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Almost all kids' restaurant meals exceed nutritionist-recommended calorie counts


Almost all kids’ restaurant meals exceed nutritionist-recommended calorie counts Friday, January 27, 2017 by: David Gutierrez childhood obesity , restaurants - (Natural News ) Most items served on children’s menus exceed the calorie counts recommended by nutritionists, according to a study conducted by the RAND Corp. and published in the journal Nutrition Today. ... For example, the average calorie count for a burger was 465, and the average calories for a serving ...

The REAL reason why you shouldn't eat fried foods: It triggers cancer cells


badcancer , badfood , badhealth , breast cancer , cancer , cancer causes , disease causes , fried food , grocery prevent cancer , Prostate cancer , research , slender , toxic ingredients , toxins , trans fats , Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/377700.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) People who are watching their weight often avoid fried foods because of their high calorie count, but there’s a far more compelling reason that everyone should ...

More proof consumers like to be informed: New research reveals calorie counts on menus influence decisions for patrons and management


More proof consumers like to be informed: New research reveals calorie counts on menus influence decisions for patrons and management Saturday, November 11, 2017 by: Janine Acero calorie , calorie count , fastfood , food , food labeling , food labeling laws , food labels , food standards , restaurants - (Natural News ) A comprehensive study has delved into the impact of displaying calorie figures in menus and found that it encourages consumers to make ...

Count chemicals, not calories, to stay slim and healthy, doctor says


Over the past decade, we have been on a calorie-counting mission to improve our health and weight. ... Researchers are slowly unraveling why we still are gaining weight despite all of our efforts to count calories. "...

FDA's latest nutrition label 'makeover' warns consumers about calorie counts while ignoring GMOs and toxic chemical additives


FDA's latest nutrition label 'makeover' warns consumers about calorie counts while ignoring GMOs and toxic chemical additives Thursday, June 09, 2016 by: S. ... Does it really matter if you "count calories" if all those calories are empty ones, devoid of all nutrition? "...

High-calorie foods that are good for you (but consume in moderation)


When we're attempting to lose weight, it goes without saying that we're going to skip the cheesecake, avoid fried foods and pass on the sweets. ... While the vegetables in a salad are low calorie, the dressing added on top is another story. "...

Benefit from Calorie Restriction and Intermittent Fasting, Part I


Seventy-five years of research shows that dietary restriction (DR) is the one tried and tested means to extend lifespan and to improve many markers of health. ... This implies that the episodic deprivation, irrespective of the caloric count, produces the physiological effects of IF. "...

Review: Oregon Scientific Digital Pedometer PE826 fails to actually count steps


Review: Oregon Scientific Digital Pedometer PE826 fails to actually count steps Friday, August 25, 2006 by Mike Adams , the Health Ranger Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...) ... It supposedly counts up to 99,999 steps and stores up to seven days' walking and calorie data. "...

Are diet foods making you fat?


Look for lower calorie versions of granola. Depending on the ingredients in each batch of granola, the calorie count can be dramatically different. ... Also, many restaurants list their menus online along with a calorie count. Still not sure how you can avoid the common diet pitfalls? "...

MSM recommends hours-long cooking process to destroy nutrition and energy in rice before eating


Scientists recommend turning starch into "indigestible form of starch" to reduce rice's calorie count James, whose study was supervised by Dr. ... The rice's calorie count is reduced by as much as 60 percent. "The hypothesis is that we turn more of the starch into an indigestible form of starch, which reduces the amount of calories the body will absorb," said Thavarajva in an interview with ABC News. "...

Tips for eating out without sabotaging your health


Aside from calorie counts, when you’re eating out you also need to consider the quality of calories you’re getting. ... On the day of your lunch date, order a healthy meal choice so you can stick to a reasonable calorie count. - Ask about food preparation methods – Simply asking how a restaurant prepares meals can help reduce the calories that you’re going to consume. - Chew your food carefully – Practice eating mindfully by carefully chewing and enjoying each bite. "...

Eating too many calories can accelerate aging


This doesn’t mean that we should all start starving ourselves in the belief that we will stay young forever, but it does mean that every calorie we consume needs to really count. ... What is vitally important, is to make every calorie count by eliminating processed, unhealthy foods and incorporating more foods known to increase longevity. "...

Applebees nutrition information - is it healthy to eat there?


Low Calorie Applebee's has a section of entrees listed as "unbelievably great tasting and under 550 calories." ... On the same section of the menu, Applebee's Grilled Shrimp and Island Rice has a similar calorie count at 370, a much lower fat count (4.5g) but a whopping 1,990mg of sodium. "...

This common artificial sweetener, combined with carbohydrates, spells disaster for your metabolic health, study says


These products are widely used in beverages marketed as “no-calorie” or “low-calorie” diet drinks. ... According to manufacturers, sugar substitutes that don’t add to your calorie count won’t make you fat or give you diabetes. "...

From bad to worse: Diet drinks will wreck your health, and the damage they do gets worse as you get older


An editorial accompanying the paper noted that those looking for healthy, no-calorie drinks should stick to water. ... In addition, choosing these drinks with their lower calorie count sometimes make people feel entitled to consume more calories elsewhere in their diet. "...