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Dr. Robert Malone: Wartime gardens key to beating food crisis


Charles Lathrop Pack, a philanthropist and conservationist, proposed planting small vegetable gardens to supply local communities with food. ... Sources include: LifeSiteNews.com RWMalonemd.substack.com Conserve-Energy-Future.com Medium.com DeliciousLiving.com Brighteon.com Previous :Dwindling wheat supply may kick off global famine, expert warns - More news on Charles Lathrop Pack Dr. "...

Walgreens "substantially contributed" to opioid crisis, judge rules


But when it comes to putting up a fight against Big Pharma and its drug dispensaries, the Golden State is often the leader of the pack. ... District Judge Charles Breyer, demonstrating its “fill, fill, fill culture” of drug distribution. "...

A bad combo: Combining wheat and sugar can lead to inflammation


In his video, Charles Kwang of Kwang Wellness identifies one of the most common pairings when it comes to food, and how it can lead to inflammation. ... (Related: Do refined carbs pack on the pounds and create addiction? Brain imaging study says yes .) "...

Have you donated to Black Lives Matter? - If so, you could be funding a criminal sex trafficking operation


Black Lives Matter activist Charles Wade used a social justice charity as a cover to engage in the sex trafficking of a 17-year-old girl, media sources report. ... She revealed that her manager was Charles Wade and that he went by the name “CJ.” "...

California becomes second state to raise legal smoking age to 21


"They're hanging out and partying together, so they'll just get someone else to buy," says Leonard Charles, the owner of a liquor store in Oakland. Charles says he strictly enforces the new cigarette age law, but believes that if somebody wants cigarettes, he or she is going to find a way, regardless of the law. "...

Smart device that gives COVID test results in 20 minutes also sends data to CDC and other government agencies


A pack of three non-reusable tests is $195. While prices of normal PCR COVID-19 tests vary, they are usually only around $100, with results taking up to 24 hours to be transmitted to customers. ... Charles Rhyee, an analyst for the Wall Street investment firm Cowen, noted that it is possible Cue’s trajectory will follow the trend of other companies that experienced an early boom during the pandemic but are now failing as the world slowly returns to normal. "...

In yet another invasion of medical privacy, judge rules that a man's pacemaker data can be used against him in an arson trial


A cardiologist who reviewed his heart rate, pacer demand, and cardiac rhythms before, during, and after the fire noted that due to his condition it is highly unlikely Compton would have been able to collect, pack, and remove the suitcase and bags from the house while exiting his bedroom window during the short period he has described. ... Noting that there have been other cases where police seized medical records and blood samples for use as evidence in criminal cases, Common Pleas Judge ...

US economy crashes headlong into recession


Charles Huge Smith just wrote a good article about that, and I encourage you to read it after you finish this one. ... The problem with being ahead of the pack, is everyone thinks you’re out to lunch all the way. "...

Man's pacemaker may ultimately land him in jail in for arson and insurance fraud


Compton would have been able to collect, pack, and remove the number of items from the house, exit his bedroom window, and carry numerous large and heavy items to the front of his residence during the short period of time he has indicated due to his medical conditions.” ... Common Pleas Judge Charles Pater ultimately ruled against the defense, noting that Compton’s ownership of the pacemaker does not make the data more private than other things. "...

Four-mile-long 'mudslide' actually a fracking eruption


According to sources, there was no rain or snow pack in the area for quite some time. ... (http://intellihub.com ) Another staged CNN interview during Gulf War - a fake attack near reporters Back in 1990 during the Persian Gulf War, Charles Jaco was a CNN reporter who covered the "action." "...

Global warming fraud: Iconic polar bear on melting ice cap a hoax


From 1,500 feet (457 meters) in the air, observers reported to study author and biologist Charles Monnett, as well as contributor Jeffrey Gleason, that dead polar bears had been observed, which the duo later used to make various statements, including that "drowning-related deaths of polar bears may increase in the future if the observed trend of regression of pack ice and/or longer open-water periods continues." "...

Following regime change, Americans will be starved into submission


Hitler’s use of what psychologists refer to as classical conditioning techniques reduced the will of the German population to a pack of Pavlovian dogs who were conditioned to be totally dependent upon the government for their survival. ... Even Ray Charles could see that Obama set the table for a future leader to take their place among Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Castro and Mao as another despot in the long line of tyrannical leaders who would grant themselves the authority to subjugate ...

Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals' are now full-bore in play: These rules explain everything the Democrats are doing to destroy America


As Steve Quayle warns us, “a pack of lies is accelerating and bringing on the Apocalypse.” ... Just days ago following President Trump’s border security speech, Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi attempted a response that not onlyturned into viral memes across America but led to their own leftist-media to ridicule them . "...

Energy news, articles and information:


Not only does this routine promote sluggishness and pack on the pounds, but it also fosters moodiness... "...

Heart news, articles and information:


Charles R. Attwood, a board certified pediatrician and Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, has spent 35 years teaching the world about the impacts of nutrition and fitness. ... Inexpensive, readily plentiful and easy to pack for traveling, the large variety of nuts available virtually ensures that almost everyone will find a favorite. "...

Carolanne Wright


Eating highly processed carbohydrates can have a similar effect on brain chemistry as addictive substances according to a study in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition. "...