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10 must-have solar-powered camping gadgets


10 must-have solar-powered camping gadgets Saturday, April 15, 2017 by: Earl Garcia camp site , camping , solar energy , solar power - (Natural News ) Camping is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities in the U.S. ... Data also show that consumers spent more than $2.5 billion on camping equipment in the same year. "...

Worth their weight: Why you should always include nail clippers in your camping kit


Worth their weight: Why you should always include nail clippers in your camping kit Monday, January 22, 2018 by: Frances Bloomfield camping , camping equipment , camping kit , Gear , grooming , nail care , nail clippers , preparedness , prepping , survival gear - (Natural News ) When you think of survival equipment, the nail clipper doesn’t immediately jump to mind. ... The fact is that this humble grooming kit essential would fit right in with ...

Going off grid? Here’s a look at 9 solar lanterns


Here’s a look at 9 solar lanterns Sunday, January 21, 2018 by: Rita Winters camping equipment , camping gear , camping lanterns , Gear , hiking gear , off-grid lighting , offgrid , outdoor lighting , outdoors , preparedness , solar lanterns , survival gear , survival lighting - (Natural News ) Are you planning on shopping for a solar lantern for your upcoming camping trip? ... If you need more tips on camping gear, visit Preparedness.news. Sources ...

Survival essentials: 5 Solar-powered items you need for your homestead


Solar-powered lanterns are also lightweight, so you can easily add them to your bugout bag and camping pack. ... Solar-powered generator A solar-powered generator is a handy piece of equipment to own in case the power grid falters. "...

Prepping 101: How to create and store a survival kit


. - Maintain electronic equipment and tools. If your survival kit has electronic or battery-powered devices like radios and flashlights, check on it periodically to make sure the devices are maintained. ... Sources include: ThePreppingGuide.com BobVila.com Previous :Storing salt: 3 Good reasons to stock up on salt - More news on bug out Prepping 101: How to create and store a survival kit 10 Must-have camping tools that can teach your kids survival skills Prepping checklist: Camping ...

Rainy day blues no more: Tips to enjoy hiking and backpacking, even during the wet season


(Related: 10 must-have solar-powered camping gadgets .) - Mind the clothing — Choose the right clothing material to keep yourself warm. ... The entry recommends drying the feet when you sleep. - Be conscious of cuts, wounds — Experts have also highlighted the importance of keeping track of cuts and skin abrasions. - Dry damp articles — After spending some time in the rain, it is advisable that hikers dry clothes, equipment, and other materials that have been soaked. - Enjoy the ...

Guidelines for choosing clothing and accessories for any survival situation


Footwear, accessories and equipment pointers for better survival Aside from the clothing articles, choosing the right accessories and equipment to go with them prove just as important in survival. ... Handkerchiefs may also prove essential in survival as they can be used as cordage, first aid treatment and signalling equipment. - Personal protective equipment – Other important survival must-haves include personal protective equipment such as elbow and ...

Prepping for SHTF: Top gear you need


In case SHTF, you should be prepared with the right equipment to help you survive. ... Tactical knives serve as great overall tools for hunting, camping, and bugging out. "...

How to make an invisible shelter looters can't find


If you have the time, equipment and engineering know-how, you can also dig an underground shelter. ... Sources include: AskAPrepper.com SurvivalSullivan.com Previous :Study: Recovering from a coronavirus infection gives you lifelong antibody protection… but authorities refuse to recognize natural immunity - More news on bug out How to make an invisible shelter looters can’t find 16 essential supplies you need in your emergency first aid kit 10 Tips to help you stay clean during a disaster ...

There are five levels of preppers... which one are you?


Level 1 preppers are expected to have a small kit of equipment with lights, batteries, matches and a few tools. ... They have plans and equipment to deal with anything short of a direct hit from a nuke or EF5 tornado, and they know all the ways into and out of an area, including rural, unmarked and overland routes. "...

FBI preparing for Waco-style armed raid in Oregon... local schools taken over by feds as staging areas for weapons stockpiling in preparation for massive assault


The kind of equipment being staged by federal officials is inconsistent with any "peaceful resolution" and looks intended to bring the standoff to a sudden and violent end with bloodshed caused by an armed government carrying out the mass slaughter of private citizens and protesters. Most likely this equipment includes night operations gear such as PVS-27 light magnification optics that can be attached to existing rifle optics with requiring a re-zero, enabling federal officials ...

