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Why diet plans should take sleeping patterns into account


Why diet plans should take sleeping patterns into account Saturday, May 04, 2019 by: Zoey Sky chrono-nutrition , circadian clock , circadian rhythm , diet , diet guides , diet plans , eating habits , eating plans , exercise and fitness , goodhealth , goodscience , longevity , melatonin onset , metabolism , personalized diet guides , personalized nutrition , prevention , research , sleep , sleep patterns , sleep quality , slender , weight control , weight loss , weight maintenance ...

Diet plans need to be made based on meal timing, not calorie intake


Diet plans need to be made based on meal timing, not calorie intake Tuesday, June 18, 2019 by: Evangelyn Rodriguez #nutrition , Alcohol , balanced daily intake , balanced meals , breakfast , calorie intake , calories , carbohydrates , Chrono diet , chrono-nutrition , circadian clock , Diets , dinner , eating habits , eating patterns , fat deposits , fats , fightobesity , fitness , goodfood , goodhealth , lunch , meal timing , obesity , overweight , prevention ...

Diet plans need to be made based on meal timing, not calorie intake


The meeting was held at the Royal Society of Medicine in London last November 12th and was called Chrono-nutrition: circadian clocks, mealtime, and metabolic disorders . ... Instead of balanced meals, eat carbs during the day and consume less at night Michelle Gibbs, a dietitian and nutrition research consultant, noted that most people are forced to have their meals at certain times during the day due to work, school, and social life. "...

Early to bed, early to rise: Study confirms the benefits of sleeping early for preventing diabetes


A literature review published in the journal Advances in Nutrition finds that going to bed and waking up earlier could help slash the risk of Type 2 diabetes . Earlier studies have suggested that chrono-nutrition, which is the timing of dietary intake, may be influenced by a person’s chronotype — whether they are “early birds” or “night owls.” "...

Say goodbye to dieting -- Find your rhythm and shed extra pounds effortlessly with bio-circadian nutrition


It's a familiar story with many: the diet saga. ... Sources for this article include: http://psychologyofeating.com/nutrition-rhythm-metabolism/ http://www.ysonut.fr/pdf/chrono21102010.pdf http://psychologyofeating.com http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17451793 http://www.totalhealthmagazine.com About the author: Carolanne believes if we want to see change in the world, we need to be the change. "...