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Tom Renz and Leila Centner talk about protecting kids from COVID – Brighteon.TV


The school owner answered that children enrolled at Centner Academy had an “amazing” outcome. ... Sources include: Brighteon.com CentnerAcademy.com Previous :Karen Kingston and Dr. "...

Private school announces ban on staffers who take coronavirus vaccines, as they might threaten the health of students


Centner deserves to be commended for taking this proactive approach in the interest of public safety. ... Sources for this article include: Infowars.com NaturalNews.com Previous :CDC contributing to housing market collapse by bankrupting property owners Next : LISTEN as Health Ranger talks to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell about America, prosperity and hope in Jesus - More news on Centner Academy Dr. "...

Rutgers students protest mandatory vaccination rule


Back in April 2021, Centner Academy sent out an email asking employees who had not yet received the vaccine to “wait until the end of the school year” before doing so. ... CBS 4 was informed that one Centner Academy teacher had resigned – but it was unclear if this stemmed from the policy. "...

Measures to protect students from the coronavirus (like mask mandates) end up harming them


Centner Academy co-founder and CEO Leila Centner elaborated the effect of COVID-19 restrictions on children during the Advanced Medicine Conference held last May 30. ... Centner added that while the eponymous academy had COVID-19 cases, most that occurred among students were asymptomatic. "...

More states BLOCK masks and coronavirus vaccine mandates put in place by schools


ASU spokesman Jay Thorne said the university will comply with the order and “follow the honor system.” ... Back in May 2021, Leila Centner of the Centner Academy in Florida discussed the negative effects of masks on children. "...

Florida "closes the curtain on COVID theater" with roundtable discussion


Epidemiologist Sunetra Gupta of the University of Oxford , meanwhile, criticized much of the “unnecessary” reactions to the pandemic. ... Simone Gold and Angie Farella of AFLDS warn against COVID vaccine for kids Tom Renz and Leila Centner talk about protecting kids from COVID – Brighteon.TV Karen Kingston and Dr. "...