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Campus Reform media director endorses social media gulags for conservatives


Campus Reform media director endorses social media gulags for conservatives Saturday, May 04, 2019 by: News Editors Big Tech , Campus Reform , Censored , Censorship , conservatives , Constitution , Facebook , free speech , freedom , Liberty , lunatics , Twisted , Twitter Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/350243.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Cabot Phillips, the media director for Campus Reform and former ...

These are the words colleges don't want you to say


These are the words colleges don’t want you to say Thursday, February 04, 2021 by: News Editors banned , colleges , current events , education , freedom , political correctness , politics , propaganda , speech police , universities Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/494193.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Amid a nationwide movement to remove statues, symbols, and words in the name of inclusion, Campus Reform rounded up recent examples of words ...

VIDEO: Young voters love Trump's COVID plan...when told it's Biden's


(Article by Eduardo Neret republished from CampusReform.org ) Most were surprised to hear about Trump’s efforts. ... Campus Reform also asked people if they feel Trump is trying to help Americans during the pandemic. "...

Profs and students 'demand' full 'abolition' of campus police, BLM flag to be flown


(Article by Jessica Custodio republished from CampusReform.org ) The letter demanding that the school rid itself of police was written by five students and signed by 50 people, 39 of them being UVM faculty members, according to The Vermont Cynic . ... University of Vermont spokesperson Enrique Corredera confirmed to Campus Reform that “Provost [Patricia] Prelock has met with students who submitted the demands to facilitate a discussion about their concerns.” "...

Have you or a loved one been 'affected' by 'free speech?' Colorado State University has resources to help


In 2019, Campus Reform reported that university President Joyce McConnell equated campus hate crimes to an impending Charlie Kirk appearance on campus. ... Campus Reform has reached out to Colorado State University and TPUSA for comment. "...

24 states now pursuing free speech bills to protect conservative speakers from left-wing bullies and liberal authoritarians


24 states now pursuing free speech bills to protect conservative speakers from left-wing bullies and liberal authoritarians Thursday, March 22, 2018 by: Jayson Veley authoritarianism , campus , Censorship , college campus , Crybullies , First Amendment , free speech , freedom , Hate speech , intolerance , left cult , Liberal Mob , Liberty , Libtards - (Natural News ) A total of 24 states across the country have now either introduced or passed legislation in defense of the freedom ...

Monmouth University orders vaccinated students to still wear masks on campus this fall


At least one of them told Campus Reform that real science, not politicized Tony Fauci “science,” has already proven that masks are “nearly ineffective.” ... Campus Reform attempted to reach out to Monmouth for comment on the petition but did not receive a response before publishing time. "...

Totalitarian university left-wingers DENOUNCE state legislation to protect free speech on college campuses


Earlier this month, the campus news site Campus Reform reported that South Dakota State University’s student senate recently passed a resolution that objected to House Bill 1073, which would have guaranteed that all students on campus would be protected from those that seek to limit their free speech rights. ... Sources include: CampusReform.org TheCollegeFix.com DailyWire.com Previous :Actor Bill Murray denounces the divisive, “victimization” ...

Cultural revolution: Woke totalitarians have taken over campus


To this campus Rip-van-Winkle, things now look very different. (Article by John Staddon republished from CampusReform.org ) I didn’t notice much until the current anti-racism crisis, when I found that academe, as a place for free exchange of ideas, had become almost unrecognizable. ... John Staddon is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Neuroscience Read more at: CampusReform.org Previous :The left releases their plan to RUIN AMERICA forever ...

VIDEO: Students sign petition to ban 'offensive' white man in crosswalk signs


GW students also previously told Campus Reform that President Barack Obama is the best president in U.S. history. ... Many students signed Campus Reform’s fake petition. Even one university faculty member expressed support, as well. "...

'The endpoint of critical race theory': Columbia University faces backlash for segregated graduations


(Article by Benjamin Zeisloft republished from CampusReform.org ) In order to “provide a more intimate setting for students who self-identify in a variety of ways,” the Ivy League school said these programs are a way to “complement ” the main ceremonies. ... Campus Reform reached out to Columbia University on Tuesday for additional comment. "...

Cornell offers 'person of color' exemption for flu vaccine requirement


One Cornell undergraduate, who spoke to Campus Reform on the condition of anonymity, said that “all students deserve equal treatment regarding what healthcare choices they are allowed to make at Cornell.” ... Campus Reform contacted Cornell University for more information and will update this article accordingly. "...

Hilarious video: College students and professors LOVE socialism ... but have no idea what it is


Recently, the campus watchdog organization Campus Reform traveled to the nation’s capital to ask young people how they feel about socialism. ... Sadly, though, the pro-socialism attitude depicted in Campus Reform’s video has been confirmed in recent months by multiple polls and surveys. "...

CU-Boulder: 'Black Lives Matter' values are a 'non-negotiable condition' of enrollment


(Article by Chandler Glander republished from CampusReform.org ) Since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25, protests and riots have swept the country. ... CU-Boulder spokeswoman Deborah Mendez-Wilson told Campus Reform, “We value and support the principles of academic freedom and free expression, which are central to our academic mission. "...

Students call for laxed grading for black students. University goes along with it.


(Article by Jessica Custodio republished from CampusReform.org ) An online petition calls for laxed grading and accommodations, specifically for Black students. ... Nicole McNichols , UW Psychology Professor provided Campus Reform with a copy of the email she sent to her own students. "...

Citing the scientific research of white men now blamed for "marginalization" of women and people of color, claim delusional left-wing academics


As reported by Campus Reform, a pair of feminist professors who teach geography — yes, geography — recently wrote in an actual academic journal that certain citations in scholarly articles do nothing but contribute to “white heteromasculinity” because they ignore research by minorities and women. ... In an interview with Campus Reform, Mott said she and her co-author wrote their piece after they observed that “white men tend to be cited in much higher numbers than ...

United against China: College Dems join College Republicans in demand to close ALL Chinese 'propaganda' centers on campus


Campus Reform recently reported that dozens of such centers, deemed “propaganda” cells by intelligence officials still operate on American campuses. ... Read more at: CampusReform.com Previous :Cruz: Twitter silencing ‘genuine political speech by Americans while facilitating terroristic threats by Iran’ Next : Why do black lives ‘matter’? "...

Stanford scraps admission test requirement for medical students


The Stanford College Republicans said in a statement to Campus Reform that it disagrees with the move. ... The GRE and MCAT provide that,” Layton told Campus Reform. “They are expensive, and I am sure test dates have been moved and canceled repeatedly throughout the year due to COVID.” "...

10 most extreme 'Critical Race Theory' classes and trainings at US colleges


(Article by Jezzamine Wolk republished from CampusReform.org ) “These types of ‘trainings’ not only run counter to the fundamental beliefs for which our Nation has stood since its inception, but they also engender division and resentment within the Federal workforce,” Director of the Office of Management and Budget Russell Vought wrote in a memo to federal employees, according to Fox News . Meanwhile, colleges across the country are seeing a growing trend of racial sensitivity classes ...

Campus PURGES accelerate as student leaders who refuse to stand with 'Black Lives Matter' now face impeachment


As reported by Campus Reform, the extremism has now grown into outsized demands that anyone in school leadership or in front offices who doesn't concur with the Black Lives Matter agenda must be forced out and replaced with a mind-numbed, subservient drone. ... Sources: CampusReform.org HuffingtonPost.com LJWorld.com NaturalNews.com - Search on GoodGopher.com GoodGopher.com is the new search engine for truth seekers. "...