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Bolsonaro defies odds, forces second round of voting in Brazil's presidential election


“Lula’s second-round victory is now less likely. Bolsonaro will arrive with a lot of strength for re-election.” ... You need to get the economy in gear.” The Brazilian leader recovered from his bout with COVID-19 and subsequently built up natural immunity to it. "...

Biden's economy: Major companies continue to lay off thousands of workers as recession worsens


As , “large companies across various sectors are laying off workers at staggering rates, putting the state of the economy in question.” ... Despite the layoffs, the White House tweeted an Orwellian message, saying, remarkably, that is cause for “optimism” when it comes to the economy. "...

Falling Economy Spurs Home Gardening Boom


The economic downturn has led to a concurrent resurgence in the popularity of backyard food gardening, according to industry surveys and analysis of this year's seed orders. ... "You figure if they can use our community garden year-round they can save $2,000 or $3,000 or $4,000 a year," she said. "...

Biden's economy: After two years of Democratic economic policies, major companies continue to shed employees


Then, along came February 2020, a presidential election year, and a Chinese-created virus that created a global pandemic that led Trump to agree to a ‘shutdown policy’ that essentially killed the economy he built. ... And even though the tsunami of layoffs continued in December, the Bureau of Labor Statistics is telling us that the U.S. economy somehow added 223,000 jobs last month. "...

Zimbabwe defies IMF, sells gold-backed digital tokens to stabilize volatile currency


ZeroHedge reported that Zimbabwe used almost 140 kilograms of its gold reserves to back the first round of sales for its gold-backed tokens. In a statement emailed on May 12, the RBZ said it received 135 applications valued at 14 billion Zimbabwe dollars ($43.7 million) for this round. "...

US economy crashes headlong into recession


It shows signs of weakness, but the economy remains resilient and will soon recover.” ... The economy is not falling into recession,” wrote Ian Shepherdson, chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics. "...

The Club of Rome: How climate hysteria is being used to create global governance


In the midst of this economic “malaise,” which Jimmy Carter later referred to as a “crisis of confidence,” the United Nations and associated globalist round table groups were hard at work developing a scheme to convince the population to embrace global centralization of power. ... The “sharing economy” concept that Klaus Schwab and the WEF often proudly promotes was not thought up by them, it was thought up by the Club Of Rome 50 years ago. "...

Peter Schiff talks to the Health Ranger about rising risks to the U.S. economy, collapsing dollar


He said he believes the Federal Reserve will start reversing its rate hikes and eventually take the borrowing rate back to zero, while launching another round of QE — quantitative easing, an expansionary monetary policy in which the central bank purchases predetermined amounts of government bonds or other financial assets in a bid to increase capital liquidity and spur the economy. ... “We’re running $100 billion-a-month budget deficits now” — which equates to $1.2 trillion a year ...

Manufacturing giant 3M announces mass layoffs in preparation for a recession


According to 3M, this round of layoffs will help streamline corporate operations, and reduce management layers. ... Learn more about the collapse of vital sectors of the American economy at . Watch this video of financial expert Gregory Mannarino discussing how corporate layoffs are increasing . "...

A torrent of layoffs - Here are 16 large companies that have just announced mass terminations


.” #15 : “Amazon has officially started up its most recent round of employee reductions. ... They can’t keep printing more money because they are terrified of more inflation, but our economy is going to crumble without artificial assistance. "...

Disney to begin mass layoff of 7,000 employees this week


“A second, larger round of notifications will happen in April with ,” he added. ... Learn more about the state of the American economy at . Watch this clip from OAN discussing how Disney continues to push in children’s content. "...

Critics warn of 'a dragnet of surveillance' as U.S. pushes ahead with plans for more 'smart' cities


SmartLA 2028 outlines in broad strokes a vision for the city that Olympics consumers will visit — a smart city for LA to compete in a digital economy. ... The idea is that they need to push this smart city to compete in a digital economy and because LA residents are victims. "...

The Federal Reserve just made an emergency decision which will fundamentally change banking in America forever


These actions will reduce stress across the financial system, support financial stability and minimize any impact on businesses, households, taxpayers, and the broader economy. > > The Board is carefully monitoring developments in financial markets. ... If the technical language confuses you, here is … > Translation: the Fed’s hiking cycle is dead and buried, and here comes the next round of massive liquidity injections. "...

Indoor food growers in UK forced to shut down greenhouses due to skyrocketing energy costs (stemming from Nord Stream destruction)


Inexpensive food that is available all year round will soon be a thing of the past in Europe.” ... At the rate things are going, the global economy only has months, if not weeks, left before a collapse. "...

These major companies are laying off workers at a huge rate


Mark Mahaney, an Evercore ISI senior managing director, reveals which stocks could outperform if the U.S. economy is hit with a recession on “Varney & Co.” ... Despite the layoffs, the White House on Thursday tweeted a message in which it said there is cause for “optimism” when it comes to the economy. "...

Top 12 DEADLIEST WEAPONS of all time


Gone are the days of the British line infantry, standing side by side in a wide line firing their single round Baker rifles. ... Another weapon invented for attacking armored vehicles is the DSR-50 bolt-action sniper rifle, that fires a .50 caliber BMG round. "...

The job cuts that are coming are going to be super brutal


Is this survey representative of the U.S. economy as a whole? If it is, that is truly chilling. Can you imagine what our economy would look like if about one-fifth of all U.S. companies started suddenly letting workers go all at once? "...

Home buyers hesitate as US mortgage rates soar to 16-year high


Sources include: CA.Finance.Yahoo.com CBSNews.com ErieNewsNow.com CNBC.com Brighteon.com Previous :Americans suffer most severe pay cut in 25 years due to inflation Next : Owen Shroyer slams NIH, Fauci for granting EcoHealth Alliance funds for another round of coronavirus research - More news on Bubble After disastrous inflation numbers are released, Biden’s economic advisor declares things are “moving in the right direction” Johnson & Johnson sells its largest manufacturing plant in India ...

Your living standards have declined dramatically


This new money makes its way through the economy, watering down the value of existing money. ... You can’t just mint a round coin, out of any material, even platinum, and cause new wealth to come into existence. "...

U.S. spreads misery across the globe imposing sanctions on a third of humanity


A Wrecking Ball in the Global Economy A new anthology edited by CAM contributor Sara Flounders entitled Sanctions: A Wrecking Ball of the Global Economy (New York: World View Forum, 2022) shows the deleterious consequences of Washington’s sanctions, which have targeted 44 countries representing one-third of the global population. [Source: ] [Source: ] Flounders wrote, in the introduction, that “U.S. government strategists are using sanctions as a wrecking ball to demolish the globalized ...