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Hungry Venezuelans sleep in endless grocery lines as food shortage crisis worsens


'You can't find anything' Bloomberg also reported: Inside a Plan Suarez grocery store[last week] in eastern Caracas, shelves were mostly bare. ... "This is the worst it has ever been - I've seen lines thousands of people long," Greisly Jarpe, a 42-year-old data analyst, said while waiting for dish soap in eastern Caracas. "...

Socialist Venezuela now targeting bakeries with absurd regulations


Socialist Venezuela now targeting bakeries with absurd regulations Wednesday, March 15, 2017 by: Thomas Dishaw bakeries , Caracas , flour , socialism , Venezuela - (Natural News ) Venezuela’s Vice President Tareck El Aissami announced new regulations for bakeriesin Caracas that could force many to close their doors and cause 7,000 jobs to be at risk. ... Víctor Maldonado, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Services of Caracas, explained that this ...

My socialist hell: 20 years of decay in Venezuela


A soldier of the Bolivarian militia shoots a cannon during a ceremony for the third anniversary of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s death at the Cuartel de la Montana barracks in Caracas on March 5, 2016. ... A supporter of the Venezuelan government displays a poster of late President Hugo Chavez during a rally against US sanctions in Caracas on August 10, 2019. "...

Voting machines are a totalitarian tool dressed in a coat of democracy: Ex-intelligence official


Picture of the logo of Smartmatic, the firm that supplies Venezuela’s voting technology, seen on a sliding door at the headquarters of the company in Caracas, on Aug. 2, 2017. ... In Caracas [capital of Venezuela], they had to start trying to exercise totalitarian power,” he concluded. "...

How do ya like socialism NOW? Venezuelans feel like they’ve been “left to die” by their fearless leader who put everyone under coronavirus quarantine


Venezuelans feel like they’ve been “left to die” by their fearless leader who put everyone under coronavirus quarantine Thursday, April 09, 2020 by: JD Heyes Caracas , Collapse , covid-19 , food , health , Hugo Chavez , left cult , Nicolas Maduro , Pension , retirees , socialism , starvation , starving , Tyranny , Venezuela , Wuhan coronavirus - (Natural News ) There is no credible book called, “The Joys of Socialism” because living under that economic model is a nightmare, as country after ...

Venezuelans continue to starve, as government refuses to blame socialism


After all, hungry Venezuelans have been killing and eating animals at the zoo in Caracas just to survive . ... The opposition calling for his removal from office plans to hold a major rally in Caracas on September 1. "...

Socialism on display: Starving Venezuelans resort to eating zoo animals


In a tragic reflection of the sorry state of Venezuela's economy under the so-called "leadership" of socialist president Nicolas Maduro, citizens have resorted to killing and eating rare animals from the Caricuao Zoo in the capital city of Caracas. ... Outside Caracas, other zoos and wildlife preservation parks are experiencing similar problems. "...

Just another day in Venezuela where attempted public lynchings and bombings become the norm


Just recently, a bomb explosion in the streets of Caracas killed three people during the day of the “roadblock against the dictatorship” — a ten-hour blockade of the nation’s streets staged by the Venezuelan opposition. ... Root cause of the recent demonstration The bloody standoff in the Venezuelan capital allegedly stemmed from the opposition militants’ failed attempt at lynching a man in the Caracas neighborhood of El Paraiso over the weekend. "...

William Kern hosts new show on the new media TalkNetwork: The World Meets America


From Paris to Baghdad to Caracas, Worldmeets.US connects the United States to global perceptions about our nation. "...

Russia sends 400 armed mercenaries to try to defeat Venezuela's uprising against the tyranny of socialist Maduro


As oil output fell, so, too, did Caracas’ income from oil sales. Read more about Venezuela’s social and economic collapse at Collapse.news . "...

History repeats itself: 2 Survival lessons you must learn from the ongoing crisis in Venezuela


Martinez said he encountered a lot of acid attack victims and heard stories about young men in Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, who were shot in front of their parents while robbers hooted as they fled. "...

Venezuelan protesters have begun pelting government police with POOP bombs


Following this, the feces bombs began appearing in the cities of Valencia, Caracas, San Cristóbal, and Mérida. "...

Venezuelan hospital keeping newborn babies in cardboard boxes


The group claims that the images were taken at a government-run facility, Domingo Guzman Lander Hospital located in the coastal city of Barcelona, about 195 miles east of the capital of Caracas. "...

Venezuela collapses into food police state; biometric scanning into government database now required to purchase food


Bloomberg News also reported: Inside a Plan Suarez grocery store ... in eastern Caracas, shelves were mostly bare. "...

Voters compare Democrat coup to elections in socialist Venezuela


The way Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez used to do it in the face of huge, huge enthusiastic crowds protesting against him back in Caracas? "...

Venezuelan medical collapse: 1 in 3 people admitted to hospital die from medicine shortages


No help, no hope, only misery – that's socialism This is what it has come to: In recent days, the family and cousins of a dying three-year-old Venezuelan girl – dying from what started as a simple infection from a scraped knee – went from hospital to hospital in the capital of Caracas begging administrators for a chest-drainage machine she needed to stay alive. "...

Outbreak of mysterious deadly disease covered up by Venezuelan government as it kills off free press


The deaths have occurred in several Venezuelan cities, including the capital of Caracas. "...

Socialist medicine on parade in Venezuela: Here's what happens when government runs health care


Available medicines are less than one-third of what's required for the national population, and in the nation's capital city of Caracas, every single operating room at the primary children's hospital has been shuttered due to lack of funding and staff. "...

Socialism sucks: McDonald's runs out of french fries across Venezuela


She stormed out of a Caracas McDonald's with her family in tow after being told that the restaurant was only serving fries that were made of yuca, which is also called cassava. "...

Venezuelan government announces mandatory biometric cards to control supermarket shoppers


But government officials in Caracas are catching on - and cracking down. Smuggling of everything from gas to food and other goods into neighboring South American countries has gotten so pervasive that authorities have had to shut down the borders at night, especially the border with Colombia; they would rather do this and impede the natural flow of commerce than admit that Marxist socialism has failed. "...