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China thought to be hiding ballistic missiles in shipping containers aboard cargo vessels so Beijing can launch surprise attack anywhere in the world


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Tens of billions of dollars worth of cargo lay anchored outside American ports as Biden-induced supply chain collapse worsens


The site notes that wait times for ships offshore are growing because there are too many vessels arriving daily and there are not enough resources to get cargo distributed in a timely manner. ... “The Port of Los Angeles continues to struggle with the volume of cargo vessels arriving daily. "...

The tide has turned: Shipping lines no longer interested in renting container vessels


Container, vessel demand slowdown due to weaker cargo movement According to a research group, while freight rates have fallen due to the easing in supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic backlog, a lot of the slowdown in container and vessel demand was due to weaker cargo movement . ... S&P added freight rates for containers and vessels carrying raw materials and bulk goods have plunged over the past three months. "...

Cargo ship backlogs in California hit record high as supply chain crisis worsens


Holding areas that have not been used since 2004 are now open to accommodate the surge of container, bulk and cargo ships. ... Of the 100 vessels at the harbor on Monday, 33 container ships were in holding areas. "...

Shipping companies stuck waiting near Suez Canal alerting US Navy over piracy risks


Hong Kong Shippers’ Council Chair Willy Lin said naval warships might be required to protect cargo vessels passing by the region. ... Visit Risk.news to read more articles about the dangers of piracy that threatens cargo vessels. "...

Experts explain the link between labor shortages and current supply chain issues


As such, two shipping experts have sat down to talk more about the impact of labor shortages at cargo vessels on the bigger supply chain disruption. ... Vessels are not the only ones impacted by labor shortages The negative effects of labor shortages are not only limited to foreign mariners aboard cargo vessels. "...

Shanghai lockdown causing cargo backlog ripples throughout China


Most warehouse spaces in Shanghai are also closed, while Pactl, one of the largest airport cargo terminal operators in the world, is stuck with “skeleton operations.” ... Beyond the Port of Ningbo, many other cargo terminals at other ports are experiencing delays due to overcrowding. "...

Cargo ships now waiting a record 17 days to unload at California ports


The U.S. has been battling a supply chain crisis since September as ships have spent days off the coasts of major ports, unable to load their cargo due to the shortage of delivery drivers and technical staff. Container ships have even plied their own routes with their vessels only to be partially loaded due to the logistical issues at the ports or in their warehouses. "...

Supply chain disruptions lead to shortages and soaring prices


With thousands of shipping containers on cargo ships offshore waiting to be offloaded at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, manufacturers are also facing similar backlogs at ports in New York and Savannah, Georgia. ... The delays have persisted for months and have left retailers scrambling to address the bottlenecks, including chartering their own private cargo vessels to get around the congestion before the holiday shopping rush. "...

West Coast ports log jammed with about 60 container ships still waiting to dock; supply lines continue to suffer disruptions


A satellite image reveals about 62 vessels waiting outside the L.A. and Long Beach ports. ... The program expands cargo pickup to include hours where there is less traffic in the area – allowing for faster deliveries. "...

'Captain Phillips' movie starring Tom Hanks is a total lie, say crew members


Captain Phillips' real life charge, container cargo ship Maersk Alabama, was the first USA cargo ship to have been hijacked in 200 years. ... During that three week time period, 16 pirate attacks on unarmed cargo vessels had occurred with eight hostages taken. "...

North Korea's launch of multiple ballistic missiles threatens South Korea


No damage to aircraft or vessels has been reported. Meanwhile, Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong tweeted on Wednesday: “North Korea’s unprecedented launch of multiple ballistic missiles is recklessly threatening the security of the Republic of Korea. ... Sources include: Reuters.com Edition.CNN.com Brighteon.com Previous :Biden supports child mutilation, says banning dangerous transition-related treatments is IMMORAL Next : Gender war: Putin calls gender fluidity propaganda ...

Supply chain disruption continues, long-term and realistic policies necessary


Margaret Kidd, a supply chain and logistics professor at the University of Houston , said that the amount of cargo that will be supported in President Joe Biden’s plan for 24/7 port operations in California will not be impactful enough in the long term. ... Kidd also noted that the supply chain challenges are exacerbated by the enormous amount of cargo waiting to be unloaded at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. "...

Trucking industry is short 80,000 truck drivers amid supply chain crisis


However, the ports can’t work round the clock because importers don’t have enough truck drivers to move cargo at all hours. New trucks and trailers are also in short supply, further limiting the movement of cargo. "...

Shipping costs to the US surge as supply chain crisis continues to accelerate


The problems don’t stop at cargo services, either. The large number of containers piled at American docks is in part due to the low supply of truck drivers as the American Trucking Association is now short 80,000 drivers, a record high. ... With the record high of vessels waiting to dock at unproductive U.S. ports on the West Coast, the queues last as long as two weeks before ships can unload their goods. "...

California's environmental and truck laws to blame for supply chain crisis - social media posts go viral


The order comes after hundreds of cargo ships got stuck off the coast of California. ... It can also temporarily lift limitations on how much cargo trucks can carry, which could have a similar effect to allowing more trucks to service ports in the state. "...

Walmart, UPS and FedEx commit to working more shifts to deal with global supply disruptions... but will it matter?


Thousands of shipping containers are on cargo ships offshore, waiting to be offloaded at the ports. ... The delays, which had been going on for months, have sent retailers scrambling to address the bottlenecks, in some cases going so far as chartering their own private cargo vessels to get around problems before the holiday season. "...

Russia's deployment of Iskander missiles to Kaliningrad is major threat to NATO: Here's why


Also, the transporter features an armored roof to protect the cargo inside while the cabin itself also shields occupants from chemical biological, and nuclear hazards. ... Wade, sending issue of abortion back to states where it always belonged Next : Supreme Court strengthens Second Amendment by striking down restrictive NY “concealed carry” law - More news on ballistic missile South Korea unveils new ballistic missile that can penetrate North Korean underground military facilities Russia’s ...

Rampant theft, ongoing supply chain disruptions leaving drug store shelves in New York City barren


But now the problem of outright theft is being compounded by an actual supply chain issue , as a shortage of workers on docks, driving trucks and on seafaring cargo vessels is preventing ships from being unloaded and goods being delivered to market, including, of course, over-the-counter drugs and other supplies, according to The Daily Mail : Shelves in pharmacies across New York City have been left nearly barren because supplies are not getting through amid an ongoing global squeeze....

Japanese VP: The WHO should be renamed the ‘Chinese Health Organization’


. > > — Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) April 1, 2020 Read more at: Summit.news Previous :Supplies are starting to get really tight nationwide as food distribution systems break down Next : Coronavirus is now the third leading cause of death in the United States - More news on China Disney cowers to China, omits “The Simpsons” episode featuring Tiananmen Square Biden administration shows true colors: White House censors Taiwanese minister over a map showing China and Taiwan in different colors ...