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Counting Nutrients Versus Counting Calories for Weight Loss


As soon as they stop counting the calories, the weight will just pile back on. Further, will this obsession over calories offer the calorie-counting believers vibrant health? ... I know people on the calorie counting diet who eat a breakfast cereal for breakfast that offers absolutely nothing of nutritional value whatsoever. "...

Many dieters try to lose weight by reducing calories rather than increasing exercise


According to a new poll, many dieters count calories at the expense of exercising in order to lose weight. ... We cannot afford to become a nation of calorie-counting couch potatoes - the benefits of leading active lives are enormous." "...

Calorie counting is fat-shaming, according to users of new Google map app; the feature will now be deleted due to snowflakes being "triggered"


Calorie counting is fat-shaming, according to users of new Google map app; the feature will now be deleted due to snowflakes being “triggered” Wednesday, October 18, 2017 by: Vicki Batts calorie counting , calories , easily offended , exercise , fat shaming , fitness , Google , Google Maps , health literacy , nutrition knowledge , social media terrorists , walking , Walking and Health - (Natural News ) The only thing worse than America’s obesity epidemic seems ...

High-calorie foods that are good for you (but consume in moderation)


When we're attempting to lose weight, it goes without saying that we're going to skip the cheesecake, avoid fried foods and pass on the sweets. ... While the vegetables in a salad are low calorie, the dressing added on top is another story. "...

Want to lose weight without counting calories? Try intermittent fasting to kickstart your metabolism


However, the research team did not make any adjustment on the IF group’s calorie intake. ... On the other hand, the other group did not have any modifications in their calorie intake. "...

Diet plans need to be made based on meal timing, not calorie intake


This diet doesn’t require meal-replacement or calorie counting; it only asks that people be aware of eating right during breakfast and dinner. ... The 12 hours in-between dinner and breakfast the following morning should also be empty of any calorie intake. "...

Count chemicals, not calories, to stay slim and healthy, doctor says


Over the past decade, we have been on a calorie-counting mission to improve our health and weight. ... It is time to stop focusing on the calorie content of food and start counting the chemicals and added sugars you put into your mouth. "...

There are no shortcuts to good health: 4 Problems caused by the "lazy keto" diet


As the name implies, this variation aims to cut the amount of planning and calorie counting needed while reaping all the benefits of a normal keto diet. ... Hunger takes a hit Unlike other macronutrients, fat digests much slower and is more calorie-dense. "...

Sorbitol causes premature cataracts, retinopathy, heavy weight loss, and peripheral neuropathy


Diabetics and calorie counters at risk Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol that is often used to sweeten processed foods. ... There are; however, very safe and natural options diabetics and those counting calories can utilize. "...

Plateau! How to get over the flatline


Manufacturers change package sizes from time to time, which could make a difference in calorie counts, fat content and more. ... Careful calorie counting is one important key to weight loss , and label reading is an important part of this process. "...

Another media mind-bomb misrepresents health


We are actually being asked to believe this experiment was designed to determine whether calorie counting or nutritional value is more important for weight loss. Of course, the correct design would have been to compare two calorie-equivalent diets of junk versus nutrient-rich foods, and then compare the results in a matched-pairs, double-blind study. "...

Study proves omega-3 fatty acids lower risk of type 2 diabetes


Preventing disease is more than just weight control and calorie counting With type 2 diabetes sweeping through the world, this new research is important. ... Preventing disease isn't just about weight control and calorie counting. There is much more to disease prevention than weight loss and the avoidance of specific substances. "...

Lose weight with 16:8: What is intermittent fasting and how does it promote weight loss?


In addition, during the fasting period when you’re allowed to have calorie-free drinks, stay away from artificially sweetened beverages. ... If you haven’t been able to stick with other diets and aren’t up to the task of calorie counting, an approach like 16:8 intermittent fasting could finally help you reach your health goals. "...

Not losing weight on keto? Here's why


This happens when the dieter does not cut back enough on carbohydrates , which should be limited to only five to 10 percent of his calorie intake. ... However, care must be taken to not overindulge in these drinks, as they are very calorie-dense . "...

From bad to worse: Diet drinks will wreck your health, and the damage they do gets worse as you get older


An editorial accompanying the paper noted that those looking for healthy, no-calorie drinks should stick to water. ... Drinks filled with artificial sweeteners might look good in your calorie-counting app, but they can actually cause you to gain weight and can also have a negative impact on your health and longevity. "...

Keep your body guessing: Sporadic fasting can be beneficial for metabolism, weight loss


The calorie intake was not adjusted for both groups. The study lasted for 16 weeks. ... During this period, no food is consumed, but you can drink calorie-free beverages. "...

It's time to start focusing on macronutrients if you're aiming to lose weight


If you are not a huge fan of counting the calories that you eat on a daily basis, then the hottest new diet might be perfect for you. ... And although it might sound more complicated than standard calorie counting, the results are considered to be easier to achieve and maintain. "...

Sweet deception: The real truth behind artifical sweeteners


Artificial sugar is far from the low calorie, "healthy" option it is touted to be by the manufacturing companies and those hand-in-glove with them. ... So calorie counting dieters beware, you might be doing your body more harm than good in the long run. "...

Tips for eating out without sabotaging your health


Aside from calorie counts, when you’re eating out you also need to consider the quality of calories you’re getting. ... This healthier dressing alternative has antioxidants and essential nutrients like vitamins C and E. - Skip the calorie-laden drinks – Minimize your calorie intake at restaurants by saying no to various sugary drinks like alcohol and soda. "...

Going Raw for Weight Loss


No more calorie counting or portion controlling – it’s about returning to natural, nutrient-rich foods. ... When dieting, people often feel deprived, as they’re calorie counting and weighing foods and these restrictions can feel very un-nurturing. "...