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WHO KNEW? Eggs and meat both major catalysts of DIABETES


Eggs and meat both major catalysts of DIABETES Thursday, April 25, 2019 by: S.D. ... Eggs and meat both major catalysts of DIABETES Reprinting this article: Non-commercial use OK, cite NaturalNews.com with clickable link. "...

Researchers develop eco-friendly catalysts that can be used to produce renewable raw materials for plastic products


Most of the catalysts that can work on HMF were made up of precious metals. Of course, these materials are rare and, thus, expensive. ... These catalysts combine manganese dioxide with copper, iron, and other common metals. "...

Powerful lithium-air batteries may soon "take batteries to the next level," reveals study


These increases can be accomplished by incorporating newly designed catalysts into the battery. ... Furthermore, the new catalysts were able to maintain the stability of their shape. "...

Green and clean: Energy-efficient water purification system developed by scientists


Carbon-based catalysts also have this problem. Carbon nanotubes, graphene oxide , and other catalysts cannot generate enough reactive oxygen to kill pathogenic microorganisms. ... “The scale-up for both the catalysts and the device is not difficult,” Wang remarked. "...

Researcher discovers way to transform waste aluminum foil into biofuel catalyst


According to Osman, existing commercial alumina catalysts typically cost 305 British pounds or $396.87 per kilogram. ... In addition to being cheaper than commercial alumina catalysts, one other advantage of the aluminum foil-derived alumina catalysts lies in their environmental impact. "...

Dual-function catalyst produces hydrogen fuel while cleaning up polluted water


The resulting catalyst was able to produce large amounts of hydrogen using much less energy than commercial iridium oxide catalysts. ... “This study not only improved the slow oxygen-generating reaction rate problem but also solved the price and stability problems of existing commercial catalysts at the same time,” said Kwang Kim, a professor of chemistry at UNIST and one of the study researchers. "...

Scientists are getting closer to creating artificial photosynthesis with new dual-atom catalyst which will help them harvest solar energy


In particular, they focused on catalysts, or substances that increase the rate of chemical reactions, given its importance in generating renewable energy. ... “In this study, for example, we demonstrated that catalysts with dual iridium atoms work much better than single-atom iridium to split water. "...

New research simplifies the process of harvesting solar energy to generate fuels


The process is helped along by catalysts that increase the chances of the chemical reactions that split water into hydrogen and oxygen. These catalysts are triggered by an external source of energy. For example, photocatalysts are activated by light. "...

Renewed science effort under way to turn water into fuel using energy from solar panels


To address this, the researchers have turned to using various catalysts to facilitate more efficient and sustainable water-splitting technique. The researchers were able to identify an array of metal oxides that can serve as more effective catalysts that can accommodate greater solar energy to facilitate water-splitting. "...

Can we find a cleaner way to extract hydrogen from water?


The researchers noted that the two metals performed at levels similar to more expensive catalysts like platinum. ... Initial tests showed that the copper-titanium alloy outperforms currently used catalysts, as it extracted hydrogen from water with a rate twice as high compared to the more sophisticated platinum catalyst. "...

Science breakthrough removes nearly all BPA from water at very low cost


The new catalysts, called tetra-amido macrocyclic ligands (TAML) activators are small molecules that are known to mimic oxidizing enzymes. According to the researchers, combining the catalysts with hydrogen peroxide effectively degrades hazardous chemicals in the water. "...

Scientists present a catalytic solution that could be the answer to global plastic pollution


Scientists present a catalytic solution that could be the answer to global plastic pollution Thursday, December 03, 2020 by: Michael Alexander breakthrough , catalytic process , Chemistry , discoveries , environment , goodpollution , goodscience , innovation , metal catalysts , nanoparticles , nanotechnology , plastic pollution , real science , research Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/478112.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Instead of filling up landfills, ...

The end of peak oil? Audi invents way to create crude fossil fuels from mixture of air and water


While the use of catalysts can reduce the energy needed, all known catalysts degrade quickly. "...

Snakes protect themselves from their own venom by producing natural chelating agent


Metal ions play a powerful role in snake venom Snake venom is loaded with various protein enzymes that act as catalysts, which speed up the chemical reaction they've instilled into their victim. ... Proteases are the catalysts that disrupt tissue protein peptide, causing blood-vessel wall damage and hemorrhaging. "...

Energy from an unlikely source: A combination of microbes and graphene could make inexpensive and eco-friendly energy


“Usually graphene-based OER catalysts are developed by chemical methods, which require rigorous reaction conditions, such as high temperature and copious toxic chemicals,” stated Shafeer Kalatil, a former postdoctoral researcher for Saikaly at KAUST. ... In addition to this, the team is also conducting further research into other types of biohybrid catalysts for other important electrocatalytic reactions. "...

Carbon is GOOD: MIT chemical engineers create a material that can repair itself using carbon from the air


Furthermore, they incorporated intact but non-living spinach chloroplasts into the gel to serve as catalysts for the carbon-fixing process. ... They are also improving the characteristics of the material, such as non-biological catalysts that can replace the chloroplasts. "...

How to boost your cancer preventing enzymes


Explaining Enzymes You might remember from some vaguely distant chemistry class how catalysts were explained. ... Enzymes are the body`s catalysts for digesting nutrients and metabolizing within cells. "...

Novel chemistry method paves the way for large-scale production of bioplastic bottles


Derived from glucose found in non-food plants, it will undergo oxidation if certain metal catalysts are added. ... They also use up catalysts, which are often expensive metals like gold. Using the acetalization process to boost the efficiency of oxidation The joint team of researchers at Hokkaido University and Eindhoven University of Technology found a way to suppress the wasteful side reactions in HMF. "...

From industrial waste to renewable resource: Lignin, an organic polymer, may soon have new life in the chemical industry


From industrial waste to renewable resource: Lignin, an organic polymer, may soon have new life in the chemical industry Thursday, November 22, 2018 by: Russel Davis biofuels , catalysts , crude oil alternative , goodscience , Lignins , radiation , renewable energy , solar radiation , toxic waste - (Natural News ) Lignin, a product that is commonly classified as industrial waste, may one day become an alternative to crude oil thanks largely to the Sun and photocatalysts. ... New photocatalysts ...

Reusing CO2: Scientists are closer to converting it to clean energy


By using conventional methods of trying to convert CO2 to CO, scientists found that traditional catalysts just aren’t very effective. ... The researchers also resorted to using a sheet of graphene to help tune the nickel atoms as catalysts and suppress HER. "...