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Canada says NO to guns but YES to drugs


Bennett is hoping that the “scheme” will become the model for other provinces across Canada. ... Canada’s nationwide ban on handgun sales, purchases and transfers took effect on October 21. "...

Canada's Trudeau declares WAR against all pro-life pregnancy centers in Canada


“The Trudeau Liberals are on the warpath to shut down every single charity in Canada that voices any pro-life beliefs whatsoever.” CLC has been working on the front lines , asking Members of parliament to “oppose any bill, motion, or regulatory policy that seeks to penalize Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Canada.” "...

Canada's Freedom Convoy invokes waves of protests against Canada's COVID mandates


“However, the current federal policy does pose a significant risk to Canada’s economy and to the supply chain in our Saskatchewan communities where you and I live. ... Watch Jeffery Jaxen and Del Bigtree talk about the Freedom Convoy protest in Canada on “The HighWire.” "...

Canada to become ASSISTED SUICIDE capital of the world


The numbers skyrocketed to 10,064 by 2021, accounting for more than three percent of all deaths in Canada that year. ... Sources include: CommonSense.news LifeSiteNews.com Brighteon.com Previous :Bank of America warns: US economy could lose 175,000 jobs a month next year due to Fed’s inflation policies Next : US power consumption to reach record high as economic activity resumes - More news on assisted suicide Canada to become ASSISTED SUICIDE capital of the world National assisted ...

Simply EVIL: Canada plans to legalize euthanizing INFANTS


Of these, Canada’s euthanasia laws are arguably the most permissive . Euthanasia is also legal in several Australian states. ... The group recommended that Canada’s medical assistance in dying (MAID) laws be amended to allow for these instances. "...

Killing free speech in Canada


If Canada’s government proves sympathetic to the new recommendations of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights, the prospects for free speech in Canada look increasingly bleak. Pictured: The Parliament of Canada, in Ottawa. (Image source: Saffron Blaze/Wikimedia Commons) In May, Canada launched a so-called Digital Charter , meant to promote “trust in a digital world”. "...

Prescription heroin approved in Canada


Prescription heroin approved in Canada Thursday, September 29, 2016 by: Ethan A. ... Follow real-time breaking news headlines on Prescription heroin at FETCH.news The world of independent media, all in one place. - More news on prescription heroin Adya Clarity caught deceiving Health Canada in licensing scam that hid aluminum content Canada to change standards for natural health products Canada approves genetically modified salmon for sale after claiming 'rigorous ...

Canada news, articles and information:


Canada news, articles and information: Tweet Pin It Canada to change standards for natural health products 9/26/2016 - The Canadian government is cracking down on claims made on natural health products. ... "In Canada 3-4% of drugs approved will... Health Canada Failed to Release Report Connecting Asbestos to Lung Cancer 6/12/2009 - For more than a year Health Canada held on to a report that concluded there is a "strong relationship" between lung cancer ...

Canada Labels BPA as Toxic


Canada has taken a large step in the fight against BPA. Even in the face of industry opposition, Canada has declared BPA to be a toxic substance. ... Canada labeling BPA toxic will now create major shifts in industry, with manufacturers being forced to adhere to the new policy. "...

Pharmaceuticals are bankrupting Canada, too


The Canadian health system is under massive strain from ballooning drug spending, notes Toronto Star business columnist David Olive. ... Part of the problem, Olive notes, may be that drugs in Canada are so easy to find; the country has 56 percent more drug stores per capita than even the drug-happy United States. "...

Canada's Oil Sands Declared


A report issued by the nonprofit organization Environmental Defense has declared petroleum extraction projects in Canada's oil sands to be "the most destructive project on Earth." ... In 2007, Canada's national health agency launched a complaint against the Fort Chipewyan town doctor after he publicly complained about rates of abnormal diseases in the town. "...

KILLING THE HELPLESS: Canada set to legalize euthanasia for mentally ill patients


The two discussed the rapidly declining situation of euthanasia laws in Canada. ... Carlson also commented that Canada’s medical system is comparable to the Nazis. "...

Is Canada becoming North America's Cuba?


(Article by Dennis Prager republished from WND.com ) I suspect that most Americans – and certainly most people outside of America or Canada – do not know precisely what Canada’s Marxist prime minister, Justin Trudeau, is doing to his country. ... As one who has followed Canadian life over the decades – I have lectured in nine of Canada’s 10 provinces – the moral descent of Canada is depressing but not especially surprising. "...

Canada throwing away MILLIONS of COVID-19 vaccines after spending BILLIONS with Big Pharma


This video is from the Vaccine Choice Canada channel on Brighteon.com . More related stories: IT’S THE VACCINE: “Unknown causes” are now the leading cause of death in Alberta, Canada . Canada’s vaccine passport to face federal privacy probe . Grueling process: Canada has only settled 8 COVID-19 vaccine injury claims; HUNDREDS are still on waiting list . "...

Canada embraces arbitrary detention for travelers


Additionally, under the Charter, “every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain in and leave Canada” and “to pursue the gaining of a livelihood in any province”. ... There is a seething undercurrent of discontent in Canada over the Covid restrictions, and Canadians are just now finding out about the international travel detention centers, and they are appalled that this is happening in Canada. "...

Canada's military to discharge unvaccinated soldiers despite withdrawal of vaccine mandates


Watch the president of Vaccine Choice Canada speak about vaccines as a choice in the video below. ... Canada expands COVID-19 vaccine mandate, violates basic human rights . Trudeau’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate violates Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedom, says charter signatory . "...

Marijuana to be legalized in Canada by mid-2018


Canada’s CBC News is reporting that the decision will be announced officially in the week of April 10, and that the law will be set out in harmony with the recommendations of a task force appointed by the federal government and chaired by Anne McLellan, who served as Canada’s Justice Minister between 1997 and 2002. ... While views about the legalization of marijuana remain divided, the United States is slowly but surely following in the same path as Canada. "...

Health Canada news, articles and information:


"In Canada 3-4% of drugs approved will... Health Canada Failed to Release Report Connecting Asbestos to Lung Cancer 6/12/2009 - For more than a year Health Canada held on to a report that concluded there is a "strong relationship" between lung cancer and chrysotile asbestos mined in Canada. ... Concept-related articles: Canada: - Adya Clarity caught deceiving Health Canada in licensing scam that hid aluminum content - Canada to change ...

Huge win for freedom of speech in Canada


We don't hear much about civil rights violations in uber-socialist Canada, but every now and then the leaders and institutions of our frosty neighbor to the north (like the elected leaders of our own country) tend to forget that, at their core, human beings trend towards liberty and freedom over state-mandated oppression. ... "The tools of censorship should not be available to prohibit freedom of religious expression in Canada . "...