Items, skills and reference materials: How to find prepping resources within your community


Community prepper resources refer to classes, events, lectures or places where you can acquire equipment, knowledge, skills or supplies. ... These sales may offer hidden treasures like: - Camping gear - Camp stoves - Canvas and tarps - Clothes (e.g. camouflage clothing) - Electronics - Fishing equipment - Flashlights - Ham or FRS radios - Hand-operated American-made tools and kitchen appliances - Sporting goods - Tents and stakes Prepping skills You can learn different ...

Essential homesteading skills for self-sufficiency


Welding If you have old equipment like tractors and mowers, knowing how to weld metal will come in handy should these machines break down. A small wire welder and beginner welding skills could mean the difference between fixing broken equipment yourself or having to make a trip to town. "...

Do you have these essential items in your survival fire starter kit?


Monday, May 13, 2019 by: Zoey Sky bug out , bug out bag , bugging out , bugout , candles , Collapse , disaster , EDC kit , EDC kit items , emergency preparedness , everyday carry kit , ferro rods , firestarter kits , firestarters , firestarting , Gear , lighters , matches , off grid , prepping , prepping tips , self sufficiency , self-reliance , SHTF , survival , survival gear , Survival Tips , survival tools , wilderness , wilderness survival - (Natural News ) Whether you’re camping or ...

Tips for choosing and organizing a medic bag


Although it is easy to find lists of must-have first aid items online, little attention is paid to the bag in which you keep this equipment. ... Seeds of life: Keep your food supply alive after SHTF How to make survival energy bars from scratch 5 Tips for building a bugout trailer 5 Reasons why motorcycles are the best bug out vehicles Cleanliness 101: The difference between cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing Essential supplies to pack in your first aid kit for a camping trip ...

Health Ranger update: Water filter tests, prepper mistakes and a new online course for enhanced brain function


First off, the final testing of gravity water filters (Berkey, Pro Pur, etc.) was delayed by nearly two weeks due to a lab equipment problem. ... Here's another classic mistake made by preppers who live in cities and suburbs: thinking that "bugging out" means driving to the woods and having an extended camping experience. "...

Get out in the field and learn survival now – because you can’t do it “on the job”


That requires actually getting out in the field and using that piece of equipment. ... (RELATED: Camping: A Great Way To Practice How To Live After SHTF ) You will need a layered water purification system – to include filters, purification methods and sanitation – in order to secure enough water to sustain you and your family. "...

Portable stoves are a must-have for every prepper


Standing at less than 24 inches tall, these relatively compact stoves can provide just enough space to boil a single survival food packet, sterilize baby bottles and medical equipment, make a pot of coffee or tea, or purify a small amount of water. ... Learn more about other essential prepping equipment at Gear.news . Sources include: SurvivalSullivan.com OffTheGridNews.com MotherEarthNews.com Previous :15 Reasons to drink fennel tea Next : The essential guide to making trail foods ...

Bugout.news offers the latest tips and tricks for survival, prepping and off-grid living


Maps, fire starters, basic tools and other survival equipment can be beneficial — especially if you’re a ways away from civilization or expect to be stranded for an undetermined amount of time. ... Sources for this article include: Bugout.news NaturalNews.com Previous :Monsanto bullies “fought science” to hide cancer risks, lawyer charges Next : Toxins.news offers a wealth of knowledge on heavy metals, pesticides, vaccines and more - More news on bugout Surviving in a post-EMP world The ...

Scientists create a cheap paper water filter that removes lead, arsenic and bacteria while being portable and disposable


Mesopaper encapsulates toxins naturally so they don’t escape back into the ground upon disposal Utilizing three simple layers of paper made from bamboo fiber, with clay-derived ceramic granules sandwiched in between each layer, Dong’s brilliant invention is about the simplest and cheapest way to produce clean, chemical-free water without the need for electricity, storage tanks, and other expensive equipment. ... Currently, Mesopaper’s biggest market is in the United States, where people ...