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Prepare for a long-term coronavirus quarantine by learning these essential survival skills


Basic carpentry Carpentry is an important survival skill for several reasons. First, it can help distract you from your boredom while you’re stuck at home. ... Having basic carpentry skills can help you find work, or you can sell some of your projects. "...

Essential items you need to begin your homesteading journey


Tweezers A when trying to get a job done, so get several quality tweezers and always keep one in your pocket when doing carpentry work, stacking firewood, moving lumber and especially when handling plywood. "...

Beehives, herbal gardens and more: 8 Useful prepper projects to try before SHTF


This kind of toilet is ideal because it doesn’t use any water and you can build one with some carpentry skills. "...

Essential homesteading skills for self-sufficiency


Carpentry You’ll need to build homesteading structures using your own hands. While this doesn’t mean you need to know how to construct a house, it helps if you know how to build simple structures like a barn and shed to keep your homestead running. Doing the carpentry work yourself also saves you money. Welding If you have old equipment like tractors and mowers, knowing how to weld metal will come in handy should these machines break down. "...

Dr. Peter Pry: JCPOA with Iran is one of the worst deals in history – Brighteon.TV


You should also keep basic tools like a hammer, a set of screwdrivers, utility knives and duct tape in case you need to do carpentry or repair work. "...

Amish children are remarkably immune to allergies, says expert


From a very young age, Amish children are taught essential life skills such as gardening and farming, sewing and knitting, making natural remedies, carpentry, and construction. "...

SaferBuilding.com Aiming To Construct Healthy New Standards For Building/Remodeling Projects (press release)


The site offers dozens of educational materials including things like Contractor How-To Sheets regarding painting, plumbing, flooring, carpet demolition, carpentry, furniture, termite & pest management and more. "...

6 Most important skills every homesteader should learn


As such, it helps to learn carpentry skills. These will come in handy when you need to build a shed, repair broken fences or create equipment to make homestead life easier. "...

6 Things to expect when you start a small-scale homestead


Here are some skills that will help you run and maintain your homestead: - Animal butchering and processing - Animal husbandry - Beekeeping - Basic repair and maintenance - Carpentry - Collecting, filtering, purifying and storing water - Firestarting - First aid - Fishing - Food preservation and storage - Foraging - Gardening - Hunting - Money management - Predator control - Sanitation - Welding Now that you have an idea of what skills you might need to run a small-scale homestead, here ...

Intermediate prepping: How to deal with non-prepper neighbors when SHTF


These tasks include medical services, communicating with the outside world, car and appliance repair, carpentry, cooking, gardening and community self-defense. "...

Prepping 101: What happens during an EMP attack?


It’s always good to keep basic tools such as a hammer, a set of screwdrivers, utility knives, and duct tape in case you need to do carpentry or repair work. "...

Going beyond organic for optimal health with Joel Salatin


Some worthy activities may include: growing your own food; starting a beehive; getting some chickens to enjoy your own fresh eggs; improve your carpentry skills, the list goes on and on. "...

Twelve highly toxic chemicals to banish from your home


Formaldehyde is used in carpentry, soaps, detergents, cabinetry and glues. Formaldehyde is an extremely toxic carcinogen that was rated as a high level threat for causing cancer by the Environmental Working Group. "...

Are you prepared for an EMP attack? Stock up on these items that will continue to work after one


Examples include carpentry, farming, first aid, gardening, homesteading, and wilderness survival. "...

MUST-HAVE items to use for trade during an economic collapse


A different and better kind of investment is to pick up a useful skill or service, such as plumbing, electrical work, or carpentry. "...

9 ways for sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome to find relief


But repetitive use of the hands and wrists, for example through typing, knitting, carpentry and handling cash registers, can cause tissue inflammation which then compresses the median nerve, resulting in weakness, pain when gripping, plus burning, aching or tingling. "...

Cities lean left because cities are artificial, controlled environments isolated from reality


They cut and split their own wood, carry guns for protection, shovel or tractor off their own driveways when it snows, hunt and grow some of their own food, learn some carpentry and home-repair skills, and so on. "...

Yes, you can exercise your brain to dramatically improve cognitive performance


. - Start a new hobby — You can boost cognitive function by trying new hobbies where you are required to learn new skills such as carpentry/woodworking, playing a new instrument, or signing up for a foreign language class. "...

Advice for beginners: 4 Common prepping pitfalls to avoid


., electrical, general carpentry, operating power tools, plumbing, and welding) - Defense (e.g., how to properly use self-defense weapons and marksmanship) - First aid (e.g., basic wound care, suturing, and herbal remedies) - Gardening - Home-keeping (e.g., cooking from scratch, food preservation, and sewing) - Outdoor skills (e.g., build a shelter, butchering, finding and purifying water, firestarting, foraging, and hunting) Not taking obvious threats seriously and focusing on less-probable ...

Knowledge is power: 31 Crucial skills for every homesteader


. - Basic carpentry – This skill will allow you to make repairs to current structures if they get damaged. - Basic mechanics – Learn how to maintain the tools and appliances you regularly use on your homestead. - Beekeeping – This skill ensures that your garden is propagated. "...