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Japanese researchers develop a hand-held device that tells you if you stink


Body odor makes people either pity you or distrust you Interestingly, Belgian researchers claim that body odor makes you appear more vulnerable . ... Camps and his team believe that people feel pity towards a person who stinks. They are therefore more willing to cooperate with the bad-smelling person. "...

Deranged anti-Trumpers now pushing for "show trials" to criminalize, imprison all Trump supporters across America


Feel empathy if you can, but don’t act from pity because we know such people don’t have any for us when they have power,” he claimed. ... Feel empathy if you can, but don't act from pity because we know such people don't have any for us when they have power. > > — Garry Kasparov (@Kasparov63) September 2, 2018 And: “Working with demagogues and autocrats is like working with cancer. "...

Junk food, cereal and snacks increasingly marketed to children through


." - The pity nag - links parent's refusal to buy a product with claims of becoming a social outcast at school or being miserable forever. - The sugar-coated nag - exchanges affection for purchase; characterized by phrases like, "You're the best dad in the whole wide world." - The threatening nag - children learn blackmail early; involves threats of running away, hating a parent forever, refusing to go to school ever again, etc. ... Pity nags claim the child will be heartbroken, ...

Crazed leftists have hysterical temper tantrum over "men are not women" speech


Some of the protesters began to leave the venue, prompting Knowles to tell them; “People who are in war-torn nations; they must truly pity you. "...

Push to secretly approve GM corn in Pakistan leads to resignation of chief GM regulator


Upon his departure, Ahmad tried to invoke pity by claiming that outsiders had unfairly hatched prejudice against his committee by accusing it of scandalous behavior. "...

Some Products Labeled as 'Natural' May Cause Cancer


It is a pity that this has happened just as people are becoming empowered to make the organic, natural choice with regard to the products they choose. "...

What if the 'social justice' companies were slaveholders?


And that’s the pity of the Trump plan as far as it goes. There is one unspeakable civil rights holocaust talking place in the world today – and I’m not speaking of anything Americans are currently protesting. "...

Yoga benefits empathy, nonverbal communication skills, and spiritual purpose


Sometimes it's easy to let wounded people bring us down in their pain, pity, and blame. ... Yoga can literally increase your inner level of empathy and compassion. You not only learn how all your muscles and bones are consciously connected, you also realize that your actions are connected to the world around you and all the souls you interact with. "...

Taming menopausal feelings of anxiety and depression naturally


Willow is for irritability, self-pity, "poor me." Impatiens is for when those feelings of impatience, irritation and frustration arrive. "...

Fake cancer woman sentenced to jail for bilking the public with fraudulent fundraiser


And with media support pushing the fear and pity buttons, folks continue contributing and lining up for those cancer charity organized runs and walks. "...

Daily Mail exposes Hunter Biden bombshells after 'tell-all' book holds back


Daily Mail exposes Hunter Biden bombshells after ‘tell-all’ book holds back Sunday, April 11, 2021 by: News Editors Biden crime family , bombshell , conspiracy , democrats , government , Hunter Biden , insane , Joe Biden , Leak , left , left cult , lunatics , politics , propaganda , scandal Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/510510.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) With Hunter Biden on a serious image rehabilitation tour – a ‘tell all’ book combined with television ...

Training to survive: Do you know what your priorities are?


A few minutes of self-pity is acceptable; but pick yourself up after 10 to 15 minutes of feeling sorry for yourself. "...

Amazon.com book reviews routinely faked


"It is hard to know what to pity more," he said, "the need to create 'sock-puppets' to big up your own work or to use those same 'sock-puppets' to attack other writers." "...

89-year-old "SuperAger" found to have brain function of 25-year-old... doctors baffled as "brain decline" theories blown away


The elderly are ascribed to pity and ill-concealed contempt. Almost gratuitously, we forgive these mental lapses because “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” "...

Alt-Left “militia leader” in St. Louis calls for supporters to TERRORIZE lawmakers over opposition to “net neutrality”


The pity party on the Left began an hour after it became obvious that Donald J. "...

An open letter to America's college cupcakes on Veterans Day


Our veterans, men and women, many of whom were your age at the time they served, never had the luxury to wallow in self-pity over imagined nonsense and monsters. "...

Six easy ways to achieve true wellness


Actually, this principle is basic to the Golden Rule and helps overcome anger, self loathing, laziness, fear, envy, greed, lust, and self pity. ... Spiritual wellness boosts mental and physical health also. (2) Mindfulness is essential for practicing kindness and compassion. "...

Deceptive doctors trick Sharon Osbourne into having double mastectomy due to 'bad breast cancer gene'


It's not 'pity me', it's a decision I made that's got rid of this weight that I was carrying around." "...

Homeopathic treatment slows progression of Alzheimer's disease


They may feel sad and lonely, be filled with self-pity, or be unable to express the love they feel for others. "...

NY Times harmed America by cheerleading disastrous Obamacare fairy tale


"Still," Goodwin writes, "before he rides off into that sunset of self-pity and low poll ratings, he ought to invite his remaining friends over for a heart-to-heart. "...