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Monkey Pox


The “West African” monkeypox clade (clade = variant) circulating outside of Africa at this time causes a milder disease compared to the closely related virus found found in other regions of Africa (Congo clade). ... Luckily, this particular clade is less severe and appears to be endemic in Africa. "...

The next global pandemic could wipe out nearly a billion people, computer simulation finds


The parainfluenza virus Clade X was bioengineered and released by a fictional group whose goal was reducing the world population. ... When the Clade X simulation was carried out in real time, those who would respond to such a situation in real life were involved. "...

The Ebola outbreak: U.S. sponsored bioterror gone awry?


So, consider the following disconcerting information appearing in the New England Journal of Medicine in April 2014 regarding the current West African, Guinean outbreak of Ebola: Phylogenetic analysis of the full-length sequences established a separate clade for the Guinean EBOV strain in sister relationship with other known EBOV strains. ... So, the Guinean variant of Ebola we now confront has been found to be sufficiently genetically distinct from all previous versions of Ebola that it ...