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Cloudflare: Blocking Kiwi Farms and others caused loss of potential customers, "significant adverse feedback"


We obtained a copy of Cloudflare’s Q3 2022 SEC filing for you . Cloudflare’s decision to block these sites was controversial because of its unique position in the internet infrastructure stack. ... At the time of each decision, activists had ignored the arguments related to the importance of Cloudflare’s neutrality and successfully pressured Cloudflare into abandoning this principle and blocking or terminating the sites. "...

One fat-fingered network admin at Cloudflare just brought down literally half the internet with a single keystroke... imagine what's possible with malicious intent


It’s almost as if Cloudflare is trying to claim the router decided on its own to behave badly. ... This single piece of hardware took down Cloudflare centers across the country. As announced by Cloudflare itself: “Customers using Cloudflare services in certain regions are impacted as requests might fail and/or errors may be displayed. "...

FBI director tells WEF the future of national security is in partnership between tech companies and government


Prince was very clear on his stance on Ukraine, which he upheld with his company, but also said that those at Cloudflare were “data scientists, not political scientists,” and when there are issues, they check with the US government to find out how they should proceed in foreign countries. Cloudflare notes with pride on its blog that “when Russia invaded Ukraine, Cloudflare jumped into action to provide services that could help prevent potentially destructive cyber attacks ...

How Syrian government shut down all internet traffic to the entire country


But, CloudFlare says as far as its engineers can tell, that's not true. Rather, the evidence points to a planned outage by the government. ... It is therefore deeply troubling to the CloudFlare team when we see an entire nation cut off from the ability to access and report information. "...

Why PayPal employed Mashable in an attempt to destroy a small business


This is ironic, as Cloudflare had protected the site for years with no backlash. ... Within 24 hours and upon analysis of the website in question, Epik terminated services, but was still branded a pariah in the industry in a coordinated effort to protect Cloudflare. "...

A comprehensive list of "tech tyrants" who are censoring websites and violating net neutrality because they don't like the content of their speech


Cloudflare and GoDaddy The security firm Cloudflare and the website hosting service GoDaddy typically aren’t known for political censorship and therefore don’t exactly fit under the “tech tyrant” category. ... Granted, The Daily Stormer was a loathsome site that perpetuated extreme hatred and bigotry for people of color, but even so, Cloudflare and GoDaddy overstepped their boundaries in this case. "...

So-called "manifesto" of El Paso shooter was NOT uploaded to 8chan by the alleged shooter, warns 8chan owner


Cloudflare, a web security company, has already agreed to drop 8chan, even though the site played no role whatsoever in the alleged shooting. "...

Brighteon exclusive video: Tarl Warwick explains the alt tech ecosystem better than anyone, and he's building a massive audience where he won't be banned


We use Cloudflare, for example, to deliver video streams. If Cloudflare ever decides to completely ban free speech videos, then we could be disrupted. "...

BREAKING: FAA declares flight restrictions over "Battle Ground Vortac" near Portland, cites "active national defense" operations and warns unmanned aircraft may be shot down


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