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CAFO factory farms news, articles and information:


CAFO factory farms news, articles and information: Tweet Pin It Subscribe to the Health Ranger's FREE email newsletter Follow @HealthRanger Concepts related to CAFO factory farms CAFO factory farms on NaturalPedia™ Today's Top Stories on NaturalNews Today | Week | Month | Year - FOUR TIMES more vaxxed people are dying than unvaxxed… depopulation effects are kicking in and the bodies are piling up - NaturalNews.com - TICK TOCK, DOC: Vaccine-pushing doctors “dropping like ...

Antibiotic-resistant pathogens are now airborne, thanks to CAFO factory farms


Next time you are on a road trip and the kids all yell "What's that smell?" "...

Questioning the study: Carnitine compound found in red meat and energy increases heart disease risks


There was no distinction made from CAFO beef and grass fed, hormone free organic cattle. CAFO meats are toxic CAFO livestock are overly injected with antibiotics for disease prevention (from the terrible overcrowded conditions) and as fattening agents along with hormones. "...

Quit eating bacon, ham and pork? Pigs are SMARTER than dogs, and pigs suffer horribly inside factory farms across America


CDC estimates three million people get sick and 1,000 die from CAFO meat and poultry-related infections every year Those figures are most likely low-balled. ... Plus, most CAFO animals (and their babies and chicken eggs) are exposed to pesticides regularly, adding to the tainted meat. "...

SOYLENT PUKE: Silicon Valley financed "future food" that made people violently vomit, loaded with MSG, GMOs


Samuelson Ambronite , Food for Robots , GMO techie food inventions , Meatless Meat , Memphis Meats , Silicon Valley Foodie Investments , soylent green - (Natural News ) Instead of focusing on stopping the overuse of animal antibiotics, or the mistreatment of animals squeezed into filthy conditions and piles of fecal matter in an animal feeding operation (CAFO), the Silicon Valley technocrats would rather have you not eat meat at all. "...

Top 10 health HAZARDS commonly associated with eating conventional meats


Don’t bury your head in the sand and pretend your body is not acquiring these CAFO health nightmares. ... Take a couple of minutes now to learn exactly what CAFO really means, thanks to Truth Media. "...

Are those french fries vegan? Not likely


Eating CAFO Fries By eating CAFO fries, you're supporting the CAFO and cancer industries. ... So where does that leave the CAFO drugs, including artificial hormones and antibiotics? "...

Factory farming contaminates our food, pollutes the environment, and poisons our water


This is part of a trend known as Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO), where animals like chickens, pigs and cows are raised in confined spaces. ... Experts have identified ways that CAFO operators could minimize their environmental footprint. "...

Scientists develop new way to turn chicken waste into bio-fuel by mixing it with a toxic weed


Studies reveal at least one out of every four CAFO workers suffer from chronic bronchitis and occupational asthma. ... How can you, as a consumer, help solve the CAFO problem? Either eat organic chicken only or become a vegetarian. "...

Concentrated animal feeding operations near schools may pose asthma risk (press release)


The "study" school was located a half-mile from a CAFO in northeast Iowa; the "control" school was in east-central Iowa, more than 10 miles away from any CAFO (generally classified as a livestock facility that houses more than 3,500 animals). ... Study results indicated a significant difference in the prevalence of physician-diagnosed asthma between the two schools: 12 children (19.7 percent) from the study school located near a CAFO and 18 children (7.3 percent) from the ...

Eat bad meat and GET EATEN – by parasites


These CAFO animals live with chronic infections, including being contaminated with pathogens and parasites that thrive in the horrific, unkempt factory conditions. ... Better yet, consider the fact that animals experience emotions and exhibit distinct personalities , and maybe you won’t want to support the nightmarish CAFO industries anymore. "...

Not so natural: Natural Prairie accused of animal cruelty and illegally filling federally regulated ditches and farmed wetlands


The concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO) operator has also been allegedly violating federal law by filling in ditches and wetlands. ... In the end, the operation approved by IDEM was an ordinary industrial CAFO with a large, nine-acre waste lagoon. "...

American Heart Association promotes recipes that CAUSE heart disease and other health disasters


Don’t forget to add the AHA recommended CAFO cheese and milk! They even recommend adding some tap water, and we all know what’s in that. ... “Beef Sliders ” – Get ready to suck back some CAFO cow and lots of toxic gluten, and then sit back and wonder how the association that was created to supposedly save you from a heart attack helped make you obese, diabetic and cancer-ridden. "...

How do steroidal hormones given to livestock affect the humans who consume them?


(http://www.lowdensitylifestyle.com ) You could be consuming hormones that are given to conventional, CAFO-raised turkeys, pigs and chickens too, so don't think that it's just red meat that's bad for you, because that's just a hoax to get you to choose the lesser between evils. ... From CAFO to table People turn a blind eye so they won't have to think about the horrors of CAFO life. "...

Seven reasons to eat less meat and more plant-based foods


Seven reasons to eat no commercial meat and more plant-based food (1) Commercial meat is factory farmed or CAFO (confined animal food operation). ... Try to get raw dairy or don't bother. (7) Meat from antibiotic injected CAFO cows as well as GMO grains or soy destroys your friendly gut bacteria. "...

Health Basics: Which public school breakfast and lunch foods do NOT cause cancer, diabetes and obesity?


Tacos – Same as a "Sloppy Joe," except put the CAFO meat on a large GMO corn chip that contains a chemical-based pesticide that kills bugs. ... Eggs – All coming from CAFO chickens given synthetic hormones and GM feed. Chicken Sandwich – More CAFO meat on gluten. "...

White meat, the other red meat that taxes your entire digestive system


Did your white bird lead a CAFO life - a nightmarishly short life in contaminated quarters being injected with hormones and antibiotics to stave off infections? ... Lay off the CAFO, GMO turkeys, cows, chickens, pigs and the "farm-raised" fish. "...

When you eat grocery store fried chicken, what chemicals are lurking in that fried bird?


Then there is the meat, which comes from an animal that probably lived its whole short miserable life inside a CAFO "barn." ... Get some organic chicken and cook it yourself in coconut oil with organic, non-gluten flour, or just become a vegetarian and boycott the whole CAFO nightmare. "...

MASSIVE nationwide meat and poultry recalls for Salmonella poisoning issued by CDC, FDA, HHS, and USDA during final days of October, 2018


Check updates at Food.news for more information on tainted, recalled, or mutated CAFO meats that Big Food tries to push on the masses. Sources for this article include: Fortune.com FoodAndWine.com Fortune.com CDC.gov NaturalNews.com Food.news CDC.gov CafoTheBook.org Previous :POLITICS – the biggest planned distraction from health and well-being Next : If autism is hereditary, then where are all the retirement homes full of autistic people? "...

"What the Health" documentary film draws heavy criticism from quacks that shill for the meat, dairy and pharmaceutical industries


Wells CAFO , dairy industry , diet , health documentary , heatlh , meat industry , mic the vegan , slender , vegan , vegan benefits , vegan film , vegan lifestyle , vegan research , vegan science , vegan study , vegetarian , what the health - (Natural News ) In today’s health world, conflicts of interest abound, such as the meat and dairy industries trying to show that animal fat consumption doesn’t matter – even paying for and performing their own biased and skewed research as “proof.” ...