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Leftist professors propose stripping Christians of their rights for refusing to get vaccinated for Covid-19


Leftist professors propose stripping Christians of their rights for refusing to get vaccinated for Covid-19 Wednesday, April 28, 2021 by: Ethan Huff Case Western Reserve University , Christians , coronavirus , covid-19 , health freedom , mandatory , medical fascism , outrage , persecution , professors , religious exemptions , Tyranny , vaccination , vaccines Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/514807.html Copy URL - (Natural News ...

Ecuador Agrees to Avoid Oil Drilling in Jungle Reserve if Compensated by Western Nations


The South American nation of Ecuador has said that it will refrain from drilling in a world biosphere reserve, but only if the international community compensates the country for the income it would otherwise have gained. ... State Dept. has confirmed history of running covert abductions of Americans in Ecuador Top ten things to love about Vilcabamba Ecuador, the Valley of Longevity President of Ecuador says Obama rhetoric sounds a lot like Nazi Germany Disqus Take Action: Support Natural ...

Drug Industry Pushing New Treatment for Prostate Cancer While Ignoring Far Safer and Less Costly Pomegranate Seeds


Scientists at Case Western Reserve University have reported that tissue cultures of human cartilage cells respond to pomegranate extract. ... Scientists at Case Western Reserve University have reported in the Journal of Nutrition that tissue cultures of human cartilage cells respond to pomegranate extract.131 Inflammation is reduced and the enzymes that break down cartilage become less active. "...

Sickeningly sweet: Artificial sweeteners worsen gut inflammation, intensify symptoms of Crohn's disease


A recent study from Case Western Reserve University , located in Cleveland, Ohio, has indicated that artificial sugars like sucralose (Splenda) are exceptionally problematic for people prone to intestinal inflammation. ... Other consequences of fake sugars The study by the Case Western Reserve team has undoubtedly raised concerns about the effects that artificial sweeteners like Splenda have on the intestines. "...

Lack of sleep greatly raises the risk for colon cancer


New ground-breaking research just published in the journal Cancer by researchers from University Hospitals (UH) Case Medical Center and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine found people who get less than six hours of sleep at night had an almost 50 percent increase in the risk of colorectal adenomas compared with individuals sleeping at least seven hours per night. ... "To our knowledge, this is the first study to report a significant ...

'Miracle' Alzheimer's drug bexarotene turns out to be a hoax


Researchers from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, claimed that bexarotene demonstrably cut the amount of beta amyloid protein in the brains of test mice by half in just three days. ... Original study team still claims bexarotene is beneficial, even though findings cannot be reproduced In response to the new review debunking the original findings, original study author Gary Landreth from Western Case Reserve University ...

Light Exposure Helps Long-Term Care Patients Housed With No Sunlight


Scientists from Case Western Reserve have started tests to see if a change from standard fluorescent lighting to a light source more like sunlight can help the health of residents confined to a long-term care facility. ... The Case Western University scientists noted that people particularly sensitive to changes in light often react positively to a boost in the brightness of light sources. "...

Fungus in humans identified for first time as key factor in Crohn's disease


Researchers from Case Western Reserve University in Ohio have identified, for the first time, the presence of a toxic fungus inside the human body that they say may play a key role in this debilitating digestive malady - a potential game-changer for how Crohn's disease is treated moving forward. ... Ghannoum, Ph.D., a professor and director at the Center for Medical Mycology at Case Western Reserve and University Hospitals Cleveland ...

Brain power: How one paralyzed man was able to move his arm again


The breakthrough that allowed Kochevar to regain some mobility in his arm was undertaken by the Case Western Reserve University, the Cleveland Functional Electrical Stimulation Center, and the University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center. ... Robert Kirsch, chairman of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University, said that of Kochevar: “He’s really breaking ground for the spinal cord ...

Pomegranate Extracts Treat Diseases of Inflammation


A research team from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland was the first to demonstrate that pomegranate extract can act directly to combat inflammation. ... Most recently, researchers from Case Western Reserve University teamed up with researchers from the University of South Carolina to carry out the first study on whether the same effects could be observed in human cells. "...

Potato virus found to activate an anti-tumor immune response; it works on its own or in conjunction with traditional cancer treatments


A team of researchers from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicinehave revealed that they have successfully altered virus particles into “cancer drug delivery devices for mice.” ... Picha Professor in Biomaterials, member of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Director of the Center for Bio-Nanotechnology at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine, emphasized that leaving the potato virus nanoparticles and the ...

350 law professors demanded vote on Obama's last Supreme Court nominee. Four say the same for Trump's.


Barrett, like Garland, “should be afforded at least a fair hearing,” Juscelino Colares, co-director of the International Law Center at Case Western Reserve University, told The Fix in an email. ... Contrary to his peers’ low view of McConnell, Case Western Reserve’s Colares noted that the Senate majority leader explained at the time “that the process was a political one and that he was willing to let the American people have a final say ...

NO WHITES ALLOWED at Georgetown University "dialogue event" on racism... because the organizers are racists


NO WHITES ALLOWED at Georgetown University “dialogue event” on racism… because the organizers are racists Sunday, May 27, 2018 by: Ethan Huff Alt-Left , anti-white , black racism , campus insanity , college campus , discrimination , Georgetown , Georgetown United Against Police Aggression , Georgetown University , inaccurate information , left cult , Libtards , Police Abuse , police shootings , political correctness , racism , racist campus , reverse racism , stupid , ...

Arizona Indian tribe wins genetic piracy case against university scientists


Arizona State University (ASU) has agreed to pay $700,000 to settle a lawsuit by an indigenous tribe claiming that the university misused its members' genetic material. ... Tribal members objected to the university, but were dissatisfied with the response they received. "...

Australia is dealing with the "most severe bleaching event ever recorded" on its western reefs


Australia is dealing with the “most severe bleaching event ever recorded” on its western reefs Sunday, November 12, 2017 by: Janine Acero conservation , coral bleaching , coral reefs , Ecology , El Nino , environmental damage , Great Barrier Reef , la nina , oceans and marine life , Western Australia - (Natural News ) The massive coral bleaching in the coast of Western Australia in 2016 is the most severe bleaching event in recorded history, a recent ...

Antibiotics kill good bacteria and may worsen oral infections


This was proven to be true by researchers from Case Western Reserve Universitywho found that antibiotics kill good bacteria that fight off oral infections caused by candida. ... Pushpa Pandiyan, an assistant professor of biological sciences in the School of Dental Medicine, Case Western Reserve University and the lead author of the study. "...

Fascinating new study suggests that high doses of vitamin D eases sunburn by reducing redness, swelling, and inflammation


A team of researchers at Case Western Reserve Universityand University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center induced experimental sunburns to 20 volunteers through an ultraviolet lamp. "...

US universities received $6.5 billion in undisclosed foreign gifts and contracts – including ones from China


In August of last year, the DOE was investigating whether Georgetown University ,Texas A&M University ,Cornell University and Rutgers University were fully complying with the federal law on foreign gifts. ... It found that some universities, such as Yale University and Case Western Reserve University failed to report any foreign gifts or contracts just as they were “rapidly expanding their foreign operations and relationships,” ...

Chinese AI fighter pilots defeat human counterparts in air combat


Defense contractors Northrop Grumman and Raytheon, alongside Case Western Reserve University and Northwestern University , developed the drones and operation systems used in the OFFSET program. "...

GRID DOWN: Electric supply shortages may strike communities across the US, warns NERC


Resource and energy sufficiency, or lack of it, is a significant concern this summer in the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) that covers the western half of the country. ... In that case, additional transfers of electricity from surrounding areas will be needed to meet demand. "...