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Der Spiegel fires hoaxer, suspends editors amid massive fake news scandal


Claas Relotius, a top reporter who’s won multiple awards, has been revealed as fraud who “invented” stories in at least 14 of his 60 published Der Spiegel articles. ... Claas Relotius is not the first member of the establishment media to have conjured up a story; there is a laundry list of mainstream media puppets who’ve taken the news into their own hands. "...

Der Spiegel media scandal proves that corporate-run media celebrates journalists who fake news stories with fabricated sources


Claas Relotius , CNN , deception , Der Spiegel , fact checkers , fake news , Journalism , lies , mainstream media , news cartels , political bias , real investigations , truth , WaPo Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/314423.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) What do you have to do to earn accolades as a journalist and win awards? ... Decorated with honors like the European Press Prize, the Forbes List of 30 Under 30 European Media award, and CNN’s ...

Der Spiegel fake news scandal proves media "fact checkers" are a complete joke


authentic news , Claas Relotius , deception , Der Spiegel , Fact Check , fact checkers , fake news , Journalism , Liberal Mob , lies , mainstream media , media , official narrative , political bias , propaganda , stupid , Twisted Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/314425.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) No matter how much it has been drilled into us that we can’t believe everything we read, many of us take for granted that news stories posted ...