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Learning from Cape Town’s countdown to "Day Zero:" How to survive without tap water


Well, perhaps in the U.S. it can’t, but in other places, like Cape Town in South Africa, the problem can be so much worse. The situation in Cape Town is said to be so bad now that there is an ongoing countdown to what they call “Day Zero,” when the city finally runs out of water and it will need to be rationed by the government to the people each day. "...

COLLAPSE: Large city just days away from running out of water, turning off all water taps to residential households... massive PANIC and UNREST to follow


Water levels are decreasing at a rapid rate, and if this trend continues, then the city of Cape Town is prepared to declare Day Zero in less than three months. ... The region of South Africa is growing dryer and dryer with each passing year, so careful water management is a must for Cape Town. "...

Dr. Robert Malone: Top universities worldwide are now puppets of the World Economic Forum


International college president memberships include Oxford, University of Cape Town (South Africa), and top Chinese and European universities. "...

Princeton says SCIENCE is racist and "gendered" because so many men pursue it... is anything safe from the libtards?


Thursday, December 13, 2018 by: Ethan Huff ableist , anti-male , anti-white , bad science , badscience , black , campus insanity , Catherine Clune-Taylor , classist , feminism , feminist , gender wars , gendered , ideology , Jerry Coyne , Liberal Mob , Libtards , people of color , Princeton , Princeton University , race wars , racism , racist , science , science clowns , sexist , stupid , University of Alberta , University of Cape Town , University of Chicago This article may contain ...

Sutherlandia or Cancer Bush of South Africa Aids in the Treatment of Wasting Diseases


Growing wild in the Western Cape and in the hills of Zululand, Sutherlandia assists the body in combating disease. ... An article published in a Cape Town newspaper on September 5, 2001 titled, "Time to look to our heritage for AIDS cure" suggested that "cancer bush is the most profound tonic that Africa can offer AIDS sufferers." "...

Mystery disease harms penguins


Meanwhile, tens of thousands of penguins on a series of remote islands near Cape Town, South Africa, are threatened by a recent shipwreck-induced oil spill. "...

Roobios tea - A history lesson


Sometimes called bush tea, redbush tea, or South African red tea, rooibos tea is grown in a small area of the Western Cape. ... Then in the 1700s, Cape Town became a very busy Dutch East India Company port town, and a starting point for all sorts of botanists, biologists, and other scientists and explorers wanting to have an adventure in the fynbos, the natural shrubland of vegetation along the Western Cape. "...

South African brothers disappear with $3.6 billion worth of stolen bitcoin


A Cape Town law firm hired by investigators says it is unable to find Ameer and Raees Cajee, founders of Africrypt, the country’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. "...

Something strange going on in Antarctica: COVID outbreak at fully vaxxed base soon after alleged Antarctic NWO meeting - One attendee tweeted: 'This will change everything... everything'


The IPF said that the first positive test was recorded on the 15 December, among a team that had arrived a few days earlier from Cape Town in South Africa. "...

Mass media's manufactured panic over new "super mutation" covid variant is STRANDING air passengers on jets


“The Johannesburg flight and also our Cape Town flight cannot enter the Netherlands without any restrictions,” one of the pilots was heard telling passengers in a video that one of them posted to social media (you can watch it below). "...

Success Against HIV and Cancer in South Africa (Oleander Series Part 5)


The medical doctor in Cape Town who is using the mix for all his cancer patients has continued to have good results. ... The doctor in Cape Town whose own wife had metastasized cancer to the bones, is now cancer free. "...

South Africa goes into lockdown as the country struggles against coronavirus


According to the country’s health minister, both deaths occurred in the southern province of Western Cape, home to the city of Cape Town. "...

Obesity leads to early death regardless of physical exercise ability, researchers find


In a recent editorial in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, scientists from the University of California-Davis, University of Cape Town, Sports Science Institute of South Africa and Frimley Park Hospital in the United Kingdom, accuse fast food companies of using tactics similar to those of Big Tobacco to downplay the lethal effects of their products. "...

Cities that are running out of water can now safely remove at least some pharmaceuticals from recycled water and wastewater


Cities like Cape Town in South Africa are faced with dwindling amounts of water in their dams and reservoirs. "...

Scientists call out junk food companies that blame lack of exercise for their products' negative health effects


Fast food companies use tactics reminiscent of Big Tobacco in their efforts to convince people that exercise can make up for the effects of a terrible diet, according to a scorching editorial in the British Journal of Sports Medicine authored by scientists from the University of California-Davis, University of Cape Town and Sports Science Institute of South Africa and Frimley Park Hospital in the United Kingdom. "...

British doctors admit saturated fats are vital for good health, help naturally lower cholesterol without drugs


"Focusing on an elevated blood cholesterol concentration as the exclusive cause of coronary heart disease is unquestionably the worst medical error of our time," says Timothy Noakes, a professor at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. "...

Benefit from the Natural Health of Bananas


The Dali Medical Centre in Cape Town, South Africa reputedly uses bananas with soy milk and herbs to treat cataracts as well. "...

Killer whales are now removing and eating SHARK LIVERS with astonishing surgical precision


Experts inferred that pods of killer whales or orcas residing in the southern part of Cape Town might be responsible for the recent attacks. "...

Medical police state: South Africa to mandate tests, vaccination, indefinite quarantine in the name of health


The official sought to change regulations added to the NHA in 2017, instead of outright changing the law, which would require the consent of the South African Parliament in Cape Town. "...

Geo-nocide: Geoengineering could cause malaria resurgence in tropical countries


Carlson and the new study’s senior author, Christopher Trisos, a senior researcher at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, published a commentary in the journal Nature Climate Change back in 2018 that hypothesized what has now been confirmed with their latest research. "...