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Car parts made from hemp


PSA, the French manufacturer for Peugeot and Citroen, has recently initiated its Green Materials Plan. This plan intends to increase car parts made from natural materials 600 percent by 2015. "...

Car parts news, articles and information:


PSA, the French manufacturer for Peugeot and Citroen, has recently initiated its Green Materials Plan. This plan intends to increase car parts made from natural materials 600 percent by 2015. "...

Better recycling of car scraps could yield big money AND help reduce emissions


Such analysis showed that between 94 and 99 percent of the alloy elements could be recycled from the scrap car parts. ... Aside from reducing greenhouse gas emissions, recycling car parts can result in less air pollution, less water pollution, and less mining waste. "...

Parts news, articles and information:


PSA, the French manufacturer for Peugeot and Citroen, has recently initiated its Green Materials Plan. This plan intends to increase car parts made from natural materials 600 percent by 2015. "...

Tesla car owners suddenly discover the NIGHTMARE of trying to get repairs for a vehicle that's out of warranty


Tesla car owners suddenly discover the NIGHTMARE of trying to get repairs for a vehicle that’s out of warranty Wednesday, September 05, 2018 by: Lance D Johanson car parts , car repairs , cheap , customer service , durability , electric cars , electric powered vehicles , Elon Musk , evil corporation , expired warranty , faulty wiring , future tech , inventions , roadside service , service centers , tesla , Tesla Model S , Tesla Motors , warranty Bypass censorship ...

Bones and body parts don't wear out with age: Questioning the strange metaphors of conventional medicine


It's not just that things wear out, and anyone who says the human body is like a bunch of car parts is using the wrong metaphor. ... Car parts wear out the more you use them because you have gears rubbing on gears, which creates friction and the breakdown of metal, and, eventually, you end up with a gear that's worn out. "...

Chip shortage cripples car production amid high demand


“We may just be in the greatest new-car market of our existence and we’re doing it with no cars,” Philadelphia-area car dealer David Kelleher told The Wall Street Journal. ... Car parts manufacturer Eypex Corporation had to cut the workweek to three days and reduce the workforce to about half from the start of the year after the closure of Ford’s Chicago plant, which is one of its biggest customers. "...

ZAP leaps into the electric car market with plug-in sports car


Electric motorcycle and scooter manufacturer ZAP hopes to introduce an electric sports car by the end of next year, the company has announced. ... By removing many parts that are not necessary for an electric engine, ZAP - so called because it produces "Zero Air Pollution" - claims that it was able to make a car that runs a record 350 miles before needing a battery recharge. "...

European carmakers scramble to replace vital Ukrainian auto parts


Follow MarketCrash.news to know more about the supply crunch in the car industry. ... Chocolate-based fuel and plant fiber car – A new wave of eco-friendly innovation . "...

World Bank wants to end car sales to combat "climate change"


By 2030, 68 percent of all passenger car sales must be supposedly zero-emission vehicles. ... In 2020, electric vehicle sales represented 7.8 percent of all car sales in the state. "...

How to prep your car before SHTF


Check the oil, transmission fluid, tire pressure, and other parts of the BOV. Since a lot of these things might get too complicated for the average car owner, it’s best to consult a mechanic for help and advice. Ask about car maintenance and observe closely, so you can learn how to do more thorough check-ups on the vehicle yourself. - Keep your gas tank always at least half-filled – Don’t let your car’s gas tank dip below the half-line. "...

Bacteria could make car fuel from thin air


An enzyme produced by a common soil bacterium may help produce usable automobile fuel from a vehicle's own exhaust pipe, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of California and the California Institute of Technology. ... "Two hundred years of burning fossil fuels and cutting down large tracts of forest has increased the atmosphere's carbon dioxide content from about 280 parts per million to over 350 parts per million," writes Ervin Laszlo in the book ...

GM fights to get green with upcoming electric car,


Following in the wake of heavy criticism for abandoning the EV1 electric car, faltering auto giant General Motors Corp. has unveiled their latest offering to the clean car market, their new "Volt" concept car. ... The story of the EV1 was chronicled in last year's documentary film "Who Killed the Electric Car?" "...

GM defends its position on who killed the electric car


"Who Killed the Electric Car?" ... The feedback for the car that holds the land speed record for electric vehicles - at 186 mph - was greatly positive, and supporters of the car have expressed anger that GM pulled the plug on the program. "...

The deadly poison lurking in your car's air bags


Automobile airbags, which have been mandatory in the United States and other countries for almost two decades, have long been touted as life savers. ... Studies dating as far back as 1970 show that sodium azide kills or degrades the seeds of many plants at 10 parts per million in the soil. "...

Eating Beef More Destructive to Environment than Driving a Car


The environmental footprint of producing just over two pounds of beef is greater than that of driving a car for three hours, according to a Japanese study reported on "New Scientist." ... No more than the rest of the FDA-approved toxic food supply 'Pink Slime' (beef parts paste with ammonia) good for kids, says Beef Products, Inc Ground beef prices hit all-time high in US More than a ton of factory farmed beef recently recalled Thieves suspected in disappearance of 150 cattle as ...

New problem adding to national supply chain woes: Getting spare parts for tractor-trailer rigs that break down


Now, there is a new problem associated with the supply chain breakdown that will actually hasten the collapse: A dearth of spare parts not only for ordinary vehicles but for over-the-road trucks that are vital to our country’s transport system, as noted by Zero Hedge : A global semiconductor shortage has reduced new car production and boosted used car demand. The average used car age on U.S. highways hit 12.1 this year, a record high, and has unleashed a repair ...

Toxic flame retardants found in newly manufactured children's car seats


Toxic flame retardants found in newly manufactured children’s car seats Tuesday, June 11, 2019 by: Ralph Flores babies , badhealth , car seats , chemicals , child health , child safety dangerous chemicals , deception , disease causes , environment , Flame retardants , hygiene , infant health , Infants , poisons , safety seats , toxic car seats , toxic chemicals , toxic ingredients , toxins Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/356193....

NY County officials use body parts of dead citizen for police dog training


NY County officials use body parts of dead citizen for police dog training Saturday, August 10, 2013 by: J. ... According to The Associated Press, Dunn, 32, was killed in a car accident in Cambria on April 13, 2012. "...

Changing the oil in your car every 3,000 miles is a SCAM!


Since my earliest days as a driver, it was drummed into my head by my dad and auto mechanics everywhere: Take care of your car and it will take care of you. "...