance to complacency, then to apathy, then to dependence and bondage. ... During those 200 years, those nations always progressed through the following sequence: 1. from bondage to spiritual faith; 2. from spiritual faith to great courage; 3. from courage to liberty; 4. from liberty to abundance; 5. from abundance to complacency; 6. from complacency ...