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The globalists sinister agenda is working to perfection - turning alpha men into beta boys is leading to Western Civilization's extinction


The globalists sinister agenda is working to perfection – turning alpha men into beta boys is leading to Western Civilization’s extinction Thursday, April 18, 2019 by: News Editors Agenda , american men , beta male , feminists , gender neutral , left cult , LGBT , maleness , masculinity , Snowflakes , soy boys , toxic masculinity Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.distributednews.com/345890.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) Yet another day where browsing the news has me shaking ...

Your mobile device's web browser is highly vulnerable to attack


While essentially all desktop browsers successfully meet the security standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Traynor said, mobile browsers either follow the guidelines inconsistently or disregard them altogether. ... With a little coordination, we can do a better job and make mobile browsing a safer experience for all users." "...

Healthy living video site launches: NaturalNews.TV hosts green living, natural health and healthy foods videos


All videos are screened and quality rated by NaturalNews.TV staff members, and videos that don't meet the site's quality and content guidelines are declined. Users browsing the site may view, rate, comment and share videos using Facebook and Twitter share buttons. "...

NET NEUTRALITY is a total scam by liberty-crushing leftists: The real censorship of the internet is already being carried out by Google, Facebook and Twitter


Pai delivered these and other remarks during a recent unveiling of the Trump administration’s apparent intention to move forward in repealing Obama’s net neutrality guidelines, which were put into place back in 2015. Targeting Twitter specifically, Pai stated that internet platforms currently hold far more sway than internet providers do in controlling the types of content that users see while browsing through their “timelines” and other news feeds. "...

Life on Mars: The Health Ranger talks to Mike Bara about the mysteries of the Red Planet


Bara suggested browsing Brighteon videos about Hubble Space Telescope shots of the Andromeda galaxy. ... Watch: Sources include: Brighteon.com ScienceAlert.com Previous :Retailers are now stockpiling products in case a new coronavirus surge cases causes more “panic buying” Next : CDC walks back controversial testing guidelines: If you’ve been in close contact with an infected person, you NEED to be tested - More news on aircraft Health Ranger talks to NYT best-selling author Mike ...

Wikipedia: Our new technological McCarthyism, Part 1


Google gathers every piece of data on our computers and phones, including our search and browsing histories. ... Perhaps this would be fine if the Foundation remained an innocent bystander, allowing editors to battle out the facts and falsehoods based upon Wikipedia’s own consensus guidelines to rule what is reliable, objective information. "...



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