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A stronger heart, a healthier body: Cardiorespiratory fitness is key to lowering your risk of heart disease, advise researchers


Overall, these findings suggested a link between cardiorespiratory fitness and heart disease risk. ... The participants underwent a maximal treadmill exercise test to determine their cardiorespiratory fitness level. "...

Get moving: Reduce your risk of heart disease with aerobic exercise


The exam involved a maximal treadmill exercise test to calculate the cardiorespiratory fitness level of the participant. ... The participants were then categorized into three groups — low, moderate, and high cardiorespiratory fitness groups. "...

Physical fitness equals brain fitness for older men, according to study


They also reported their height, weight, age, sex, and resting heart rate, which the researchers used to measure their cardiorespiratory fitness. Cardiorespiratory fitness measures the amount of oxygen in the body and how well it is delivered to the muscles during exercise. "...

The health benefits of taking the stairs


To date, this is the largest study on cardiorespiratory fitness in healthy people. ... In particular, those with lower levels of cardiorespiratory fitness have the most to gain from boosting their fitness. "...

New research finds that higher levels of vitamin D are linked to better exercise capacity


In the study, it was found that higher levels of vitamin D are associated to better cardiorespiratory fitness or exercise capacity. ... With these findings, the researchers concluded that vitamin D levels in the blood are associated with cardiorespiratory fitness. "...

Just 4 weeks on an e-bike can dramatically improve your health


Before the study, the participants were thoroughly examined, and their oxygen uptake capacity (VO2) was used to determine whether they were qualified for the evaluation of cardiorespiratory fitness. ... Aside from cardiorespiratory fitness, riding a bike offers many other health benefits. "...

Improve your gut health with exercise


Researchers from Indiana University Bloomington and the University of Alabama at Birmingham knew that cardiorespiratory fitness – the efficiency with which the cardiorespiratory system delivers oxygen during exercise – was linked to greater bacterial diversity. ... Your cardiorespiratory system will respond to this, thereby improving your fitness and endurance. "...

A fit body makes a healthy heart: Research says regular exercise can reduce your risk of heart attacks by HALF


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Fitness trackers could be sending your data to healthcare providers, bumping up your premiums


Furthermore, studies now suggest that fitness trackers don’t actually lead to much improvement in exercise behaviors. ... The researchers found no evidence that Fitbit wearers were any more likely to lose weight or improve cardiorespiratory fitness or blood pressure. "...

Don't jack with nature: Electively shortening pregnancy causes higher risk of disease for the child


Cardiorespiratory fitness was defined as the body’s ability to supply oxygen to the muscles during physical activity. ... The researchers further stated that each additional week spent in the womb reduced the chances of poor cardiorespiratory fitness by about 14 percent. "...

Predisposed to heart disease? Exercise is the best way to prevent cardiac problems


Results revealed that the risk of heart attacks and stroke decreased with greater grip strength, more physical activity, and cardiorespiratory fitness, even in those who are predisposed to heart disease. ... Those with a high genetic risk for heart disease, but had high levels of cardiorespiratory fitness were 49 percent less likely to develop coronary heart disease, and 60 percent less likely to develop atrial fibrillation than those with low cardiorespiratory ...

Higher levels of vitamin D found to improve your exercise outcomes


The nationwide study compared each participant’s vitamin D levels with their cardiorespiratory fitness, which was examined using a treadmill test. ... Participants with the highest vitamin D levels had 4.3 times higher cardiorespiratory fitness compared to those with the lowest vitamin D levels. "...

Exercise is the simplest way to maintain a healthy heart


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Exercise CAN save your life, especially when it comes to brain health


They evaluated an individual’s cardiorespiratory fitness with a formula called maximal oxygen uptake, and brain imaging was utilized to study the functionality of white matter in each participant. ... Researchers then concluded that higher levels of cardiorespiratory fitness are linked with better white matter integrity, which is connected to improved brain function. "...

Sitting and stagnation lead to sickness: Study finds exercising regularly lowers risk of colorectal and lung cancer


One of these is the maintenance of cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF). This refers to the measure of peak energy expenditure and reflects a person’s overall health. ... They have all undergone exercise stress tests of fitness between 1991 and 2009. "...

A few minutes is all you need: HIIT workouts can improve your body on a cellular level


High-intensity interval training involves alternating high-intensity exercise and short rest periods to maximize calorie burn and cardiorespiratory fitness. In addition, the intensity of the exercise depends on an individual’s fitness level. "...

Even short periods of being sedentary is bad for your heart, caution researchers


In a study published in the journal Diabetologia, the researchers revealed that reducing physical activity for at least two weeks can lead to a rise in blood sugar levels, disrupt cholesterol levels and impair cardiorespiratory fitness. ... The researchers measured the participants’ cardiorespiratory fitness, body composition and multi-organ insulin sensitivity at baseline, after the two-week step reduction and two weeks after the participants resumed their normal ...

Why HIIT should be part of your workout routine


The report, in particular, noted that HIIT provides the body with multiple benefits including cardiorespiratory fitness, diabetes prevention, and even improved blood pressure — all under 30 minutes. Not another gimmick The fitness industry, inarguably, is one that has seen its share of fads and gimmicks. "...

Try "exercise snacks" (vigorous bouts of stairclimbing) to boost heart health, advise researchers


The McMaster-UBC Okanagan research team wanted to figure out if SIT exercise snacks will be enough to increase cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF). ... Climbing stairs every few hours does your heart good At the end of the experiment, the researchers evaluated the fitness levels of both groups. "...

A brisk walk doesn’t cut it for teenagers: They need vigorous, out-of-breath physical activity to prevent obesity, heart disease


So, researchers from the University of Exeter have proposed changing health guidelines for teenagers to include exercises that prioritize “increasing levels of cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular fitness, and vigorous physical activity. ” They’ve also proposed cutting back sedentary time used for watching television. ... To test the teenagers’ cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness, a 20-meter shuttle run was used in concert with a hand dynamometer. "...