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Fraud! Thousands of illegal votes identified by Trump campaign in Nevada as Biden "win" begins to collapse


Case in point: A law firm working in conjunction with the Trump campaign’s legal team has found some 6,000 illegal votes in hard-fought Arizona, where the president was quickly gaining on Biden’s ‘lead.’ ... Over the weekend, tens of thousands of his supporters took to the streets in peaceful protests and demonstrations to show they back the president in #StopTheSteal rallies. "...

VIDEO: Media hypocrites loved protests, but declare Trump's rallies 'dangerous'


The following day, CNN’s Jim Sciutto also fretted over the prospect of “large campaign rallies with thousands of people.” ... Iowa caucus fiasco proves Democrats are too incompetent, corrupt and dishonest to be trusted to run anything, much less a national health care program Warren staffer busted by Project Veritas: Blasts focus on “identity politics” because “this is why we lose” elections Panderer-in-chief: Bloomberg promises taxpayer-funded free gender surgery and housing to ...

RIGGED: Trump rally violence was STAGED by Clinton campaign operatives... stunning video details the criminal network working for Hillary


Yep, Clinton operatives were paid huge sums of money to stage acts of violence at Trump rallies so that the lying media could blame all the violence on Trump. This is the same way in which the leftist terrorist bombing of a GOP campaign headquarters building in North Carolina is also being blamed on Trump! "...

MSM blacks out nationwide rallies against Planned Parenthood just like they black out GMO protests


MSM blacks out nationwide rallies against Planned Parenthood just like they black out GMO protests Saturday, September 12, 2015 by: Ethan A. ... From a grassroots perspective, the #WomenBetrayed campaign has been a huge success. "...

Radical left-wing activists call for violent revolution in Austin, Texas... leave bloody pig heads at conservative campaign offices as warning


Radical left-wing activists call for violent revolution in Austin, Texas… leave bloody pig heads at conservative campaign offices as warning Tuesday, October 16, 2018 by: JD Heyes Alt-Left , Anarchists , antifa , Austin Texas , civil war , domestic terrorism , domestic terrorists , extremists , FBI , Homeland Security , insanity , left cult , Left-wing violence , Liberal Mob , polling stations , radicals , violence - (Natural News ) Following attacks on five Republican political offices, ...

Anti-lockdown protests might be spreading the coronavirus


Tracking the movement of protesters The campaign group captured the cellphone data — which they claim is anonymized — from opt-in cellphone apps with the help of campaign firm VoteMap. ... Prior to this, experts had already warned that the rallies could serve to actually help spread the disease. "...

Left-wing media falls for fake science "Trump rally violence" narrative that just got completely debunked by two Ph.D. students


Left-wing media falls for fake science “Trump rally violence” narrative that just got completely debunked by two Ph.D. students Wednesday, September 11, 2019 by: Ethan Huff badscience , bias , Debunked , deception , devisive , dishonest , fake news , faked , false-flag , hoax , hypocrisy , Journalism , junk science , left cult , Libtards , lies , media , narrative , propaganda , rally violence , Trump - (Natural News ) Back in March, the left-wing news website Vox made the brazen claim that hate ...

BOMBSHELL: The 2020 election took place under a Trump-declared "National Emergency" that set an Election Day trap for the "unauthorized accessing of election and campaign infrastructure"


Now, Team Trump is in the process of gathering irrefutable evidence of criminal collusion to carry out election interference, and the cover-up trails will lead directly to Big Tech (targeted censorship and collusion with China) and the fake news left-wing media (gaslighting propaganda campaign to cover up evidence of foreign collusion). ... Grab some popcorn and join the pro-Trump rallies in the mean time. Victory is coming. "...

AP caught running fake news about death of fake news pusher


They included a story falsely claiming President Barack Obama was gay and a radical Muslim, and another saying protesters were being paid thousands of dollars to demonstrate at Donald Trump’s campaign rallies[emphasis added]. ... Previously, Trump associate Roger Stone, writing at the Daily Caller news site , reported that the campaign of then-Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton and billionaire Leftist George Soros were “behind violent riots at Trump rallies,” ...

Gun violence "science" has become just as big a joke as "climate science" - it's all fabricated for political purposes


“Media outlets fell over each other this year to promote a study purportedly showing that counties that hosted Trump 2016 campaign rallies later experienced a 226% increase in hate crimes,” he wrote. ... The study never did actually show that ‘Trump rallies’ led to more instances of hate crimes. "...

