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Obamacare scorecard: 50 to 1 cancellations vs. enrollments


More than six weeks after the official rollout of Obamacare, far fewer Americans have signed up for health insurance under a state or federal exchange created by the law than have been kicked off their private plans because of the law's mandated coverage requirements. "...

Americans in state of shock as 80 million more health insurance cancellations now expected under Obamacare


In the days of Richard Nixon, amidst the chaos and scandal of Watergate, the president uttered this most famous of all political quotes in an interview with the Washington Post , the newspaper that broke the story: "I am not a crook." "...

Insurance Company Ordered to Pay $9 Million for Cancelling Patient's Policy


Before this ruling, insurance companies had staunchly defended such cancellations, explaining that they were necessary to keep costs down. Their reasoning behind the cancellations was that they were weeding out people who had failed to disclose pre-existing conditions on their insurance applications. "...

Chinese government suddenly canceling scores of flights, train schedules in major cities: Is coronavirus out of control?


While the airlines claimed “public security issues” are what caused the cancellations, as usual there were no further details. That said, state-run media did quote an Air China staffer who said that the cancellations “could be related to coronavirus outbreak.” "...

Leftist mob dismantles history with removal of cop shows, censorship of Gone with the Wind


Leftist mob dismantles history with removal of cop shows, censorship of Gone with the Wind Tuesday, July 07, 2020 by: Ethan Huff cancellations , cop shows , Gone With The Wind , HBO Max , leftist mob , Little Britain , racism - (Natural News ) The classic film Gone with the Wind, or at least the original version of it, has been axed from HBO Max, as have numerous other shows from various networks that feature police officers and other “offensive” content. ... Sources for this article include: ...

Detroit citizens launch Detroit Water Brigade as battle looms with corporate monopolization of water supply


As reported by MintPress News, the service cancellations are part of a package of "reforms" by the city government, including a push to privatize services that were once managed by the city government.. ... Water a "basic human right" DeMeeko Williams, co-founder, political director and chief coordinator of the Detroit Water Brigade, a group he helped found to end water service cancellations after his own water was shut off, noted that while ordinary citizens were losing their service, ...

Obamacare: Cancelled plans vastly exceed enrollments so far


Still, even without full, accurate enrollment figures, the net effect of the Affordable Care Act is clear: There are many more cancellations of policies than new sign-ups. ... Now, attempts to fix or reverse the cancellations are dying on the vine, so to speak, leaving the Obama administration to backtrack on its enrollment goals. "...

WHO reverses course, again: Lockdowns as primary response to COVID-19 now said to be "damaging"


The pandemic has the hardest hit the travel sector: Countries’ varying lockdown rules have caused flight cancellations. "...

Air travel a major factor in spread of influenza


A study by Harvard University scientists has linked air travel with the spread of flu, after the annual winter outbreak of the virus in the United States was delayed by nearly two weeks in 2001 due to flight bans and cancellations in the wake of Sept. 11. "...

American Airlines confirms one pilot POSITIVE with coronavirus – BUT won't say which routes or dates he flew


According to the S&P 500 index, major U.S. carriers tumbled by 20 percent at the close in New York on Thursday—a direct result of mass cancellations by worried passengers. "...

U.S. Capitol, congressional offices now on LOCKDOWN after Senate staffer tests positive for coronavirus


Capitol, congressional offices now on LOCKDOWN after Senate staffer tests positive for coronavirus Sunday, March 15, 2020 by: JD Heyes campaign rallies , cancellations , China , Congress , coronavirus , infections , Lawmakers , lockdown , outbreak , pandemic , President Trump , self-quarantine , Senate , spread , U.S. "...

Housing bubble peaks as 28 states see decline in home sales


The association blamed the drop - the seventh consecutive decline in the index - on apprehension among homebuilders about increased cancellations of new home contracts as well as record levels of unsold new and existing homes. "...

"Unicorn" tech company UBER fires 3,500 people on 3-minute phone call, horrifying millennials


After dealing with a slew of cancellations and a serious drop in demand, the firm announced they need to cut around a quarter of their staff, or 1,900 employees. "...

Hate crime hoax: African-American pleads guilty to defacing university with racist graffiti


Graffiti scared students and led to class cancellations The school canceled classes in February in response to the threats in the graffiti and held a town hall meeting that attracted 200 people after an incident where racist graffiti was found in Henson Science Hall. "...

Washington state shuts down all restaurants and bars, caps ALL gatherings to no more than 50 people


What’s currently happening in Washington with involuntary isolation, quarantines, mass cancellations of major public events, and basically the complete shutdown of all commerce is more than likely going to spread to other areas in the coming days. "...

Coronavirus worries causing ad money to dry up for NY Times and other publishers


We’re likely to see less manufacturing, lower retail sales, public entertainment cancellations, and less travel. "...

Facebook and Twitter stocks plunge as advertisers leave


These represent just the latest cancellations that social media companies, especially Facebook, have endured in recent weeks. "...

Coronavirus now disrupting China’s shipping industry, which will lead to collapse of global supply chain


Lasse Kristofferson, the CEO of Norwegian shipping group Torvald Klaveness, said in an interview with Reuters that 25 percent of the company’s container fleet has been affected by cancellations. "...

The NY Times wants a taxpayer funded bailout to prop up its fake news operations


In just the last two weeks, [advertising] cancellations have cost us more than $1 million, and there is no sign of quick recovery on the horizon. "...

Over 700 new Ebola cases confirmed in one week as outbreak explodes


"Flight cancellations and other travel restrictions continue to isolate affected countries, resulting in detrimental economic consequences, and hinder relief and response efforts risking further international spread," reads a statement issued by a WHO committee of about 20 experts, headed by Director-General Margaret Chan. "...