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Research suggests common dry cleaning chemical is linked to Parkinson's disease


Some products that contain the chemical include: - Aerosol cleaning products - Carpet cleaners - Cleaning wipes - Paint removers - Spot removers - Spray adhesives - Tool cleaners You may be exposed to TCE by inhaling it in the air, drinking contaminated water, or eating foods that have been in contact with contaminated water. ... Cleaning and containment must be accelerated, warned the scientists. The research team also called for more research to learn more about how TCE ...

DIY cleaning supplies: 3 Simple recipes for homemade cleaning products


Avoid cleaning your windows when it’s hot and sunny outside because the heat will dry out the cleaning solution too quickly and leave streaks in the glass. ... Heavy-duty kitchen cleaning solution Use this heavy-duty cleaning solution to deal with big kitchen messes. "...

Change to Green Cleaning


"Green" seems to be the environmental buzzword these days. ... Sources: How to Create an Essential Oil Cleaning Kit, (http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/364... ) Indoor Air Pollution: Cleaning Up Cleaning Habits, (http://www.preventcancer.com/consumers/house... ) Use of Cleaning Products During Pregnancy Increases Risk of Asthma in Young Children, (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/08... ) About the author Sheryl is a kinesiologist, nutritionist and ...

Toxic chemical in commercial cleaning products and bug sprays linked to arthritis


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DIY cleaning supplies: Using calcium hypochlorite as a bleach alternative


Use calcium hypochlorite as a bleach alternative while cleaning your homestead. Visit to learn more about other non-toxic cleaning agents. Watch the video below for an . "...

The hidden dangers of dry cleaning exposed


A 2014 analysis also found that workers in dry cleaning facilities had an increased risk of developing bladder cancer. ... Research published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene also found that persistent occupational exposure to dry cleaning solvents may increase the odds of genetic damage in dry cleaning workers. "...

Prepper basics: Effective and natural cleaning products


(Related: Benefits of using green cleaning products and making homemade cleaners .) ... Read more articles on how to make your own natural cleaning products at Natural.news . "...

Your guide to toxin-free spring cleaning


If you've been coming to NaturalNews often, you probably know by now that "Green" and "Natural" on product labels and ad banners are often nothing more than advertising hype. ... Baking soda or baking soda and vinegar is useful for many cleaning jobs, even ovens. "...

Cleanliness 101: The difference between cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing


(h/t to PrepSchoolDaily.Blogspot.com ) Cleaning Cleaning is simply what you do when you wash your dishes. ... (Related: Choose your cleaning products with care: Cleaning chemicals are associated with poor health conditions, from asthma to lung function decline .) "...

Unleash your inner neat-freak with these cleaning hacks


Unleash your inner neat-freak with these cleaning hacks Tuesday, March 24, 2020 by: Zoey Sky apple cider vinegar , Baking Soda , cleaning hacks , cleaning products , disinfectant , essential oils , hygiene , natural ingredients , sanitation Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/411564.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Cleaning is an important chore, but it can take up a lot of your time. If you want to speed up the process, the ...

New ear-cleaning device suctions the wax out


The health professional is forced to refer the patient to an ear-cleaning specialist. He believes the OtoSet will make ear-cleaning profitable for health professionals. "...

7 Easy alternatives to toxic household cleaning products


So when you’re cleaning your sinks, shower stalls and toilet bowls, do you have the same diligence to protect yourself and your loved ones from the dangerous chemicals found in the most popular cleaning products? ... Cleaning showers Grime won’t stay when you scrub with equal parts of non-toxic dish soap and the white vinegar. 6. "...

Seven steps for easy and painless lifestyle spring cleaning


As the ice continues to melt, the flowers start to bloom, and winter fully eclipses into spring, perhaps it is time to get your life into alignment with the changing seasons by doing a little spring cleaning of your own, both physically and emotionally. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Healthy living at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on healthy living Healthy living video site launches: NaturalNews.TV hosts green living, natural health ...

Dry cleaning is hazardous to health, the environment and personal budget


It may seem hard to believe that the first dry cleaning operation opened in France in 1845; today dry cleaning services seem to be everywhere. ... How much of that cost was for purchasing clothing, and how much was for cleaning? "...

Scented household cleaning products filled with hazardous toxins


Consumer cleaning products like laundry detergents, all-purpose sprays, dish soaps, and scrub sponges often smell like pleasant things found in nature, but their ingredients typically tell a different story. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Cleaning products at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on cleaning products Orange TKO review: An amazing natural cleaner that's safe for family and environment Benefits of using ...

Household Cleaning Products could be Making You Sick


Household Cleaning Products could be Making You Sick Thursday, August 26, 2010 by: Alice E. ... Household cleaning products are among the most deadly substances encountered daily. "...

Ear Candling is Effective and Safe for Cleaning the Ear Canal


It is thought that the Egyptians were the first to invent the technique of ear candling, not only for physically cleaning out the ears but for spiritual cleansing as well. ... Over time as we age, heavy impacted wax collects in the ear that normal cleaning cannot remove. "...

Chemicals in Household Cleaning Products Linked to Asthma, Allergies


Exposure to household cleaning products during pregnancy and early life makes children more likely to develop asthma. ... The chemicals of household cleaning products are just one factor of the multifaceted origin of asthma's development. "...

Common Dry Cleaning Chemicals Pose a Cancer Risk


When you drive home after picking up your clothes from the dry cleaners do you sometimes notice a faint chemical smell on the clothes? ... The EPA says that it is during the cleaning, purification, and waste disposal phases of dry cleaning that these hazardous toxins can get into our air, water, and soil. "...

Choose your cleaning products with care: Cleaning chemicals are associated with poor health conditions, from asthma to lung function decline


Compared to women who do not clean, those who often use cleaning sprays or other cleaning products at home or those who are employed as cleaners seem to “experience a over time.” ... According to Svanes, the results should not be shocking since the small particles from the cleaning agents are meant to be cleaning the floor and not being inhaled into your lungs. "...