U.S. Capitol, congressional offices now on LOCKDOWN after Senate staffer tests positive for coronavirus


Capitol, congressional offices now on LOCKDOWN after Senate staffer tests positive for coronavirus Sunday, March 15, 2020 by: JD Heyes campaign rallies , cancellations , China , Congress , coronavirus , infections , Lawmakers , lockdown , outbreak , pandemic , President Trump , self-quarantine , Senate , spread , U.S. ... Sources include: TheNationalSentinel.com CNN.com ZeroHedge.com TheHill.com Previous :Trump finally gets some coronavirus credit: Health officials praise decision ...

Is the mainstream media fraudulently trying to anoint Joe Biden as president?


The Biden campaign was hardly shy in admitting prior to the election that its strategy would involve this type of fraud. The plan has long been to masquerade Biden around as president immediately after Election Day, despite no clear winner and ongoing legal challenges from the Trump campaign. "...

Just another day in Venezuela where attempted public lynchings and bombings become the norm


The anti-government rallies were marred by bombings, public lynchings, and killings, raising the current death toll to 103 during more than 100 days of civil unrest. José Luis Rivas Aranguren, a candidate for the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), was shot 11 times in the face when he was about to address the crowd at a campaign event in Aragua state. "...

Homeland Security gives millions to groups claiming to fight against “right-wing extremism”


) The outlet reported : Federal authorities have been warning state and local officials since early 2016 that leftist extremists known as “antifa” had become increasingly confrontational and dangerous, so much so that the Department of Homeland Security formally classified their activities as “domestic terrorist violence,” according to interviews and confidential law enforcement documents… Federal authorities believed as early as April 2016 that “‘anarchist extremists’ were the primary instigators ...

FBI, DHS Officially Classify Antifa Activities As "Domestic Terrorist Violence"


As Politico points out today, previously unreported FBI and Department of Homeland Security studies found that “anarchist extremist” group like Antifa have been the “primary instigators of violence at public rallies” going back to at least April 2016 when the reports were first published. > Federal authorities have been warning state and local officials since early 2016 that leftist extremists known as “antifa” had become increasingly confrontational and dangerous, so much so that the Department ...

Antifa is deliberately trying to ignite a civil war across America, warns man who was assaulted by anarchist mob


) As far back as the 2016 campaign, even the Obama administration likened Antifa violence to “domestic terrorism,” though the Department of Homeland Security never actually designated the group as a domestic terrorist organization. ... “It was in that period [as the Trump campaign emerged] that we really became aware of them,” one senior law enforcement official told the news site. "...

Trump victory: Pennsylvania court rules state election officials had NO authority to change balloting rules


Democrat voters were showing up to his rallies in droves, according to GOP operatives keeping track. ... That, then, is how the Trump campaign regains the momentum against these Democrat operatives who are stealing this presidential election right before our eyes: By having the courts make this right. "...

SO OBVIOUS: Obama regime planning massive false flag terror attacks on Monday to halt a Trump victory and save democrats from being indicted


It's all scripted, just like the entire Clinton campaign was scripted to destroy Bernie Sanders (see Wikileaks). ... In the videos, dozens of different Clinton operatives openly admit to money laundering, violating campaign finance laws, and most importantly, instigating acts of violence at Trump rallies to blame Trump supporters (with the whole thing being staged in front of TV news cameras). "...

Biden: Muslims will serve 'at every level' of his administration


Biden: Muslims will serve ‘at every level’ of his administration Monday, October 19, 2020 by: News Editors conspiracy , elections , government , Islam , Islamophobia , Joe Biden , left cult , Muslim , Muslims , national security , politics , propaganda Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.clearnewswire.com/467341.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) The sparse attendance and conspicuous lack of enthusiasm at Joe Biden’s rallies seems to have led old Joe’s handlers, despite his ...

"Antifa" organizer exposed as member of elite political family


Kratovil-Levelle and his group, which uses the Captain America logo altered with the Iron Front logo, largely operates in and around Maryland, but National Justice has received tips and images from concerned citizens about them menacing people attending Trump rallies in Boston as well. ... Previous :The ongoing death of free speech: Prominent ACLU lawyer cheers suppression of a new book Next : Observers shocked at Greta Thunberg’s inability to answer a simple question without a script - ...