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The University of Libtardia becomes reality as Mass. college offers actual degree in "social justice"


The University of Libtardia becomes reality as Mass. college offers actual degree in “social justice” Wednesday, October 03, 2018 by: Jayson Veley campus insanity , education , Merrimack College , political correctness , politics , social justice - (Natural News ) Have you ever wanted to spend over $55,000 to learn all about how racist and unequal American society is, only to realize in the end that you just wasted four years of your life? Well then you may want to consider ...

Now you can go to college to be a drone operator


Well, you know unmanned aerial vehicles - drones - are here to stay when colleges and universities are beginning offering classes on them. ... Drones aren't just for killing people: Inventor envisions drones that deliver packages and people across town Students fear for privacy as universities apply for drone-flying permits Amazon.com to deploy army of robotic flying drones to deliver packages straight to your doorstep Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your ...

Hundreds of thousands of Master's degree holders, PhDs on food stamps


A whopping 80,000-or-so people with at least a bachelor's degree also currently work as attendants at amusement parks and other recreational facilities, while nearly 320,000 college graduates currently work as servers at restaurants and cafes. "According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly one in three college graduates works in a job the Labor Department says requires less than a bachelor's degree," explains an infographic created by OnlineColleges.net....

McDonald's now seeking cashiers with Bachelor's degree


Statistics are now showing that only one in three college entrants will complete and utilize a college degree. ... Having a college degree is rapidly losing value in America. This is becoming more evident, especially in the recent development of a McDonald's want ad posted in Winchendon, Massachusetts. "...

No vaccine, no college? Physicians group urges students to fight back


Orient argues that a college degree can be paused and there are many online educational opportunities. Further, for some people, a college degree is unnecessary. It all boils down to a risk-benefit analysis. "...

Hypnosis Improves Academic Performance and Reduces Test-Anxiety for College Students


However, only 60% of those who attended college earned an associate, bachelor, or graduate degree. ... Self-hypnosis was able to help the college freshman cope with stress and the pressures of college. "...

People are paying almost $150K for a master's degree in journalism, just to write fake news for the mainstream media


college degree , Columbia journalism degree , fake news , ghostwriting , higher education , Journalism , mainstream media , Washington Post - (Natural News ) Would you pay nearly $150,000 for a degree that can get you a job with a median yearly salary of less than $40,000 in an industry that is currently experiencing a high degree of layoffs? ... Sources include: InsideHigherEd.com FoodBabe.com NaturalNews.com NaturalNews.com Previous :Horrific health ...

The college tuition student loan bubble scam explained


The college tuition student loan bubble scam explained Thursday, January 08, 2015 by: J. ... At one time, going to college and getting a degree almost assured graduates a better life, but today college - again, due to the easy money - has become more of a business industry rather than a ticket to success. "...

Obama's new economy: Hundreds of thousands of PhDs, masters graduates now on food stamps, some work as janitors


"When job hunting in one's field turns rough," says a graphic developed by OnlineColleges.net, "college graduates may return to school for another degree. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on College graduates at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on college graduates Hundreds of thousands of Master's degree holders, PhDs on food stamps College graduate: Obamacare has 'raped my future' STUNNING: ...

Average college freshmen can't read past 7th grade level, study finds


Now one must ask, "How can an overpriced four-year college degree help advance the learning process if it is modeled after the same failed institutional learning standards of the previous 12 years?" ... That's why college students' reading levels are at an all-time low. Many liberal arts college degree programs are just over-glorified high school educations, with a much higher price tag. "...

UNREAL: 3 out of 4 college-educated Democrats found to be "biology deniers" who reject physical reality


About three-quarters (77%) of Democrats with a bachelor’s degree or more say this, compared with 60% of Democrats with some college and 57% of those with a high school diploma or less. ... Oberlin College, for instance, defines gender as a spectrum of attributes and behaviors. "...

Doctors claim 60% of college students have psychiatric disorders and need to be on drugs


Many college students contend that life in school can be stressful and difficult. ... The suicide rate in college students has been exploding; Dr. Beresin states that roughly one college student takes their life every day. "...

Not even kidding: College will require "Abolition of Whiteness" course for political science majors


Not even kidding: College will require “Abolition of Whiteness” course for political science majors Sunday, May 28, 2017 by: JD Heyes Abolition of Whiteness , college course , Hunter College , political science - (Natural News ) Many once-fine institutions for higher learning in America are slowly but very steadily being transformed from educational facilities to cultural revolution centers aimed at destroying traditional American principles, values and mores. ... (Related: ...

Arizona college student suspended for requesting that nursing classes be taught in English, not Spanish


Arizona college student suspended for requesting that nursing classes be taught in English, not Spanish Friday, July 26, 2013 by: J. ... There, she was allegedly told that she was "discriminating" and that she wouldn't "get a job" even if she finished her nursing degree. "...

Colorado county government abducts non-verbal 36-year-old college graduate


Colorado county government abducts non-verbal 36-year-old college graduate Friday, September 11, 2015 by: J. ... County authorities have taken temporary guardianship over Sharisa Kochmeister, a 36-year-old college graduate, removing her from her home and her father, who is the only person who is able to help her communicate. "...

Vision breakthrough: eye exercises improve elders' vision in two days to see as well as college kids


Vision breakthrough: eye exercises improve elders' vision in two days to see as well as college kids Saturday, December 18, 2010 by: S. ... "We found that just two days of training in one hour sessions with difficult stimuli resulted in older subjects seeing as well as younger college-age subjects," chief researcher Andersen said in a media statement.""...

New Sports Line Activates the Release of Chemicals Which Can Enhance a Player’s Performance and the Authorities Can’t Ban (press release)


Open and is now President of New York College, the 25-year-old pioneering institution of Holistic Health (www.nycollege.edu). ... "We are moving forward to the market, but our primary business is in offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs, not selling clothing. "...

Colleges and universities increasingly seen as scams that fail to prepare students for the real economy


But a college degree doesn’t always deliver on its promises anymore, as many graduates today are learning the hard way. ... There are various other factors that determine whether or not a college degree is valuable, of course. "...

Radical left plans to contest election if Biden loses Electoral College but wins popular vote, unleashing mass chaos


Every response presented involved some degree of “mass public unrest,” depending on the outcome. ... Another would be to abolish the Electoral College and install Biden as president, defying the Constitutional precedent for electing a president. "...

"Snowflake" college pansies to be given total control over university policies as P.C. bureaucrats pander to be "liked" by students


“Snowflake” college pansies to be given total control over university policies as P.C. bureaucrats pander to be “liked” by students Saturday, January 14, 2017 by: JD Heyes College , higher education , Safe Spaces - (Natural News ) There is a saying that goes, “The inmates are running the asylum.” ... Sources: Telegraph.co.uk NaturalNews.com Stupid.news Previous :Plans to strip Planned Parenthood of federal funding could save hundreds of millions of dollars (and thousands of lives) ...