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Devin Nunes destroys “star impeachment witness” Marie Yovanovitch by exposing her as nothing more than a deep state Democrat operative


People who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 supported him in large part precisely because he said he would dismantle as much of the corrupt, careerist deep state as possible. ... Sources include: TheNationalSentinel.com USAFeatures.news Previous :Trial ends for group charged with illegally recording Planned Parenthood officials who admitted selling aborted baby body parts Next : Left-wing elitist academic at Berkeley claims Americans who live in rural communities are “bad people” who ought ...

Biden pick for Homeland Security will be a disaster and lead the reversal of Trump-era policies that kept America safe


That doesn’t appear to be the case with the careerist bureaucrat Joe Biden has picked to run his DHS. "...

Trump and his operatives planning new, smarter assault on "the swamp" if he wins presidency in 2024


But what Trump could never overcome was the massive Deep State “swamp” — careerist federal bureaucrats who are little more than left-wing Democratic operatives and who worked in the shadows to either slow-walk his policies or ignore them altogether. "...

Tip for Trump: Term limits can only be passed by exempting currently elected officials


They know that the halls of Congress are filled with careerist, narcissistic politicians who have somehow done quite well for themselves while "serving" their citizens. "...

Ford Foundation exposed as a communist FRONT pushing anti-America propaganda: leaked texts


Common themes in their emails include them being petty, Machiavellian, vindictive, holier-than-thou, careerist narcissists.” "...

EPA busted by whistleblowers for falsifying risk assessments regarding dangerous chemicals in yet another blow to agency's credibility


The managers involved are careerist federal bureaucrats , not political appointees, so they survive like roaches in nuclear war from administration to administration, padding and feathering their nests as they amass more power while incurring less accountability, Bennett noted. "...

The truth about Trump: CIA completely discredited after caught peddling BuzzFeed false smears as facts


As bad as this is, the unverified report, which also claimed that Russia definitely “hacked the election” in favor of Trump and has been working on his behalf for years, was also picked up as legitimate by careerist bureaucrats inside the U.S. intelligence community. "...

Why is Google News still running fake news sources like CNN and WaPo while banning REAL news from the new media?


Two problems with those claims, which have also been made by the Obama administration using the “assessment” of careerist bureaucrats in the intelligence community: 1) They are completely unproven and unsubstantiated, and; 2) Even today the intelligence community, Democrats and the White House admit there is no way to tell if the leaked damaging information (which no one has denied is true) had any effect whatsoever on the election outcome. "...

President Trump to bypass the lying mainstream media and report directly to the American voters


He’s not appointing careerist bureaucrats to top administration Cabinet posts like most other presidents have done; he’s appointing can-do business figures who have a reputation for getting things done instead. "...

Indictment of vaccine researcher demands review of published scientific conclusions


The vaccine industry has the wherewithal to buy careerist liars to spread the lies, and it continues even when caught. "...

As the last line of defense of the Republic seems to be crumbling…


And when they don’t halt that theft, when they act in cowardly, careerist character, and the nation is delivered into the hands of the radical left, never forget what and who allowed it to happen: The feeble Republican Party that neither prepared to meet an obviously unfolding electoral theft nor fought it after it happened, the traitors to conservatism and America within the Republican Party who put style and personal grievance ahead of substance and country (are you listening, G.W. "...

Anti-war activist visited by police after posting embarrassing AOC video


Many derided AOC as a careerist who had abandoned progressive causes like Palestinian liberation in order to curry favor with Democratic Party power brokers, while others ridiculed her meaningless word salad. https://twitter.com/SocialistMMA/status/1379905138601684995 > I'm incredibly impressed with @AOC 's Obama-like ability to fill large amounts of time with words while saying absolutely nothing. "...