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New automated restaurant with no servers or cashiers opens in NYC


New automated restaurant with no servers or cashiers opens in NYC Tuesday, December 20, 2016 by: Daniel Barker automation , healthy fast food , Quinoa - (Natural News ) A newly-opened eatery in Manhattan incorporates a futuristic take on a not-so-new concept in providing fresh, healthy and relatively inexpensive vegetarian meals to the public. ... The restaurant employs no waiters or cashiers; customers order and pay for their food at an iPad kiosk. "...

McDonald's now seeking cashiers with Bachelor's degree


Statistics are now showing that only one in three college entrants will complete and utilize a college degree. ... As McDonald's begins calling on their cashiers to have a bachelor's degree, what does this say about America's formal education system? "...

McDonald's announces kiosks will replace cashiers in 2,500 restaurants


Technological advances may leave fast food cashiers obsolete Recent reports have alleged that the fast food company’s plans to roll out the touch-screen, self-service technology is set to displace cashiers in 2,500 stores across the country. However, the fast food giant strongly dismissed this, stating that it has no plans of replacing its cashiers. "...

SORRY, HUMANS: Amazon will most likely replace Whole Foods cashiers with automated systems


A company spokesperson also said that the Seattle-based web giant has no plans of laying off the cashiers. ... According to the BLS, technological advancements such as self-service checkout and online sales were key contributors to reduced need for cashiers. "...

Rising minimum wage translates to fewer low-level jobs and more robots in the fast food industry


To at least one high-ranking industry exec, the move to get rid of human cashiers in favor of robots to handle orders could be their best one in years. ... Reduced labor costs aren’t the only benefit of replacing cashiers with automated robots. "...

Discount warehouse retailers: Costco vs. Sam's Club


The cashiers seem to be clueless, and the staff is slow, unmotivated and not really interested in helping the customer. ... They are really into problem solving, and the cashiers are fast and courteous. These people are at least twice the speed of the cashiers I've observed at Sam's Club. "...

Wendy's to replace thousands of cashiers with automated kiosks... $15 wage demands lead to accelerating unemployment and social unrest


Now, Wendy's has announced a rollout that would terminate the employment of thousands of cashiers by replacing them with automated kiosks systems. ... These kiosks are so easy to use that even the cashiers who get fired by Wendy's will be able to figure out how to use them. "...

Alarming study finds 90% of store receipts contain toxic chemicals that promote diseases such as autism, cancer, diabetes and obesity


The findings revealed that people who often handle receipts, such as cashiers and waitstaff, are vulnerable to the chemicals’ effects. ... Earlier studies on the toxic chemicals have determined that both cashiers and waiting staff will handle around 30 receipts hourly. "...

Sickening, pathetic Walmart says allowing mass theft and hoarding by EBT cardholders was 'the right thing to do'


Heck, its cashiers even helped the looters total it up for some reason. Why even bother with a "checkout" process if the so-called "customers" aren't paying for anything in the first place? ... So in honor of Obama, I suggest that we pass a new federal law which outlaws cashiers at retail establishments, thereby allowing everyone to gather up all the free loot they want, without limit. "...

7 million retail jobs will be lost in the coming years warns alarming report


According to the report, retail cashiers were projected to suffer the most number of job losses. Nearly a quarter of retail cashiers are women, the researchers noted. The report also stressed that the job losses will significantly impact the working poor, as most retail workers paid on an hourly basis live below the poverty line. "...

Jeff Bezos wants to eliminate all humans, including his own workers at Whole Foods


Instead of actual human cashiers, for instance, shoppers at Whole Foods will instead pay for their items simply by exiting the store. ... One is to unveil Amazon’s “Go” convenience stores, which will have no human workers, and the other involves eliminating all human cashiers. "...

Meet Tally, the grocery store shelf auditing robot that's going to put thousands of low-wage grocery workers out of a job


There is also speculation that with the impending Amazon-Whole Foods merger, human checkout cashiers will be completely non-existent. (Related: SORRY, HUMANS: Amazon will most likely replace Whole Foods cashiers with automated systems .) "...

Working at Amazon is a "soul-crushing experience" ... is this coming soon for Whole Foods workers?


Amazon , Jeff Bezos , Whole Foods - (Natural News ) Amazon looks set to take over Whole Foods, and while some people think the internet retail giant could use its technological prowess to improve the grocery store’s services, there is one group that is viewing the change with much less optimism: Whole Foods cashiers and other employees. ... Amazon made waves with its Amazon Go store last year, which removed cashiers from the equation entirely. "...

Robots could take over 3.4 million human jobs thanks to Amazon Go's new grocery stores


Here’s an example of where some of this technology is headed: Amazon has recently opened a convenience store in the heart of downtown Seattle that has no cashiers, the UK’s Daily Mail reported . ... While this sounds like technology of the future—and very handy technology at that—it will come at a price: The Daily Mail reported that Amazon Go and similar stores could replace up to 3.4 million workers currently employed as cashiers. "...

Police state alert: High schools now using palm scanners for meal purchases


., students must have their palms scanned at the end of the lunch line in order to "identify the student and therefore allow cafeteria cashiers to access a student's meal account," according to Government Technology. ... "So far, technology has helped the lunch lines go faster since students no longer need to show physical meal plan identification cards to cashiers." "...

A whole lot of problems developing at Amazon’s Whole Foods Markets, including LESS local produce and MORE robots


Wells amazon monopoly , badfood , canola oil toxic , Collapse , evil corporation , food supply , Fresh , gmo whole foods , grocery , Jeff Bezos , lies , local farmers suffer , robot cashiers , shopping , small farmers , Veggies , Whole Foods , whole foods farmers , whole foods lies , whole foods local - (Natural News ) That Washington D.C. rag of a newspaper “WaPo,” has admitted in their own authored and posted article that the monster food retailer Whole Foods, now with over 400 stores, ...

Same state government that PROHIBITS the public from buying garden seeds still allows them to purchase LOTTO tickets


Growing your own food is ESSENTIAL @GovWhitmer and you should be ashamed that you're doing this to your state. pic.twitter.com/suYBkqozB1 > > — Natalie F Danelishen (@Chesschick01) April 10, 2020 “You cannot purchase ‘non-essential’ items in stores even though you are in the store and it’s on the shelves and there are cashiers,” another furious resident wrote, calling Whitner “insane.” > This is a Meijer in MI. You cannot purchase “non-essential” items in stores even though you are in the ...

Robotics and AI


A newly-opened eatery in Manhattan incorporates a futuristic take on a not-so-new concept in providing fresh, healthy and relatively inexpensive vegetarian meals to the public. "...

Stockton restaurant hires robot instead of humans as employee shortage takes its toll


(Related: New automated restaurant with no servers or cashiers opens in NYC .) Restaurants employ robots instead of humans during pandemic Because it is getting harder to find human employees to help run her restaurant, a South Florida restaurant owner also began using dining room robots for a touchless and socially distanced experience. "...

Hyperlearning webinar teaches how to read and absorb information 300% faster than normal speeds


Here's how to get Google Fiber for your mind Tom Brady's Balls: Why They Matter Indiana votes to replace Common Core with their own education standards Obama trying to take over public education with 'common core' curriculum that teaches socialism McDonald's now seeking cashiers with Bachelor's degree Public education in collapse: School commissions are repeatedly having to borrow millions of dollars to pay bills Disqus Take Action: Support Natural News by linking to this article from your ...