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New documentary exposes how the CCP is manipulating America


New documentary exposes how the CCP is manipulating America Sunday, June 21, 2020 by: News Editors CCP , China , communism , covid-19 , demonic , documentary , evil , exposition , left cult , lies , propaganda , Tyranny , wuhan virus - (Natural News ) There is an invisible war raging in the world. ... Not only does the CCP actively spread its propaganda to the West, it has even succeeded in dictating what can and cannot be said in free societies. "...

Time has come to remove the cancer of the CCP


The spread of the CCP virus around the world shows us how dangerous the CCP is. ... This CCP virus should be lesson enough for us. Eliminating the CCP doesn’t require World War III. "...

The Vatican may be accepting $2 billion a year in bribes from the communist Chinese government


Wengui, a billionaire Chinese insider, also said the CCP bribes both Italy and Australia to keep quiet on CCP abuses. ... These concessions are starting to show, as Vatican officials begin praising the CCP. "...

China running a chemically-induced depopulation agenda against Muslims, whites


Omirzakh’s husband was a vegetable trader who is currently being detained by the CCP, which means Omirzakh has very little money. ... “God bequeaths children on you,” Omirzakh is quoted as saying in tears as she recalled the horrors of the day she was raided and terrorized by the CCP. "...

YouTube deleting comments that criticize communism, as Big Tech protects evil regimes while censoring the speech of Christians


There is also evidence to suggest that comments critical of the CCP were being deleted as far back as October 2019. ... We now know that Google, which again owns YouTube, has been secretly colluding with the CCP to censor and remove truth from the internet. "...

Communist propaganda welcomed by Big Tech, but not conservative viewpoints


“Of all the companies we engaged with, Twitter is the platform most heavily abused by the CCP,” the investigators revealed. ... And at best, YouTube only applies labels to a fraction of the CCP propaganda that crosses its platform, hence the dismal C- rating. "...

NOT a hoax: Chinese Communist Party warns Christians to renounce Jesus or starve to death


But they do more than simply ‘shun’ it: The CCP has a vile history of punishing citizens who believe in other deities and express faith in other entities. ... So in other words, the CCP is telling elderly Christians (in this case) they must renounce Jesus and his teachings or starve to death, die of the elements, or perish from a preexisting condition. "...

Twitter's appointment of director with ties to Beijing raises concerns about Big Tech links to communism


Both conferences were hosted by the European and American Alumni Associated with the backing of the CCP’s United Work Front Department (UWFD). ... Despite the ban, a number of CCP offices and even China’s state-owned media have accounts on the platform. "...

Chinese Communist subversion of the WHO undermined global pandemic response


Case in point: the CCP virus. Timeline The CCP virus, commonly known as the novel coronavirus , broke out in the central Chinese city of Wuhan around November 2019, before spreading across China and the world. ... Tedros, a former health and later foreign minister of the African nation, naturally maintained strong ties with the CCP, embracing projects such as the “Belt and Road” initiative, which serves the CCP to expand its geostrategic influence. "...

Chinese propaganda outlet China Watch spent millions on ads masquerading as news in the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post


China Daily is a newspaper printed in English that is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, or CCP, and its China Watch supplements have appeared in several American newspapers masquerading as legitimate news. ... These propaganda pieces typically put a positive spin on life in China and the policies of its government in order to enhance the image of the CCP. "...

Petition calls for investigation into Twitter censorship after hiring of communist Li Fei-Fei


The petition listed May 18 as a date when many “anti-CCP” Twitter users found their accounts permanently suspended. ... The document then alleged that Li continues to have “close ties with top leaders of the CCP.” "...

Pompeo says Trump is "committed" to holding communist China accountable for the coronavirus


Pompeo says Trump is “committed” to holding communist China accountable for the coronavirus Tuesday, May 26, 2020 by: Ethan Huff accountable , CCP , CCP virus , Chinese Communist Party , committed , communist China , coronavirus , covid-19 , Donald Trump , lawsuits , Mike Pompeo , national security , Pompeo , President Trump , Trump , White House , Wuhan coronavirus - (Natural News ) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will be held accountable for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), ...

There's been a total communist infiltration of Twitter


Because Li continues to have “close ties with top leaders of the CCP,” she does not belong at Twitter, this petition says. ... FeiFei Li’s collaborations with the CCP, (represent) a threat to national security,” it goes on to warn. "...

China using coronavirus tracking app to suppress dissent, control the populace


According to the Epoch Times, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is using the health code system to monitor individuals and control their movement , even if they aren’t infected by the virus. ... The latter is the annual meeting of the CCP’s rubber-stamp legislature and advisory body that was held in Beijing last May. "...

Holding China’s Communist Party responsible for the global spread of coronavirus


Because again, the normalization of the CCP and the integration of the CCP into our economy. ... That goes back to the CCP’s narrative that if you criticize the CCP, you’re criticizing the Chinese people, and you’re a racist. "...

The CHICOMS cannot hide their intent to commit genocide: The "kill shot" bioweapon release is next


Information from this CCP speech given by defense Minister of Defense is shared here with an analysis. ... First, this makes it possible for us to have many people migrate there and even establish another China under the same leadership of the CCP. "...

Disney goes woke for Black Lives Matter - But kowtows to China's racism, concentration camps


Star Wars fans blasted China for racism, but Disney gave the CCP a total pass, offering the humiliating explanation that China just wanted more room on the poster for “attention-grabbing spaceships and explosions.” ... The Hollywood Reporter discussed Disney’s extreme sensitivity to the CCP’s concerns in October 2019, noting that the Chinese market is good for at least $700 million of Disney’s annual revenue. "...

Chinese propaganda outlet paid millions to Washington Post, Wall Street Journal


China Daily, an English-language newspaper, is overseen by the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Publicity Department, the governmental agency in charge of disseminating propaganda. ... Earlier this year, the State Department designated China Daily, along with four other Chinese state-run media operating in the United States, as foreign missions over their role as propaganda organs of the CCP. "...

China declares "all lives matter" but fails to mention the mass murder of Falun Gong practitioners, or the secret organ harvesting operations by the CCP


China declares “all lives matter” but fails to mention the mass murder of Falun Gong practitioners, or the secret organ harvesting operations by the CCP Tuesday, June 02, 2020 by: Isabelle Z. All Lives Matter , Black Lives Matter , CCP , China , communism , coronavirus , evil , Falun Gong , human rights , humanity , left cult , racism , rioters , riots , Twisted , Whistleblowers - (Natural News ) On Monday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry declared that “all lives matter,” but they ...

Trump administration declares it will no longer treat China with kid gloves as “days of American passivity are over”


Trump administration declares it will no longer treat China with kid gloves as “days of American passivity are over” Monday, June 29, 2020 by: JD Heyes CCP , China , Christopher Wray , intellectual property , national defense , national security theft , threat , trade , Trump administration , White House , World War III - (Natural News ) The U.S. government is not going to continue ‘business as usual’ with China following Beijing’s culpability in creating, spreading, and covering up the ...