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Scientists have underestimated how much snow accumulates in North America


They also mentioned that around 60 percent of all snow accumulation in North America happens in the mountains, with most of it atop the Canadian Rockies and 10 other mountain ranges. ... However, he said the true importance of the Canadian Rockies still hasn’t been realized. "...

Here are the Hollywood celebrities to blame when you are facing starvation due to lack of energy, fertilizers for farming


Even as energy prices soar and many working class families struggle to put food on the table, Hollywood millionaires are belly-aching about how transporting a clean fossil fuel from the Canadian Rockies in British Columbia to the Pacific coast will somehow harm “native” people groups while contributing to global warming. "...

Salaries in the U.S. and Canada Threatened by Globalization


David, Canada, the last canning plant east of the Rockies. The closing of the plant with its loss of 120 jobs has repercussions for the future of farmland in the Niagara Peninsula. ... Although the promise of NAFTA was that the wages of Mexicans would rise to meet those of the U.S. and Canadian workers, the reality is that wages in the U.S., Canada and Mexico are being pushed down. "...